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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Nanotechnology
Bharat Bhushan

Part A. Nanostructures, Micro/Nanofabrication and Materials

2. Nanomaterials Synthesis and Applications: Molecule-Based Devices
Françisco M. Raymo

3. Introduction to Carbon Nanotubes
Marc Monthioux, Philippe Serp, Emmanuel Flahaut, Manitra Razafinimanana, Christophe Laurent, Alain Peigney, Wolfgang Bacsa, Jean-Marc Broto

4. Nanowires
Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Yu-Ming Lin, Oded Rabin, Marcie R. Black, Jing Kong, Gene Dresselhaus

5. Template-Based Synthesis of Nanorod or Nanowire Arrays
Huamei (Mary) Shang, Guozhong Cao

6. Templated Self-Assembly of Particles
Tobias Kraus, Heiko Wolf

7. Three-Dimensional Nanostructure Fabrication by Focused Ion Beam Chemical Vapor Deposition
Shinji Matsui

8. Introduction to Micro-/Nanofabrication
Babak Ziaie, Antonio Baldi, Massood Z. Atashbar

9. Nanoimprint Lithography – Patterning of Resists Using Molding
Helmut Schift, Anders Kristensen

10. Stamping Techniques for Micro- and Nanofabrication
Etienne Menard, John A. Rogers

11. Material Aspects of Micro- and Nanoelectromechanical Systems
Christian A. Zorman, Mehran Mehregany


12. MEMS/NEMS Devices and Applications
Darrin J. Young, Christian A. Zorman, Mehran Mehregany

13. Next-Generation DNA Hybridization and Self-Assembly Nanofabrication Devices
Michael J. Heller, Benjamin Sullivan, Dietrich Dehlinger, Paul Swanson, Dalibor Hodko

14. Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Sensor Concepts
Cosmin Roman, Thomas Helbling, Christofer Hierold

15. Nanomechanical Cantilever Array Sensors
Hans Peter Lang, Martin Hegner, Christoph Gerber

16. Biological Molecules in Therapeutic Nanodevices
Stephen C. Lee, Bharat Bhushan

17. G-Protein Coupled Receptors: Progress in Surface Display and Biosensor Technology
Wayne R. Leifert, Tamara H. Cooper, Kelly Bailey

18. Microfluidic Devices and Their Applications to Lab-on-a-Chip
Chong H. Ahn, Jin-Woo Choi

19. Centrifuge-Based Fluidic Platforms
Jim V. Zoval, Guangyao Jia, Horacio Kido, Jitae Kim, Nahui Kim, Marc J. Madou

20. Micro-/Nanodroplets in Microfluidic Devices
Yung-Chieh Tan, Shia-Yen Teh, Abraham P. Lee

Part C. Scanning-Probe Microscopy

21. Scanning Probe Microscopy – Principle of Operation, Instrumentation, and Probes
Bharat Bhushan, Othmar Marti

22. General and Special Probes in Scanning Microscopies
Jason Hafner, Edin (I-Chen) Chen, Ratnesh Lal, Sungho Jin

23. Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy and Related Topics
Franz J. Giessibl, Yasuhiro Sugawara, Seizo Morita, Hirotaka Hosoi, Kazuhisa Sueoka, Koichi Mukasa, Akira Sasahara, Hiroshi Onishi

24. Low-Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy
Markus Morgenstern, Alexander Schwarz, Udo D. Schwarz

25. Higher Harmonics and Time-Varying Forces in Dynamic Force Microscopy
Ozgur Sahin, Calvin F. Quate, Olav Solgaard, Franz J. Giessibl

26. Dynamic Modes of Atomic Force Microscopy
André Schirmeisen, Boris Anczykowski, Hendrik Hölscher, Harald Fuchs

27. Molecular Recognition Force Microscopy: From Molecular Bonds to Complex Energy Landscapes
Peter Hinterdorfer, Andreas Ebner, Hermann Gruber, Ruti Kapon, Ziv Reich

Part D. Bio/Nanotribology and Bio/Nanomechanics

28. Nanotribology, Nanomechanics, and Materials Characterization
Bharat Bhushan

29. Surface Forces and Nanorheology of Molecularly Thin Films
Marina Ruths, Jacob N. Israelachvili

30. Friction and Wear on the Atomic Scale
Enrico Gnecco, Roland Bennewitz, Oliver Pfeiffer, Anisoara Socoliuc, Ernst Meyer

31. Computer Simulations of Nanometer-Scale Indentation and Friction
Susan B. Sinnott, Seong-Jun Heo, Donald W. Brenner, Judith A. Harrison, Douglas L. Irving

32. Force Measurements with Optical Tweezers
Othmar Marti, Katrin Hübner

33. Scale Effect in Mechanical Properties and Tribology
Bharat Bhushan, Michael Nosonovsky

34. Structural, Nanomechanical, and Nanotribological Characterization of Human Hair Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanoindentation
Bharat Bhushan, Carmen LaTorre

35. Cellular Nanomechanics
Roger Kamm, Jan Lammerding, Mohammad Mofrad

36. Optical Cell Manipulation
Carsten Stüber, Tobias Kießling, Anatol Fritsch, Franziska Wetzel, Christian Schulze, Dan Strehle, Josef Käs

37. Mechanical Properties of Nanostructures
Bharat Bhushan

Part E. Molecularly Thick Films for Lubrication

38. Nanotribology of Ultrathin and Hard Amorphous Carbon Films
Bharat Bhushan

39. Self-Assembled Monolayers for Nanotribology and Surface Protection
Bharat Bhushan

40. Nanoscale Boundary Lubrication Studies
Bharat Bhushan

Part F. Biomimetics

41. Multifunctional Plant Surfaces and Smart Materials
Kerstin Koch, Bharat Bhushan, Wilhelm Barthlott

42. Lotus Effect: Surfaces with Roughness-Induced Superhydrophobicity, Self-Cleaning, and Low Adhesion
Bharat Bhushan, Yong Chae Jung, Michael Nosonovsky

43. Biological and Biologically Inspired Attachment Systems
Stanislav N. Gorb

44. Gecko Feet: Natural Hairy Attachment Systems for Smart Adhesion
Bharat Bhushan

Part G. Industrial Applications

45. The Millipede – A Nanotechnology-Based AFM Data-Storage System
Gerd K. Binnig, Giovanni Cherubini, Michel Despont, Urs T. Dürig, Evangelos Eleftheriou, Haralampos Pozidis, Peter Vettiger

46. Nanorobotics
Bradley J. Nelson, Lixin Dong

Part H. Micro/Nanodevice Reliability

47. MEMS/NEMS and BioMEMS/BioNEMS: Materials, Devices, and Biomimetics
Bharat Bhushan

48. Friction and Wear in Micro- and Nanomachines
Maarten P. de Boer, Alex D. Corwin, Frank W. DelRio, W. Robert Ashurst

49. Failure Mechanisms in MEMS/NEMS Devices
W. Merlijn van Spengen, Robert Modliñski, Robert Puers, Anne Jourdain

50. Mechanical Properties of Micromachined Structures
Harold Kahn

51. High-Volume Manufacturing and Field Stability of MEMS Products
Jack Martin

52. Packaging and Reliability Issues in Micro-/Nanosystems
Yu-Chuan Su, Jongbaeg Kim, Yu-Ting Cheng, Mu Chiao, Liwei Lin

Part I. Technological Convergence and Governing Nanotechnology

53. Governing Nanotechnology: Social, Ethical and Human Issues
William Sims Bainbridge

Keywords: Engineering, Nanotechnology and Microengineering, Tribology, Corrosion and Coatings, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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