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Handbook of Power Systems I

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Table of contents

1. Constructive Dual DP for Reservoir Optimization
E. Grant Read, Magnus Hindsberger

2. Long- and Medium-term Operations Planning and Stochastic Modelling in Hydro-dominated Power Systems Based on Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
Anders Gjelsvik, Birger Mo, Arne Haugstad

3. Dynamic Management of Hydropower-Irrigation Systems
A. Tilmant, Q. Goor

4. Latest Improvements of EDF Mid-term Power Generation Management
Guillaume Dereu, Vincent Grellier

5. Large Scale Integration of Wind Power Generation
Pedro S. Moura, Aníbal T. Almeida

6. Optimization Models in the Natural Gas Industry
Qipeng P. Zheng, Steffen Rebennack, Niko A. Iliadis, Panos M. Pardalos

7. Integrated Electricity–Gas Operations Planning in Long-term Hydroscheduling Based on Stochastic Models
B. Bezerra, L. A. Barroso, R. Kelman, B. Flach, M. L. Latorre, N. Campodonico, M. Pereira

8. Recent Progress in Two-stage Mixed-integer Stochastic Programming with Applications to Power Production Planning
Werner Römisch, Stefan Vigerske

9. Dealing With Load and Generation Cost Uncertainties in Power System Operation Studies: A Fuzzy Approach
Bruno André Gomes, João Tomé Saraiva

10. OBDD-Based Load Shedding Algorithm for Power Systems
Qianchuan Zhao, Xiao Li, Da-Zhong Zheng

11. Solution to Short-term Unit Commitment Problem
Md. Sayeed Salam

12. A Systems Approach for the Optimal Retrofitting of Utility Networks Under Demand and Market Uncertainties
O. Adarijo-Akindele, A. Yang, F. Cecelja, A. C. Kokossis

13. Co-Optimization of Energy and Ancillary Service Markets
E. Grant Read

14. Investment Decisions Under Uncertainty Using Stochastic Dynamic Programming: A Case Study of Wind Power
Klaus Vogstad, Trine Krogh Kristoffersen

15. The Integration of Social Concerns into Electricity Power Planning: A Combined Delphi and AHP Approach
P. Ferreira, M. Araújo, M. E. J. O’Kelly

16. Transmission Network Expansion Planning Under Deliberate Outages
Natalia Alguacil, José M. Arroyo, Miguel Carrión

17. Long-term and Expansion Planning for Electrical Networks Considering Uncertainties
T. Paulun, H.-J. Haubrich

18. Differential Evolution Solution to Transmission Expansion Planning Problem
Pavlos S. Georgilakis

19. Agent-based Global Energy Management Systems for the Process Industry
Y. Gao, Z. Shang, F. Cecelja, A. Yang, A. C. Kokossis

20. Optimal Planning of Distributed Generation via Nonlinear Optimization and Genetic Algorithms
Ioana Pisică, Petru Postolache, Marcus M. Edvall

Keywords: Mathematics, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Energy Technology

Publication year
Energy Systems
Page amount
20 pages
Natural Sciences

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