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Complex Sciences

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Table of contents

1. Chaotic and Hyperchaotic Attractors in Time-Delayed Neural Networks
Dong Zhang, Jian Xu

2. Channel Estimation and ISI/ICI Cancellation for MIMO-OFDM Systems with Insufficient Cyclic Prefix
Yi-Jen Chiu, Chien-Sheng Chen, Ting-Wei Chang

3. Capturing Internet Traffic Dynamics through Graph Distances
Steve Uhlig, Bingjie Fu, Almerima Jamakovic

4. Cache Allocation in CDN: An Evolutionary Game Generalized Particle Model
Xiang Feng, Francis C. M. Lau, Daqi Gao

5. Briefly Review of China High Technology Networks
Yong Li, Jin-Qing Fang, Qiang Liu

6. Block & Comovement Effect of Stock Market in Financial Complex Network
Chongwei Du, Xiong Wang, Liyin Qiu

7. An Approach to Enhance Convergence Efficiency of Self-propelled Agent System
Jian-xi Gao, Zhuo Chen, Yun-ze Cai, Xiao-ming Xu

8. An Application on Merton Model in the Non-efficient Market
Yanan Feng, Qingxian Xiao

9. A Novel Software Evolution Model Based on Software Networks
Weifeng Pan, Bing Li, Yutao Ma, Jing Liu

10. A Novel Measurement of Structure Properties in Complex Networks
Yanni Han, Jun Hu, Deyi Li, Shuqing Zhang

11. A New Genetic Algorithm for Community Detection
Chuan Shi, Yi Wang, Bin Wu, Cha Zhong

12. A New Bio-inspired Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem
Xiang Feng, Francis C. M. Lau, Daqi Gao

13. A More Strict Definition of Steady State Degree Distribution
Xiaojun Zhang, Zheng He

14. A Max-Min Principle for Phyllotactic Patterns
Wai-Ki Ching, Yang Cong, Nam-Kiu Tsing

15. A Hybrid Ant-Colony Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Shahab Kamali, Jaroslav Opatrny

16. A Grid Resource Scheduling Algorithm Based on the Utility Optimization
Jiang Chen, Jian Peng, Xiaoyang Cao

17. A Generating Method for Internet Topology with Multi-ASes and Multi-tiers
Jian-qiang Liu, Jiang-xing Wu, Xiao Huang, Dan Li

18. A Firm-Growing Model and the Study of Communication Patterns’ Effect on the Structure of Firm’s Social Network
Liang Chen, Haigang Li, Zhong Chen, Li Li, Da-Ren He

19. A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Fear Factors in Disease Propagation
Yubo Wang, Jie Hu, Gaoxi Xiao, Limsoon Wong, Stefan Ma, Tee Hiang Cheng

20. A Social Network Model Based on Topology Vision
Ping-Nan Hsiao

21. An Adaptive Strategy for Resource Allocation with Changing Capacities
Yingni She, Ho-fung Leung

22. An Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method for GARCH Model
Tetsuya Takaishi

23. Almost Periodicity and Distributional Chaos in Banach Space
Lidong Wang, Shi Tang

24. Allometric Scaling of Weighted Food Webs
Jiang Zhang

25. Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation on Emergency Evacuation
Chuanjun Ren, Chenghui Yang, Shiyao Jin

26. Adjustable Consensus of Mobile Agent Systems with Heterogeneous Delays
Hongyong Yang, Guangdeng Zong

27. Adaptive Routing Approaches of Controlling Traffic Congestion in Internet
Zonghua Liu, Ming Tang, Pak Ming Hui

28. A Study of Tacit Knowledge Transfer Based on Complex Networks Technology in Hierarchical Organizations
Tingting Cheng, Hengshan Wang, Lubang Wang

29. A Stochastic Model for Layered Self-organizing Complex Systems
Yuri Dimitrov, Mario Lauria

30. A Statistical Study on Oscillatory Protein Expression
Shiwei Yan

31. A Comparative Analysis of Specific Spatial Network Topological Models
Jun Wang, Gregory Provan

32. Generalized Greedy Algorithm for Shortest Superstring
Zhengjun Cao, Lihua Liu, Olivier Markowitch

33. Extinction and Coexistence in the Internet Market as Complex Networks
Jiandong Zhao, Liping Fu, Rongfu Cheng, Jiong Ruan

34. Exponential Synchronization of General Complex Delayed Dynamical Networks via Adaptive Feedback Control
Haifeng Zhang, Binghong Wang

35. Exploring and Understanding Scientific Metrics in Citation Networks
Mikalai Krapivin, Maurizio Marchese, Fabio Casati

36. Evolving Specialization, Market and Productivity in an Agent-Based Cooperation Model
Erbo Zhao, Guo Liu, Dan Luo, Xing’ang Xia, Zhangang Han

37. Evolving Model of Weighted Networks
Xianmin Geng, Hongwei Zhou, Guanghui Wen

38. Evolutionary Prisoner’s Dilemma Game in Flocks
Zhuo Chen, Jianxi Gao, Yunze Cai, Xiaoming Xu

39. Evolutionary Game in a Single Hub Structure
Xiaolan Qian, Junzhong Yang

40. Evolution of the Internet AS-Level Ecosystem
Srinivas Shakkottai, Marina Fomenkov, Ryan Koga, Dmitri Krioukov, Kc Claffy

41. European Airlines’ TFP and the 2001 Attack: Towards Safety in a Risk Society
Panayotis Michaelides, Kostas Theologou, Angelos Vouldis

42. Establishing Causality in Complex Human Interactions: Identifying Breakdowns of Intentionality
Peter Goodison, Peter Johnson, Joanne Thoms

43. Extremal Dependencies and Rank Correlations in Power Law Networks
Yana Volkovich, Nelly Litvak, Bert Zwart

44. Finding Sales Promotion and Making Decision for New Product Based on Group Analysis of Edge-Enhanced Product Networks
Yi Huang, Jianbin Tan, Bin Wu

45. Fingerprint for Network Topologies
Yuchun Guo, Changjia Chen, Shi Zhou

46. Generalized Farey Tree Network with Small-World
Jin-Qing Fang, Yong Li

47. Fuzzy Entropy Method for Quantifying Supply Chain Networks Complexity
Jihui Zhang, Junqin Xu

48. Further Study on Proxy Authorization and Its Scheme
Xuanwu Zhou, Yang Su, Ping Wei

49. Funnelling Effect in Networks
Parongama Sen

50. Frequency Domain Analysis of a Stochastic Biological Network Motif with Delay
Qi Wang, Shiwei Yan, Shengjun Liu, Xian Li

51. Frequency Distributions of Sand Pile Models
Ruey-Tarng Liu

52. Framework for Visualisation of Cancer Tumours
Yin Jie Chen, Razvan Bocu, Mark Tangney, Sabin Tabirca

53. FLECS: A Framework for Rapidly Implementing Forwarding Protocols
Mirza Beg

54. Firm Size Distribution in Fortune Global 500

Qinghua Chen, Liujun Chen, Kai Liu

55. Finite Time Ruin Probability in Non-standard Risk Model with Risky Investments
Tao Jiang

56. Epidemic Self-synchronization in Complex Networks
Ingo Scholtes, Jean Botev, Markus Esch, Peter Sturm

57. Entropy Based Detection of DDoS Attacks in Packet Switching Network Models
Anna T. Lawniczak, Hao Wu, Bruno Stefano

58. Enhancing the Scale-Free Network’s Attack Tolerance
Zehui Qu, Pu Wang, Zhiguang Qin

59. Degree-Distribution Stability of Growing Networks
Zhenting Hou, Xiangxing Kong, Dinghua Shi, Guanrong Chen, Qinggui Zhao

60. Degree Distribution of a Two-Component Growing Network
Jianhong Ke, Xiaoshuang Chen

61. Correlation Properties and Self-similarity of Renormalization Email Networks
Lianming Zhang, Sundong Liu, Yuling Tang, Hualan Xu

62. Constructing Searchable P2P Network with Randomly Selected Long-Distance Connections
Jingbo Shen, Jinlong Li, Xufa Wang

63. Conservation of Edge Essentiality Profiles in Metabolic Networks Across Species
Tomasz Arodź

64. Consensus Seeking and Controlling over Directed Delayed Networks
Jianquan Lu, Daniel W. C. Ho

65. Complex Systems in Cosmology: “The Antennae” Case Study
Jean-Claude Torrel, Claude Lattaud, Jean-Claude Heudin

66. Complex Modelling of Open System Design for Sustainable Architecture
Yan Gu, John Frazer

67. Comparing Networks from a Data Analysis Perspective
Wei Li, Jing-Yu Yang

68. Community Structure Detection in Complex Networks with Applications to Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow
Zhongke Gao, Ningde Jin

69. Design of Multilphase Sinusoidal Oscillator Based on FTFN
YanHui Xi, LiangYu Peng

70. Designing Capital-Intensive Systems with Architectural and Operational Flexibility Using a Screening Model
Jijun Lin, Olivier Weck, Richard Neufville, Bob Robinson, David MacGowan

71. Detecting Gross Errors for Steady State Systems
Congli Mei

72. Enhancing Synchronization in Systems of Non-identical Kuramoto Oscillators
Markus Brede

73. Enhancement of Synchronizability of the Kuramoto Model with Assortative Degree-Frequency Mixing
Jin Fan, David J. Hill

74. Emergence of Scale-Free Networks with Seceding Mechanism
Xian-Min Geng, Guang-Hui Wen, Shu-Chen Wan, Jie-Yu Xiong

75. Emergence and Simulation
Alan Baker

76. Ecological Research of the Voluntary Disclosure about Listed Companies
Jing-Jing Hu, Guang-Le Yan

77. Dynamics of Research Team Formation in Complex Networks
Caihong Sun, Yuzi Wan, Yu Chen

78. Dynamic Regimes of a Multi-agent Stock Market Model
Tongkui Yu, Honggang Li

79. Differential Forms: A New Tool in Economics
Jürgen Mimkes

80. Development of Road Traffic CA Model of 4-Way Intersection to Study Travel Time
Anna T. Lawniczak, Bruno N. Stefano

81. Community Identification in Directed Networks
Youngdo Kim, Seung-Woo Son, Hawoong Jeong

82. Complex Multi-modal Multi-level Influence Networks - Affordable Housing Case Study -
Patrick Beautement, Christine Brönner

83. Collective Aggregation Pattern Dynamics Control via Attractive/Repulsive Function
Michael Z. Q. Chen, Zhao Cheng, Hai-Tao Zhang, Tao Zhou, Ian Postlethwaite

84. Transforming Time Series into Complex Networks
Michael Small, Jie Zhang, Xiaoke Xu

85. Power Law Modelling of Internet Topology
Shi Zhou

86. Observing Stock Market Fluctuation in Networks of Stocks
C. K. Tse, J. Liu, F. C. M. Lau, K. He

87. Networks That Optimize a Trade-Off between Efficiency and Dynamical Resilience
Markus Brede, Bert J. M. Vries

88. Modelling of Epidemics with a Generalized Nonlinear Incidence on Complex Networks
Maoxing Liu, Jiong Ruan

89. Modeling Failure Propagation in Large-Scale Engineering Networks
Markus Schläpfer, Jonathan L. Shapiro

90. Modeling and Dynamical Analysis of Molecular Networks
Ruiqi Wang, Xing-Ming Zhao, Zengrong Liu

91. Eigenvalue Based Stability Analysis for Asymmetric Complex Dynamical Networks
Zengqiang Chen, Linying Xiang, Zhongxin Liu, Zhuzhi Yuan, Kai Chang

92. Collective Behavior Coordination and Aggregation with Low-Cost Communication
Hai-Tao Zhang, Michael Z. Q. Chen, Tao Zhou, Zhao Cheng, Pin-Ze Yu

93. Visual Analysis of Complex Networks and Community Structure
Bin Wu, Qi Ye, Yi Wang, Ran Bi, Lijun Suo, Deyong Hu, Shengqi Yang

94. Complex Phenomena in Orchestras – Metaphors for Leadership and Enterprise
Patrick Beautement, Christine Brönner

95. Composing Music with Complex Networks
Xiaofan Liu, Chi K. Tse, Michael Small

96. Hopfield’s Model of Patterns Recognition and Laws of Artistic Perception
Igor Yevin, Alexander Koblyakov

97. Music, New Aesthetic and Complexity
David Adams, Paolo Grigolini

98. Rank-Size Distribution of Notes in Harmonic Music: Hierarchic Shuffling of Distributions
Manuel Beltrán Río, Germinal Cocho

99. Dynamics of Priority-Queue Networks
Byung-Joon Min, Kwang-Il Goh, In-mook Kim

100. Generalized Thermodynamics Underlying the Laws of Zipf and Benford
Carlo Altamirano, Alberto Robledo

101. The Main Principles of Simulation Modeling of the Sustainable Development Complexes System: Case of World Economy
Dmitry Chistilin

102. Towards the Characterization of Individual Users through Web Analytics
Bruno Gonçalves, José J. Ramasco

103. Control Mode of Public Emergency Response
Ze-Meng Fan, Wen-Yuan Niu, Ji-Fa Gu

104. The Influence Factors and Mechanism of Societal Risk Perception
Rui Zheng, Kan Shi, Shu Li

105. Social Physics and the Flow of Migrant Peasant Workers
Li Ding, Wang Yun-Lin

106. Social Physics and China’s Population Migration
Yun-lin Wang, Ding Li

107. Social Combustion Theory: Dynamics of Social System Deterioration
Wen-yuan Niu

108. Research on the Best Time to Intervene into Network Public Opinion for Managers -Based on "Nankai Buick Affair"-
Meiyang Chen, Yijun Liu

109. Research on Social Stability Mechanisms Based on Activation Energy and Gradual Activation Reaction Theory
Miao Ning, Jifa Gu

110. Research on Early Warning of Chinese Food Safety Based on Social Physics
Yonghuan Ma, Wenyuan Niu, Qianqian Li

111. Qualitative Meta-synthesis Techniques forAnalysis of Public Opinions for in-depth Study
Xijin Tang

112. Opinion Modeling Based on Meta-synthesis Approach
Yijun Liu

113. Expert Mining for Solving Social Harmony Problems
Jifa Gu, Wuqi Song, Zhengxiang Zhu, Yijun Liu

114. Two-Dimensional Coupling Model on Social Deprivation and Its Application
Yun Fu

115. Internal-Evolution Driven Growth in Creation-Annihilation Cyclic Games
Xiao-Pu Han, Luo-Luo Jiang, Tao Zhou, Bing-Hong Wang

116. Immunization of Geographical Networks
Bing Wang, Kazuyuki Aihara, Beom Jun Kim

117. Stabilities of Stock States in Chinese Stock Markets
Gyuchang Lim, Kyungho Seo, Soo Yong Kim, Kyungsik Kim

118. A Priority Queue Model of Human Dynamics with Bursty Input Tasks
Jin Seop Kim, Naoki Masuda, Byungnam Kahng

119. Modelling Uncertainty of Behaviour of Complex Economic System
Konstantin Kovalchuk

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Science, general

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