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The Meniscus

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Table of contents

1. Ontogeny-Phylogeny
B. Lebel, C. Tardieu, B. Locker, C. Hulet

2. Anatomy
I. D. McDermott, S. D. Masouros, A. M. J. Bull, A. A. Amis

3. Histology-Ultrastructure-Biology
P. Verdonk

4. Biomechanics
S. D. Masouros, I. D. McDermott, A. M. J. Bull, A. A. Amis

5. Synthesis
R. Verdonk

6. Traumatic Lesions: Stable Knee, ACL Knee
P. Verdonk, P. Vererfve

7. Degenerative Lesions-Meniscal Cyst
T. Boyer, H. Dorfmann, A. Podgorski

8. Meniscus and Osteoarthritis
N. Pujol, P. Boisrenoult

9. Synthesis
P. Beaufils

10. Clinical Examination: Standard X-Rays
N. Pujol, P. Boisrenoult

11. MRI, MR-arthrography and CT-arthrography
W. C. J. Huysse, K. L. Verstraete

12. Bone Scan
S. F. Dye

13. Synthesis
P. Beaufils

14. Meniscectomy: Medial-Lateral
K. F. Almqvist, A. A. M. Dhollander, P. Verdonk, Ph. Neyret, R. Verdonk

15. Meniscal Repair: Biomechanics
R. Seil, D. Pape

16. Meniscal Repair: Technique
F. Jouve, H. Ovadia, N. Pujol, P. Beaufils

17. Meniscal Repair: Enhancement of Healing Process
M. Jacobi, R. Peter Jakob

18. Meniscal Cysts
C. Hulet, B. Lebel, B. Locker

19. Rehabilitation
E. Witvrouw, Y. Thijs

20. Synthesis
R. Verdonk

21. Functional and Objective Scores. Quality of Life
P. Verdonk, R. Verdonk

22. Postoperative Imaging: X-Rays, Arthro CT, Arthro MRI
G. Nourissat, C. Pradel, N. Pujol

23. Meniscectomy: Global Results-Complications
J.-M. Fayard, H. Pereira, E. Servien, S. Lustig, P. Neyret

24. Meniscal Repair: Intra- and Postoperative Complications
M. Katabi, N. Pujol, P. Boisrenoult

25. Meniscal Repair: Results
N. Pujol, L. Panarella, P. Beaufils

26. Traumatic Meniscal Lesions in a Stable Knee: Masterly Neglect, Meniscectomy, Repair
K. F. Almqvist, P. Vansintjan, P. Verdonk, R. Verdonk

27. Traumatic Lesions, ACL Knee: Masterly Neglect, Meniscectomy, Repair
O. Charrois, A. Podgorski, P. Beaufils

28. Degenerative Meniscal Lesions in a Stable Knee
K. F. Almqvist, P. Vansintjan, P. Verdonk, Y. Bohu, P. Beaufils, R. Verdonk

29. Lavage, Debridement, and Osteoarthritis
N. Pujol, P. Boisrenoult

30. Synthesis
P. Beaufils

31. Classification: Discoid Meniscus, Traumatic Lesions
M. T. Hirschmann, N. F. Friederich

32. Discoid Meniscus: Histology
A. Papadopoulos

33. Technique of Meniscoplasty and Meniscal Repair in Children
X. Cassard

34. Meniscus Lesions in Children-Indications and Results
O. Lorbach, D. Pape, R. Seil

35. Synthesis
R. Seil

36. Postoperative Osteonecrosis of the Condyle: Diagnosis and Management
D. Pape, R. Seil, D. Kohn

37. Management of Early and Late Failure of Lateral Meniscus
P. Chambat, B. Sonnery-Cottet, C. Guier

38. Synthesis
Philippe Beaufils

39. Basic Science
G. Lewinski, C. J. Wirth

40. Organization: Type of Grafts, Conservation, Regulation
T. Schubert, O. Cornu, C. Delloye

41. Meniscal Allograft: French Organization
O. Charrois, A. Podgorski

42. Open Technique
P. Verdonk, R. Verdonk

43. Arthroscopic Technique Without Plugs
J. Bellemans

44. Arthroscopic Technique with Bone Plugs
P. Boisrenoult, N. Pujol

45. Results and Indications
P. Verdonk, M. Laer, M. ELAttar, K. F. Almqvist, R. Verdonk

46. Menaflex (TM) Collagen Meniscus Implant: Basic Science
W. G. Rodkey

47. Collagen Meniscus Implant: Technique and Results
J. C. Monllau, X. Pelfort, M. Tey

48. Actifit, Polyurethane meniscus implant: basic science
J. Groot

49. Polyurethane Meniscus Implant: Technique
R. Verdonk, P. Verdonk, E. L. Heinrichs

50. Synthesis
R. Verdonk

51. The Future
P. Verdonk

52. General Conclusion
R. Verdonk, P. Beaufils

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Orthopedics, Surgical Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Traumatic Surgery, Physiotherapy, Imaging / Radiology

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