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Principles of Metabolic Surgery

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. History of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery
Oliver Thomusch

2. Conservative Treatment of Overweight and Obesity
Hartmut Bertz, Andrea Engelhardt

3. Obesity in Children – a Therapeutic Challenge
Ulrike Korsten-Reck

4. Obesity and Modern Nutrition
Volker Schusdziarra, Johannes Erdmann

5. Physical Activity as a Significant Factor in the Therapy of Obesity
Aloys Berg, Daniel König

6. The Role of Adipokines and Gastrointestinal Tract Hormones in Obesity
Julian Swierczynski, Tomasz Sledzinski

7. Diabetological Assessment of Metabolic Surgery
Janusz Gumprecht, Katarzyna Nabrdalik

8. Lipids and Bariatric Surgery
Tina Schewe, Karl Winkler

9. The Border of Internal Medicine and Metabolic Surgery
Iwon Karcz-Socha

10. Innovative Approach to Treatment of the Metabolic Syndrome
Joel Ricci, Michael Timoney, George Ferzli

11. Venous Thromboembolism – Prophylaxis and Treatment
Stefan Utzolino, Magnus Kaffarnik

12. Principals of Nutrition after Surgical Procedure
Hartmut Bertz, Andrea Engelhardt

II. Preoperative Evaluation and Indications for Surgery

13. Psychological and Psychiatric Contraindications
Claus Michael Gross, Ludger Tebartz Elst

14. Challenges of Anesthesia
Heike Kaltofen

15. Patient Selection and Choice of the Procedure
Robert E. Brolin

III. Surgical Procedures

16. Pathophysiology of Restrictive Procedures
Giovanni Dapri, G. B. Cadière, Jaqules Himpens

17. The Gastric Banding
Tomasz Szewczyk, Bogdan Modzelewski

18. The Sleeve Gastrectomy
Daniel Krawczykowski

19. The Conventional Gastric Bypass
Oliver Thomusch, W. Konrad Karcz

20. The Banded Gastric Bypass
Mal Fobi, Malgorzata V. Stanczyk, Joseph Naim, Kekah Che-Senge

21. Pathophysiology of Malabsorptive Bariatric Procedures
Nicola Scopinaro

22. The Biliopancreatic Diversion
W. Konrad Karcz, Luc Lemmens, Waleed Bukhari, Cheng Zhou, Marc Daoud, Simon Küsters

23. Surgical Treatment focused of T2DM: Looking for The Limits
Michael Frenken, Simon Kuesters, W. Konrad Karcz

IV. Accessory Medical Problems after Metabolic Surgery

24. Postoperative Management
Magnus Kaffarnik, Carolin Kayser, Stefan Utzolino

25. Modern CT and MR Applications
Tobias Baumann, Elmar Kotter

26. Laboratory Tests to Diagnose Nutritional Deficiencies
Julian Swierczynski

27. Life Quality Tests
Simon Kuesters

28. Pregnancy
Jarek Kobiela, Wojciech Makarewicz, Magdalena Wojanowska, Tomasz Stefaniak, Lukasz Kaska, A. J. Lachinski

V. Secondary and Redo Operations

29. Principals of Metabolic Revisional Surgery
W. Konrad Karcz, Waleed Bukhari, Mark Daoud, Simon Kuesters

30. Plastic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss
Björn Stark, Gunther Felmerer

31. Hernias after Bariatric Surgery
Robert E. Brolin

32. Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Venous Ulcers in the Obese
Carolin Kayser

33. Perspectives of Metabolic Surgery
Goran Marjanovic, W. Konrad Karcz

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery

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