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Radionuclide and Hybrid Bone Imaging

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Table of contents

1. Anatomy of the Skeletal System
Rauf Yousaf

2. Physiology of Bone Formation, Remodeling, and Metabolism
Usha Kini, B. N. Nandeesh

3. Pathophysiology of Bone Metastases
Hans Wall, Barry Elison, Clayton Frater, Warwick Bruce, Stephen Clarke

4. Skeletal Tracer Kinetics: Science and Practice
Glen M. Blake, Michelle Frost, Amelia E. B. Moore, Muhammad Siddique, Ignac Fogelman

5. Biochemical Markers in Bone Diseases
Geeta Hampson

6. Basics of CT
Kathryn L. Adamson, Bruce R. Walmsley

7. Basic Principles of MRI
Philippa Tyler, Sajid Butt

8. Radiological Imaging in Metastatic Bone Disease and Myeloma: Current Status and Limitations
Zaid Viney

9. Radiological Imaging of Primary Benign and Malignant Bone Tumours
Sajid Hasan Butt, Thillainayagam Muthukumar, Philippa Tyler

10. Radiological Imaging in Trauma and Sports Injuries: Current Status and Limitations
Hans Wall, Robert Loneragan, Louise Wong, Ahmed M. Mayat, John K. Pereira

11. Radiological Imaging in Arthritis: Current Status and Limitations
Hans Wall, Robert Loneragan, Louise Wong, Les Barnsley, Siri Kannangara

12. Basic Principles of SPECT and PET Imaging
Lefteris Livieratos

13. Technical Challenges and Pitfalls in Hybrid Imaging
Lefteris Livieratos

14. Bone Scintigraphy: SPECT and PET Tracers
James R. Ballinger

15. Bone Scintigraphy: Patterns, Variants, Limitations and Artefacts
Malavika Nathan, Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Kathryn Adamson, Ignac Fogelman

16. Soft Tissue Uptake in Radionuclide Bone Scintigraphy
Fahim Ul Hassan, Malavika Nathan, Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Ignac Fogelman

17. Bone Scintigraphy in Metabolic Bone Disease
Gary J. R. Cook, Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Sue C. Chua

18. Bone Scintigraphy in Arthritis
Hans Wall, Michael Magee, Manuel Cusi, Warwick Bruce, Siri Kannangara

19. Bone Scintigraphy in Trauma and Sport Injuries
Hans Wall, Manuel Cusi, Barry Elison, Clayton Frater, Warwick Bruce

20. SPECT and PET in the Assessment of Bone Infections
Christopher J. Palestro

21. Nuclear Medicine in the Assessment of Painful Joint Prostheses
Erik Vegt, Wim Schreurs, Martin Gotthardt, Wim J. G. Oyen

22. Radionuclide Bone Imaging in Skeletal Tuberculosis
Rakesh Kumar, Varun Shandal, Shamim Ahmed Shamim, Arun Malhotra

23. Hybrid Imaging in the Management of Complex Foot and Ankle Problems
Hosahalli K. Mohan, Sanjay Vijayanathan, Ignac Fogelman

24. Wrist Registration: Conventional Radionuclide and SPECT/CT Imaging
Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Peter Jackson, Bo Povlsen, Sanjay Vijayanathan, Ignac Fogelman

25. Prostate Cancer: Role of Conventional Radionuclide and Hybrid Bone Imaging
Mohsen Beheshti, Werner Langsteger

26. Breast Cancer: Role of Planar, SPECT and PET in Imaging Bone Metastases
Michael S. Hofman, Rodney J. Hicks

27. Lung, Thyroid, Renal Cancer, Myeloma and Neuroendocrine Cancers: Role of Planar, SPECT and PET in Imaging Bone Metastases
Sue S. C. Chua, Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Gary J. R. Cook

28. Conventional Nuclear Medicine and Hybrid Imaging in Monitoring the Treatment of Skeletal Malignancy
Suat-Jin Lu, Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Ignac Fogelman, Gary J. R. Cook

29. Potential Applications and Limitations of SPECT-CT in Classifying Bone Lesions in Patients with Cancer
Tara Barwick, Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Ignac Fogelman

30. Primary Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours: Role of SPECT
Shalini A. Amukotuwa, Stephen M. Schlicht

31. Primary Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours: Role of 18FDG PET
Gary J. R. Cook, Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Sue S. C. Chua

32. Radioisotopes in the Treatment of Bone Metastases
H. Bulstrode, J. Buscombe

33. Radionuclide Bone Marrow Imaging in Cancer Patients
Sandip Basu, Ayse Mavi, Abass Alavi

34. Pediatric Bone Scintigraphy: Variants and Limitations
Helen R. Nadel

35. Paediatric Bone Scintigraphy: Benign Bone Disease
Kevin London, Robert Howman-Giles

36. Paediatric Bone Scintigraphy: Bone Metastases
Robert Howman-Giles, Kevin London

37. Hybrid Bone Imaging in Pediatrics
Helen R. Nadel

38. Bone Densitometry: Science and Practice
Glen M. Blake, Ignac Fogelman

39. Radiosynovectomy: Science and Practice
Peter Schneider

40. Radiosynoviorthesis (Radiation Synovectomy) of Knee Joint
Gynter Mödder

41. Common Orthopaedic Presentations
Sujith Konan, Sugama Chicklore, Fares S. Haddad

42. Radiological Imaging in Infection: Current Status and Limitations
Angus O’Connor

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Orthopedics

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