Chew, Elaine

Mathematics and Computation in Music

Chew, Elaine - Mathematics and Computation in Music, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Hamiltonian Cycles in the Topological Dual of the Tonnetz
Giovanni Albini, Samuele Antonini

2. The Continuous Hexachordal Theorem
Brad Ballinger, Nadia Benbernou, Francisco Gomez, Joseph O’Rourke, Godfried Toussaint

3. Speech Rhythms and Metric Frames
Fernando Benadon

4. Temporal Patterns in Polyphony
Mathieu Bergeron, Darrell Conklin

5. Maximally Smooth Diatonic Trichord Cycles
Steven Cannon

6. Towards a Symbolic Approach to Sound Analysis
Carmine Emanuele Cella

7. Plain and Twisted Adjoints of Well-Formed Words
David Clampitt, Manuel Domínguez, Thomas Noll

8. Regions and Standard Modes
David Clampitt, Thomas Noll

9. Compatibility of the Different Tuning Systems in an Orchestra
Alfonso Corral, Teresa León, Vicente Liern

10. Formal Diatonic Intervallic Notation
Jack Douthett, Julian Hook

11. Determining Feature Relevance in Subject Responses to Musical Stimuli
Morwaread M. Farbood, Bernd Schoner

12. Sequential Association Rules in Atonal Music
Aline Honingh, Tillman Weyde, Darrell Conklin

13. Badness of Serial Fit Revisited
Tuukka Ilomäki

14. Estimating the Tonalness of Transpositional Type Pitch-Class Sets Using Learned Tonal Key Spaces
Özgür İzmirli

15. Musical Experiences with Block Designs
Franck Jedrzejewski, Moreno Andreatta, Tom Johnson

16. A Generalisation of Diatonicism and the Discrete Fourier Transform as a Mean for Classifying and Characterising Musical Scales
Julien Junod, Pierre Audétat, Carlos Agon, Moreno Andreatta

17. The Geometry of Melodic, Harmonic, and Metrical Hierarchy
Jason Yust

18. A Multi-tiered Approach for Analyzing Expressive Timing in Music Performance
Panayotis Mavromatis

19. HMM Analysis of Musical Structure: Identification of Latent Variables Through Topology-Sensitive Model Selection
Panayotis Mavromatis

20. A Declarative Language for Dynamic Multimedia Interaction Systems
Carlos Olarte, Camilo Rueda

21. Generalized Voice Exchange
Robert Peck

22. Representing and Estimating Musical Expression in Melody
Christopher Raphael

23. Evaluating Tonal Distances between Pitch-Class Sets and Predicting Their Tonal Centres by Computational Models
Atte Tenkanen

24. Three Conceptions of Musical Distance
Dmitri Tymoczko

25. Pairwise Well-Formed Scales and a Bestiary of Animals on the Hexagonal Lattice
Jon Wild

26. Generalized Tonnetz and Well-Formed GTS: A Scale Theory Inspired by the Neo-Riemannians
Marek Žabka

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Appl. in Arts and Humanities, Music, Algebra, Interdisciplinary Studies, Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science, Data Structures

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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