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The Aral Sea

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Philip Micklin

Part I. Background to the Aral Problem

2. Introduction to the Aral Sea and Its Region
Philip Micklin

3. Biological Dynamics of the Aral Sea Before Its Modern Decline (1900–1960)
Igor S. Plotnikov, Nikolay V. Aladin, Zaualkhan K. Ermakhanov, Lyubov V. Zhakova

4. Changes of the Aral Sea Level
Sergey Krivinogov

Part II. Modern Recession of Aral

5. Aral Sea Basin Water Resources and the Changing Aral Water Balance
Philip Micklin

6. The New Aquatic Biology of the Aral Sea
Igor S. Plotnikov, Nikolay V. Aladin, Zaualkhan K. Ermakhanov, Lyubov V. Zhakova

7. The Present State of the South Aral Sea Area
Polat Reimov, Dilorom Fayzieva

8. Irrigation in the Aral Sea Basin
Philip Micklin

9. Challenges of Transboundary Water Resources Management in Central Asia
Bakhtiyor Mukhammadiev

10. Time Series Analysis of Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Monitoring Vegetation and Landscape Dynamics of the Dried Sea Bottom Adjacent to the Lower Amu Darya Delta
Rainer A. Ressl, René R. Colditz

11. Aral Sea Hydrology from Satellite Remote Sensing
Jean-François Crétaux, Muriel Bergé-Nguyen

12. Nature and Economy in the Aral Sea Basin
Kristopher D. White

13. An Expedition to the Northern Part of the Small Aral Sea (August 29 to September 16, 2011)
Philip Micklin, Nikolay V. Aladin, Igor S. Plotnikov

Part III. Aral Future

14. The Biological Future of the Aral Sea
Igor S. Plotnikov, Nikolay V. Aladin

15. Efforts to Revive the Aral Sea
Philip Micklin

16. The Siberian Water Transfer Schemes
Philip Micklin

17. Impact of Climate Change on the Aral Sea and Its Basin
Elena Lioubimtseva

18. Summary and Conclusions
Philip Micklin

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Climate Change Impacts, Oceanography

Publication year
Springer Earth System Sciences
Natural Sciences

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