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Applied Computing, Computer Science, and Advanced Communication

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Table of contents

1. The Model of the Statistical Geography Information System in Grid
Xincai Wu, Ting Wang, Liang Wu

2. Line-Scan Camera Control Pavement Detection System Research
Zhao-yun Sun, Ai-min Sha, Li Zhao, Chang-rong Xie

3. Emergency Command System Based on Satellite Link
Wenbiao Peng, Junli Wan, Chaojun Yan

4. SLA Monitoring Based on Semantic Web
Wenli Dong

5. Research and Application on Bloom Filter
Jing Chi

6. Research on the DDS to Generate MSK Signal
Wenbiao Peng, Chaojun Yan, Lihua Deng

7. Establishment and Application of GIS Database in Urban Heritage Conservation
Rui Li, Jinghua Song

8. RFID Middleware Design Research
Xin Chen

9. RFID Applications of Consumer Perceptions and Privacy Concerns
Xin Chen

10. RFID Application of Addressing Consumer Privacy Challenges
Xin Chen

11. New Interleaving and Forward Error Correction Strategies for Streaming
Mahila Dadfarnia, Majid Noorhoseini

12. Adjusting Forward Error Correction for Media Streaming
Mahila Dadfarnia, Samaneh Khakbaz

13. AR RAAM: A Reliable Routing Algorithim Using Ant Agents for Manets
M. Nisha, M. Ganesh Kumar, N. Hemachandar, D. Manoj Prasadh, K. R. Ramkumar, M. Ravichandran

14. Traffic Video Based Cross Road Violation Detection and Peccant Vehicle Tracking
Tao Gao, Zheng-guang Liu, Jun Zhang

15. An Anomaly Detection Immune Model Inspired by the Mechanism of DC- T Cell Interaction
Junmin Zhang, Yiwen Liang

16. Design and Realization of Encoding Module for UHF RFID Based on FPGA
Chao Li, Yu-lin Zhang

17. FPGA-Based CMOS Image Acquisition System
Chao Li, Yu-lin Zhang, Zhao-na Zheng

18. Parallel Implementation of A5/2 Algorithm
Longmei Nan, Zibin Dai, Wei Li, Xueying Zhang

19. The Study of Model for Portfolio Investment Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
Wang Ting, Yang Xia

20. Design of Embedded Network Interface Controller Based on ARM9 and ARMLinux
Shaoke Chen, Shaojun Jiang

21. The Design of Body Welding Line Base on the Virtual Manufacturing and Assembling Environment
Xiaoping Xiong, Quandong Jin

22. Modeling Economic Spatial Contact among Cities with the Intensity and Structure Model of Urban Flow
Yaobin Liu, Xiao Cai

23. Development of USB Device Driver in WinCE.Net
Ping Wang, Na Zhang

24. Time-Varying Weighting Techniques for Airborne Bistatic Radar Clutter Suppression
Duan Rui, Wang Xuegang, Chen Zhuming

25. Factor Analysis of Competencies of Software Project Managers in China
Xiaotao Li, Xuejun Wang, Zhiliang Zhang

26. Radio Propagation Characteristics for Short Range Body-Centric Wireless Communications
Wei Fu, Jianguo Ma

27. A New Efficient Multiple Messages Signcryption Scheme with Public Verifiability
Hassan Elkamchouchi, Mohammed Nasr, Roayat Ismail

28. Research and Implementation of Reconfigurable Multiplier over Galois Field Targeted at Stream Cipher
Xueying Zhang, Zibin Dai, Wei Li, Longmei Nan

29. Research of Grey Relation Theory Algorithm for Customer Classification of Manufacturing Enterprise
Laihong Du, Ping Kang

30. General Structural Model and Application of Intelligent Decision Support System Based on Knowledge Discovery
Faguo G. Zhou, Fan Zhang, Bingru R. Yang

31. Application of Improved GA in System of Public Vehicle Dispatching
Wang Bing, Yang Xianfeng, Liao Haode

32. Design and Implementation of Chat Room Based on UDP
Zhao-na Zheng, Peng Sun

33. Emotion Recognition in Modern Distant Education System by Using Neural Networks and SVM
Qi Luo

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Management of Computing and Information Systems, Computer Applications, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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