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Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

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Table of contents

1. Entertainment Computing, Social Transformation and the Quantum Field
Matthias Rauterberg

2. Non-verbal Full Body Emotional and Social Interaction: A Case Study on Multimedia Systems for Active Music Listening
Antonio Camurri

3. Home Exercise in a Social Context: Real-Time Experience Sharing Using Avatars
Yasmin Aghajan, Joyca Lacroix, Jingyu Cui, Aart Halteren, Hamid Aghajan

4. Generating Instructions in a 3D Game Environment: Efficiency or Entertainment?
Roan Boer Rookhuiszen, Mariët Theune

5. Interactive Documentary: A Production Model for Nonfiction Multimedia Narratives
Insook Choi

6. A Design Approach to Decentralized Interactive Environments
Harm Essen, Pepijn Rijnbout, Mark Graaf

7. Accessible Gaming through Mainstreaming Kinetic Controller
Yolanda Garrido, Álvaro Marco, Joaquín Segura, Teresa Blanco, Roberto Casas

8. Interactive Play Objects: The Influence of Multimodal Output on Open-Ended Play
Eva Hopma, Tilde Bekker, Janienke Sturm

9. Swinxsbee: A Shared Interactive Play Object to Stimulate Children’s Social Play Behaviour and Physical Exercise
Martijn Jansen, Tilde Bekker

10. Affective Interface Adaptations in the Musickiosk Interactive Entertainment Application
L. Malatesta, A. Raouzaiou, L. Pearce, K. Karpouzis

11. iTheater Puppets Tangible Interactions for Storytelling
Oscar Mayora, Cristina Costa, Andrei Papliatseyeu

12. Automatic and Interactive Key Posture Design by Combing the PIK with Parametric Posture Splicing
Shilei Li, Bing Wu, Jiahong Liang, Jiongming Su

13. Web-Enabled 3D Game Playing for Looped Knight’s Tour
Gregory C. L. Lum, David Y. Y. Yun

14. Robosonic: Randomness-Based Manipulation of Sounds Assisted by Robots
Filipe Costa Luz, Rui Pereira Jorge, Vasco Bila

15. Turning Shortcomings into Challenges: Brain-Computer Interfaces for Games
Anton Nijholt, Boris Reuderink, Danny Oude Bos

16. Immersion in Movement-Based Interaction
Marco Pasch, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Betsy Dijk, Anton Nijholt

17. Mood Swings: An Affective Interactive Art System
Leticia S. S. Bialoskorski, Joyce H. D. M. Westerink, Egon L. Broek

18. Navigating a Maze with Balance Board and Wiimote
Wim Fikkert, Niek Hoeijmakers, Paul Vet, Anton Nijholt

19. Experiences with Interactive Multi-touch Tables
Wim Fikkert, Michiel Hakvoort, Paul Vet, Anton Nijholt

20. The Hyper-trapeze: A Physically Active Audio-Visual Interface for Performance and Play
Anne Hoekstra, Christoph Bartneck, Michael J. Lyons

21. Dead on Arrival: Adapting Games to Finish at a Given Time or Location
Arne Öhsen, Jörn Loviscach

22. Design and Implementation of a Mobile Exergaming Platform
Laurent Prévost, Olivier Liechti, Michael J. Lyons

23. Affective Pacman: A Frustrating Game for Brain-Computer Interface Experiments
Boris Reuderink, Anton Nijholt, Mannes Poel

24. Stay Tuned! An Automatic RSS Feeds Trans-coder
Patrick Salamin, Alexandre Wetzel, Daniel Thalmann, Frédéric Vexo

25. An Experiment in Improvised Interactive Drama
Ivo Swartjes, Mariët Theune

26. Big Fat Wand: A Pointing Device for Open Space Edutainment
Toru Takahashi, Miki Namatame, Fusako Kusunoki, Takao Terano

27. Enhancing Mediated Interpersonal Communication through Affective Haptics
Dzmitry Tsetserukou, Alena Neviarouskaya, Helmut Prendinger, Naoki Kawakami, Mitsuru Ishizuka, Susumu Tachi

28. Opinion Elicitation in Second Life
Marijn Vliet, Alena Neviarouskaya, Helmut Prendinger

29. Hidden Markov Models Implementation for Tangible Interfaces
Piero Zappi, Elisabetta Farella, Luca Benini

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Media Design, Computer Graphics, Computer Appl. in Arts and Humanities, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition

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