Sorell, Matthew

Forensics in Telecommunications, Information and Multimedia

Sorell, Matthew - Forensics in Telecommunications, Information and Multimedia, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Novel Handwritten Letter Recognizer Using Enhanced Evolutionary Neural Network
Fariborz Mahmoudi, Mohsen Mirzashaeri, Ehsan Shahamatnia, Saed Faridnia

2. Forensics for Detecting P2P Network Originated MP3 Files on the User Device
Heikki Kokkinen, Janne Nöyränen

3. Image Encryption Using Chaotic Signal and Max–Heap Tree
Fariborz Mahmoudi, Rasul Enayatifar, Mohsen Mirzashaeri

4. Investigating Encrypted Material
Niall McGrath, Pavel Gladyshev, Tahar Kechadi, Joe Carthy

5. Legal and Technical Implications of Collecting Wireless Data as an Evidence Source
Benjamin Turnbull, Grant Osborne, Matthew Simon

6. Medical Image Authentication Using DPT Watermarking: A Preliminary Attempt
M. L. Dennis Wong, Antionette W. -T. Goh, Hong Siang Chua

7. Robust Correctness Testing for Digital Forensic Tools
Lei Pan, Lynn M. Batten

8. Surveillance Applications of Biologically-Inspired Smart Cameras
Kosta Haltis, Lee Andersson, Matthew Sorell, Russell Brinkworth

9. The Development of a Generic Framework for the Forensic Analysis of SCADA and Process Control Systems
Jill Slay, Elena Sitnikova

10. FIA: An Open Forensic Integration Architecture for Composing Digital Evidence
Sriram Raghavan, Andrew Clark, George Mohay

11. Distinguishing between Camera and Scanned Images by Means of Frequency Analysis
Roberto Caldelli, Irene Amerini, Francesco Picchioni

12. Developing Speaker Recognition System: From Prototype to Practical Application
Pasi Fränti, Juhani Saastamoinen, Ismo Kärkkäinen, Tomi Kinnunen, Ville Hautamäki, Ilja Sidoroff

13. A Preliminary Approach to the Forensic Analysis of an Ultraportable ASUS Eee PC
Trupti Shiralkar, Michael Lavine, Benjamin Turnbull

14. A Provable Security Scheme of ID-Based Threshold Decryption
Wang Xue-Guang, Chai Zhen-Chuan

15. Analysis of Sensor Photo Response Non-Uniformity in RAW Images
Simon Knight, Simon Moschou, Matthew Sorell

16. Audit Log for Forensic Photography
Timothy Neville, Matthew Sorell

17. Authenticating Medical Images through Repetitive Index Modulation Based Watermarking
Chang-Tsun Li, Yue Li

18. Cyber Forensics Ontology for Cyber Criminal Investigation
Heum Park, SunHo Cho, Hyuk-Chul Kwon

19. Decomposed Photo Response Non-Uniformity for Digital Forensic Analysis
Yue Li, Chang-Tsun Li

20. Detection of Block Artifacts for Digital Forensic Analysis
Chang-Tsun Li

21. Vocal Forgery in Forensic Sciences
Patrick Perrot, Mathieu Morel, Joseph Razik, Gérard Chollet

22. Complying across Continents: At the Intersection of Litigation Rights and Privacy Rights
Milton H. Luoma, Vicki M. Luoma

23. Digital Identity – The Legal Person?
Clare Sullivan

24. Surveillance and Datenschutz in Virtual Environments
Sabine Cikic, Fritz Lehmann-Grube, Jan Sablatnig

Keywords: Computer Science, Legal Aspects of Computing, Computers and Society, Biometrics, Pattern Recognition, Data Encryption, Law, general

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