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Cutting-Edge Research Topics on Multiple Criteria Decision Making

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Table of contents

1. An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Multi-objective Multiple Knapsack Problem
Banu Soylu, Murat Köksalan

2. Adaptive Differential Evolution for Multi-objective Optimization
Zai Wang, Zhenyu Yang, Ke Tang, Xin Yao

3. An Evolutionary Approach for Bilevel Multi-objective Problems
Kalyanmoy Deb, Ankur Sinha

4. Multiple Criteria Decision Making: Efficient Outcome Assessments with Evolutionary Optimization
Ignacy Kaliszewski, Janusz Miroforidis

5. Automatic Detection of Subjective Sentences Based on Chinese Subjective Patterns
Ziqiong Zhang, Qiang Ye, Rob Law, Yijun Li

6. Case Study on Project Risk Management Planning Based on Soft System Methodology
Xie Lifang, Li Jun

7. Experiments with Bicriteria Sequence Alignment
Luís Paquete, João P. O. Almeida

8. Integrating Decision Tree and Hidden Markov Model (HMM) for Subtype Prediction of Human Influenza A Virus
Pavan K. Attaluri, Zhengxin Chen, Aruna M. Weerakoon, Guoqing Lu

9. Fuzzy Double Linear Regression of the Financial Assets Yield
Taiji Wang, Weiyi Liu, Zhuyu Li

10. Detection of Outliers from the Lognormal Distribution in Financial Economics
Yunfei Li, Zongfang Zhou, Hong Chen

11. A Bibliography Analysis of Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Computer Science (1989-2009)
Gang Kou, Yi Peng

12. A Six Sigma Methodology Using Data Mining: A Case Study on Six Sigma Project for Heat Efficiency Improvement of a Hot Stove System in a Korean Steel Manufacturing Company
Gil-Sang Jang, Jong-Hag Jeon

13. Internal and External Beliefs as the Determinants of Use Continuance for an Internet Search Engine
Soongeun Hong, Young Sik Kang, Heeseok Lee, Jongwon Lee

14. Development of Knowledge Intensive Applications for Hospital
Jongho Kim, Han-kuk Hong, Gil-sang Jang, Joung Yeon Kim, Taehun Kim

15. Organizational Politics, Social Network, and Knowledge Management
Hyun Jung Lee, Sora Kang, Jongwon Lee

16. Implementation of Case-Based Reasoning System for Knowledge Management of Power Plant Construction Projects in a Korean Company
Gil-Sang Jang

17. Mining Conductive Knowledge Based on Transformation of Same Characteristic Information Element in Practical Applications
Li Xiao-Mei

18. Research on Customer Value Based on Extension Data Mining
Yang Chun-yan, Li Wei-hua

19. The Intelligent System of Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis Based on Extension Data Mining
Baiqing Sun, Yange Li, Lin Zhang

20. From Satisfaction to Win-Win: A Novel Direction for MCDM Based on Extenics
Xingsen Li, Liuying Zhang, Aihua Li

21. The Methods to Construct Multivariate and Multidimensional Basic-Element and the Corresponding Extension Set
Li Qiao-Xing, Yang Jian-Mei

22. A New Process Modeling Method Based on Extension Theory and Its Application in Purified Terephthalic Acid Solvent System
Xu Yuan, Zhu Qunxiong

23. Research on Liquidity Risk Evaluation of Chinese A-Shares Market Based on Extension Theory
Sun Bai-qing, Liu Peng-xiang, Zhang Lin, Li Yan-ge

24. Contradictory Problems and Space-Element Model
Wang Tao, Zou Guang-tian

25. Knowledge Intelligence: A New Field in Business Intelligence
Guangli Nie, Xiuting Li, Lingling Zhang, Yuejin Zhang, Yong Shi

26. Mining Knowledge from Multiple Criteria Linear Programming Models
Peng Zhang, Xingquan Zhu, Aihua Li, Lingling Zhang, Yong Shi

27. Research on Domain-Driven Actionable Knowledge Discovery
Zhengxiang Zhu, Jifa Gu, Lingling Zhang, Wuqi Song, Rui Gao

28. Data Mining Integrated with Domain Knowledge
Anqiang Huang, Lingling Zhang, Zhengxiang Zhu, Yong Shi

29. A Simulation Model of Technological Adoption with an Intelligent Agent
Tieju Ma, Chunjie Chi, Jun Chen, Yong Shi

30. Research on Ratchet Effects in Enterprises’ Knowledge Sharing Based on Game Models
Ying Wang, Lingling Zhang, Xiuyu Zheng, Yong Shi

31. Application of Information Visualization Technologies in Masters’ Experience Mining
Song Wuqi, Gu Jifa

32. Study on an Intelligent Knowledge Push Method for Knowledge Management System
Lingling Zhang, Qingxi Wang, Guangli Nie

33. Extension of the Framework of Knowledge Process Analysis: A Case Study of Design Research Process
Georgi V. Georgiev, Kozo Sugiyama, Yukari Nagai

34. On Heterogeneity of Complex Networks in the Real World
Ruiqiu Ou, Jianmei Yang, Jing Chang, Weicong Xie

35. Some Common Properties of Affiliation Bipartite Cooperation-Competition Networks
Da-Ren He

36. Cases of HWMSE
Xijin Tang

37. Group Argumentation Info-visualization Model in the Hall for Workshop of Meta-synthetic Engineering
Wang Ming-li, Dai Chao-fan

38. Study on Improving the Fitness Value of Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Yong Gang Wu, Wei Gu

39. Simulation for Collaborative Competition Based on Multi-Agent
Zhiyuan Ge, Jiamei Liu

40. Fuzzy Optimal Decision for Network Bandwidth Allocation with Demand Uncertainty
Lean Yu, Wuyi Yue, Shouyang Wang

41. A Comparison of SVD, SVR, ADE and IRR for Latent Semantic Indexing
Wen Zhang, Xijin Tang, Taketoshi Yoshida

42. The Bilevel Programming Model of Earthwork Allocation System
Wang Xianjia, Huang Yuan, Zhang Wuyue

43. Knowledge Diffusion on Networks through the Game Strategy
Shu Sun, Jiangning Wu, Zhaoguo Xuan

44. The Analysis of Complex Structure for China Education Network
Zhu-jun Deng, Ning Zhang

45. Priority-Pointing Procedure and Its Application to an Intercultural Trust Project
Rong Du, Shizhong Ai, Cathal M. Brugha

46. Exploring Refinability of Multi-Criteria Decisions
Cathal M. Brugha

47. Methodology for Knowledge Synthesis
Yoshiteru Nakamori

48. Study on Public Opinion Based on Social Physics
Yijun Liu, Wenyuan Niu, Jifa Gu

49. Context-Based Decision Making Method for Physiological Signal Analysis in a Pervasive Sensing Environment
Ahyoung Choi, Woontack Woo

50. A Framework of Task-Oriented Decision Support System in Disaster Emergency Response
Jun Tian, Qin Zou, Shaochuan Cheng, Kanliang Wang

51. Study on the Developing Mechanism of Financial Network
Xiaohui Wang, Yaowen Xue, Pengzhu Zhang, Siguo Wang

52. Solving Sudoku with Constraint Programming
Broderick Crawford, Carlos Castro, Eric Monfroy

53. A Study of Crude Oil Price Behavior Based on Fictitious Economy Theory
Xiaoming He, Siwei Cheng, Shouyang Wang

54. Study on the Method of Determining Objective Weight of Decision-Maker (OWDM) in Multiple Attribute Group Decision-Making
Donghua Pan, Yong Zhang

55. Machining Parameter Optimal Selection for Blades of Aviation Engine Based on CBR and Database
Yan Cao, Yu Bai, Hua Chen, Lina Yang

56. A Multi-regional CGE Model for China
Na Li, Minjun Shi, Fei Wang

57. The Method Research of Membership Degree Transformation in Multi-indexes Fuzzy Decision-Making
Kaidi Liu, Jin Wang, Yanjun Pang, Jimei Hao

58. Study on Information Fusion Based Check Recognition System
Dong Wang

59. Crisis Early-Warning Model Based on Exponential Smoothing Forecasting and Pattern Recognition and Its Application to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Baojun Tang, Wanhua Qiu

60. Measuring Interdependency among Industrial Chains with Financial Data
Jingchun Sun, Ye Fang, Jing Luo

61. Multi-objective Economic Early Warning and Economic Risk Measure
Guihuan Zheng, Jue Wang

62. An Analysis on Financial Crisis Prediction of Listed Companies in China’s Manufacturing Industries Based on Logistic Regression and Bayes
Wenhua Yu, Hao Gong, Yuanfu Li, Yan Yue

63. Comparative Analysis of VaR Estimation of Double Long-Memory GARCH Models: Empirical Analysis of China’s Stock Market
Guangxi Cao, Jianping Guo, Lin Xu

64. Estimation of Value-at-Risk for Energy Commodities via CAViaR Model
Zhao Xiliang, Zhu Xi

65. An Empirical Analysis of the Default Rate of Informal Lending—Evidence from Yiwu, China
Wei Lu, Xiaobo Yu, Juan Du, Feng Ji

66. Empirical Study of Relations between Stock Returns and Exchange Rate Fluctuations in China
Jian-bao Chen, Deng-ling Wang, Ting-ting Cheng

67. Cost Risk Tolerance Area of Material Supply in Biomass Power Generation
Sun Jingchun, Chen Jianhua, Fang Ye, Hou Junhu

68. The Effect of Subjective Risk Attitudes and Overconfidence on Risk Taking Behaviors: A Experimental Study Based on Traders of the Chinese Stock Market
Qi-an Chen, Yinghong Xiao, Hui Chen, Liang Chen

69. Application of the Maximum Entropy Method to Risk Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions
Jigang Xie, Wenyun Song

70. Internal Control, CPA Recognition and Performance Consequence: Evidence from Chinese Real Estate Enterprises
Chuan Zhang, Lili Zhang, Yi Geng

71. The Influence of IPO to the Operational Risk of Chinese Commercial Banks
Lijun Gao, Jianping Li

72. The Measurement and Analysis Risk Factors Dependence Correlation in Software Project
Ding JianJie, Hou Hong, Hao KeGang, Guo XiaoQun

73. Assessment of Disaster Emergency Management Ability Based on the Interval-Valued Fuzzy TOPSIS Method
Jing Kun-peng, Song Zhi-jie

74. Dynamic Project Risk Analysis and Management Based on Influence Diagrams
Xiaohua Liu, Chaoyuan Yue

75. Risk Prediction and Measurement for Software Based on Service Oriented Architecture
Jun Liu, Jianzhong Qiao, Shukuan Lin

76. Risk Measurement and Control of Water Inrush into Qiyue Mountain Tunnel
Ge Yan-hui, Ye Zhi-hua, Li Shu-cai, Lu Wei, Zhang Qing-song

77. Operational Risk Measurement of Chinese Commercial Banks Based on Extreme Value Theory
Jiashan Song, Yong Li, Feng Ji, Cheng Peng

78. A Multi-criteria Risk Optimization Model for Trustworthy Software Process Management
Jianping Li, Minglu Li, Hao Song, Dengsheng Wu

79. Country Risk Volatility Spillovers of Emerging Oil Economies: An Application to Russia and Kazakhstan
Xiaolei Sun, Wan He, Jianping Li

80. Modeling the Key Risk Factors to Project Success: A SEM Correlation Analysis
Juan Song, Jianping Li, Dengsheng Wu

81. Research on R&D Project Risk Management Model
Xiaoyan Gu, Chen Cai, Hao Song, Juan Song

82. Software Risks Correlation Analysis Using Meta-analysis
Hao Song, Chen Cai, Minglu Li, Dengsheng Wu

83. A Two-Layer Least Squares Support Vector Machine Approach to Credit Risk Assessment
Jingli Liu, Jianping Li, Weixuan Xu, Yong Shi

84. Credit Risk Evaluation Using a C-Variable Least Squares Support Vector Classification Model
Lean Yu, Shouyang Wang, K. K. Lai

85. Ecological Risk Assessment with MCDM of Some Invasive Alien Plants in China
Guowen Xie, Weiguang Chen, Meizhen Lin, Yanling Zheng, Peiguo Guo, Yisheng Zheng

86. Empirically-Based Crop Insurance for China: A Pilot Study in the Down-middle Yangtze River Area of China
Erda Wang, Yang Yu, Bertis B. Little, Zhongxin Chen, Jianqiang Ren

87. A Response Analysis of Economic Growth to Environmental Risk: A Case Study of Qingdao
Yunpeng Qin, Jianyue Ji, Xiaoli Yu

88. A Multiple Criteria and Multiple Constraints Mathematical Programming Model for Classification
Peng Zhang, Yingjie Tian, Dongling Zhang, Xingquan Zhu, Yong Shi

89. New Unsupervised Support Vector Machines
Kun Zhao, Ying-jie Tian, Nai-yang Deng

90. Data Mining for Customer Segmentation in Personal Financial Market
Guoxun Wang, Fang Li, Peng Zhang, Yingjie Tian, Yong Shi

91. Nonlinear Knowledge in Kernel-Based Multiple Criteria Programming Classifier
Dongling Zhang, Yingjie Tian, Yong Shi

92. A Note on the 1-9 Scale and Index Scale In AHP
Zhiyong Zhang, Xinbao Liu, Shanlin Yang

93. Linear Multi-class Classification Support Vector Machine
Yan Xu, Yuanhai Shao, Yingjie Tian, Naiyang Deng

94. A Novel MCQP Approach for Predicting the Distance Range between Interface Residues in Antibody-Antigen Complex
Yong Shi, Ruoying Chen, Jia Wan, Xinyang Zhang

95. Robust Unsupervised Lagrangian Support Vector Machines for Supply Chain Management
Kun Zhao, Yong-sheng Liu, Nai-yang Deng

96. A Dynamic Constraint Programming Approach
Eric Monfroy, Carlos Castro, Broderick Crawford

97. The Evaluation of the Universities’ Science and Technology Comprehensive Strength Based on Management Efficiency
Baiqing Sun, Yange Li, Lin Zhang

98. MCDM and SSM in the Public Crisis Management: From the Systemic Point of View
Yinyin Kuang, Dongping Fan

99. The Diagnosis of Blocking Risks in Emergency Network
Xianglu Li, Wei Sun, Haibo Wang

100. How Retailer Power Influence Its Opportunism Governance Mechanisms in Marketing Channel?– An Empirical Investigation in China
Yu Tian, Xuefang Liao

101. Applications in Oil-Spill Risk in Harbors and Coastal Areas Using Fuzzy Integrated Evaluation Model
Chaofeng Shao, Yufen Zhang, Meiting Ju, Shengguang Zhang

102. Coexistence Possibility of Biomass Industries
Sun Jingchun, Hou Junhu

103. How Power Mechanism Influence Channel Bilateral Opportunism
Yu Tian, Shaodan Chen

104. Compromise Approach-Based Genetic Algorithm for Constrained Multiobjective Portfolio Selection Model
Jun Li

105. Financial Time Series Analysis in a Fuzzy View
Zhuyu Li, Taiji Wang, Cheng Zhang

106. Asset Allocation and Optimal Contract for Delegated Portfolio Management
Jingjun Liu, Jianfeng Liang

107. The Heterogeneous Investment Horizon and Dynamic Strategies for Asset Allocation
Heping Xiong, Yiheng Xu, Yi Xiao

108. Tracking Models for Optioned Portfolio Selection
Jianfeng Liang

109. Size, Book-to-Market Ratio and Relativity of Accounting Information Value: Empirical Research on the Chinese Listed Company
Jing Yu, Siwei Cheng, Bin Xu

110. Fuzzy MCDM Technique for Planning the Environment Watershed
Yi-Chun Chen, Hui-Pang Lien, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Lung-Shih Yang, Leon Yen

111. Nonlinear Deterministic Frontier Model Using Genetic Programming
Chin-Yi Chen, Jih-Jeng Huang, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

112. A Revised VIKOR Model for Multiple Criteria Decision Making - The Perspective of Regret Theory
Jih-Jeng Huang, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Hsiang-Hsi Liu

113. A Novel Evaluation Model for the Vehicle Navigation Device Market Using Hybrid MCDM Techniques
Chia-Li Lin, Meng-Shu Hsieh, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

114. A VIKOR Technique with Applications Based on DEMATEL and ANP
Yu-Ping Ou Yang, How-Ming Shieh, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

115. Identification of a Threshold Value for the DEMATEL Method: Using the Maximum Mean De-Entropy Algorithm
Li Chung-Wei, Tzeng Gwo-Hshiung

116. High Technology Service Value Maximization through an MCDM-Based Innovative e-Business Model
Chi-Yo Huang, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Wen-Rong Ho, Hsiu-Tyan Chuang, Yeou-Feng Lue

117. Airline Maintenance Manpower Optimization from the De Novo Perspective
James J. H. Liou, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

118. A Novel Hybrid MADM Based Competence Set Expansions of a SOC Design Service Firm
Chi-Yo Huang, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Yeou-Feng Lue, Hsiu-Tyan Chuang

119. A Genetic Local Search Algorithm for the Multiple Optimisation of the Balanced Academic Curriculum Problem
Carlos Castro, Broderick Crawford, Eric Monfroy

120. Using Consistent Fuzzy Preference Relations to Risk Factors Priority of Metropolitan Underground Project
Shih-Tong Lu, Cheng-Wei Lin, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

121. Using MCDM Methods to Adopt and Assess Knowledge Management
Ying-Hsun Hung, Seng-Cho T. Chou, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Information Systems and Communication Service, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Computers and Society

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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