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Progress in Turbulence III

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Table of contents

1. Fully Developed Turbulence with Diminishing Mean Vortex Stretching and Reduced Intermittency
R. E. E. Seoud, J. C. Vassilicos

2. Spectral and Physical Forcing of Turbulence
Zafer Zeren, Benoît Bédat

3. Fractal-Generated Turbulent Scaling Laws from a New Scaling Group of the Multi-Point Correlation Equation
Martin Oberlack, George Khujadze

4. Investigation of the Conditional Scalar Dissipation Rate Across a Shear Layer Using Gradient Trajectories
Juan Pedro Mellado, Lipo Wang, Norbert Peters

5. ‘Rational’ Turbulence Models?
Robert Rubinstein, Stephen L. Woodruff

6. An Approximation of the Invariant Measure for the Stochastic Navier-Stokes
Björn Birnir

7. Spatial Multi-Point Correlations in Inhomogeneous Turbulence
R. Stresing, M. Tutkun, J. Peinke

8. Statistical Properties of Velocity Increments in Two-Dimensional Turbulence
Michel Voßkuhle, Oliver Kamps, Michael Wilczek, Rudolf Friedrich

9. Enstrophy Transfers Study in Two-Dimensional Turbulence
Patrick Fischer, Charles-Henri Bruneau

10. Two Point Velocity Difference Scaling along Scalar Gradient Trajectories in Turbulence
Lipo Wang

11. Stochastic Analysis of Turbulence n-Scale Correlations in Regular and Fractal-Generated Turbulence
R. Stresing, J. Peinke, R. E. Seoud, J. C. Vassilicos

12. Holographic PIV with Low Coherent Light – Recent Progress in 3D Flow Measurements
Gerd Gülker, Christian Steigerwald, Klaus D. Hinsch

13. An Experimental Demonstration of Accelerated Tomo-PIV
N. A. Worth, T. B. Nickels

14. Using the 2D Laser-Cantilever-Anemometer for Two-Dimensional Measurements in Turbulent Flows
Michael Hölling, Joachim Peinke

15. 3D Structures from Stereoscopic PIV Measurements in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
David J. C. Dennis, Timothy B. Nickels

16. The Sphere Anemometer – A Fast Alternative to Cup Anemometry
Hendrik Heißelmann, Michael Hölling, Joachim Peinke

17. CICLoPE – A Large Pipe Facility for Detailed Turbulence Measurements at High Reynolds Number
J. -D. Rüedi, A. Talamelli, H. M. Nagib, P. H. Alfredsson, P. A. Monkewitz

18. Aerodynamics of an Airfoil at Ultra-Low Reynolds Number
Md. Mahbub Alam, Y. Zhou, H. Yang

19. Turbulence Energetics in Stably Stratified Atmospheric Flows
S. S. Zilitinkevich, T. Elperin, N. Kleeorin, V. L’vov, I. Rogachevskii

20. Measurements of the Flow Upstream a Rotating Wind Turbine Model
Davide Medici, Jan-Åke Dahlberg, P. Henrik Alfredsson

21. Is the Meandering of a Wind Turbine Wake Due to Atmospheric Length Scales?
Guillaume Espana, Sandrine Aubrun, Philippe Devinant

22. Impact of Atmospheric Turbulence on the Power Output of Wind Turbines
Julia Gottschall, Joachim Peinke

23. About First Order Geometric Auto Regressive Processes for Boundary Layer Wind Speed Simulation
Thomas Laubrich, Holger Kantz

24. Unsteady Numerical Simulation of the Turbulent Flow around a Wind Turbine
Markus Rütten, Julien Penneçot, Claus Wagner

25. A New Non-gaussian Turbulent Wind Field Generator to Estimate Design-Loads of Wind-Turbines
A. P. Schaffarczyk, H. Gontier, D. Kleinhans, R. Friedrich

26. Synthetic Turbulence Models for Wind Turbine Applications
D. Kleinhans, R. Friedrich, A. P. Schaffarczyk, J. Peinke

27. Numerical Simulation of the Flow around a Tall Finite Cylinder Using LES and PANS
Siniša Krajnović, Branislav Basara

28. Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows around a Rotor Blade Segment Using a Spectral Element Method
A. Shishkin, C. Wagner

29. Vorticity and Helicity in Swirling Pipe Flow
Frode Nygård, Helge I. Andersson

30. Explicit Algebraic Subgrid Models for Large Eddy Simulation
Linus Marstorp, Geert Brethouwer, Arne V. Johansson

31. Direct Numerical Simulation of a Turbulent Flow with Pressure Gradients
Liang Wei, Andrew Pollard

32. An Invariant Nonlinear Eddy Viscosity Model Based on a Consistent 4D Modelling Approach
Michael Frewer

33. A Hybrid URANS/LES Approach Used for Simulations of Turbulent Flows
Karel Fraňa, Jörg Stiller

34. Anisotropic Synthetic Turbulence with Sweeping Generated by Random Particle-Mesh Method
Malte Siefert, Roland Ewert

35. LES and Hybrid LES/RANS Study of Flow and Heat Transfer around a Wall-Bounded Short Cylinder
D. Borello, G. Delibra, K. Hanjalić, F. Rispoli

36. Stochastically Forced Laminar Plane Couette Flow: Non-normality and Hydrodynamic Fluctuations
George Khujadze, Martin Oberlack, George Chagelishvili

37. Reynolds Stress Model Based on the RDT Equations and Turbulence Dynamics in the Aerodynamic Nozzle
V. L. Zimont, V. A. Sabelnikov

38. Heat Transfer Modulation by Microparticles in Turbulent Channel Flow
Alfredo Soldati, Francesco Zonta, Cristian Marchioli

39. Particle Diffusion in Stably Stratified Flows
Geert Brethouwer, Erik Lindborg

40. Anisotropic Clustering of Inertial Particles in Shear Turbulence
P. Gualtieri, F. Picano, C. M. Casciola

41. Spatial Evolution of Inertial Particles in a Turbulent Pipe Flow
G. Sardina, F. Picano, C. M. Casciola

42. Direct Numerical Simulation of Particle Interaction with Coherent Structures in a Turbulent Channel Flow
C. D. Dritselis, N. S. Vlachos

43. Asymmetries in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
Ronald Puits, Christian Resagk, André Thess

44. LES of Riblet Controlled Temporal Transition of Channel Flow
S. Klumpp, M. Meinke, W. Schröder

45. Evolution of a Boundary Layer from Laminar Stagnation-Point Flow towards Turbulent Separation
Bernhard Scheichl, Alfred Kluwick

46. The Response of Wall Turbulence to Streamwise-Traveling Waves of Spanwise Velocity
Maurizio Quadrio

47. Dynamics of Viscoelastic Wall Turbulence in Different Ranges of Scales
E. Angelis, C. M. Casciola, R. Piva

48. Hairpin Structures in a Turbulent Boundary Layer under Stalled-Airfoil-Type Flow Conditions
Y. Maciel, M. H. Shafiei Mayam

49. Signature of Varicose Wave Packets in the Viscous Sublayer
Ch. Brücker

50. Entrainment Reduction and Additional Dissipation in Dilute Polymer Solutions
Markus Holzner, Beat Lüthi, Alexander Liberzon, Michele Guala, Wolfgang Kinzelbach

51. Mixing at the External Boundary of a Submerged Turbulent Jet
A. Eidelman, T. Elperin, N. Kleeorin, G. Hazak, I. Rogachevskii, O. Sadot, I. Sapir-Katiraie

52. Turbulence in Electrically Conducting Fluids Driven by Rotating and Travelling Magnetic Fields
Jörg Stiller, Kristina Koal, Hugh M. Blackburn

53. The Decay of Turbulence in Pipe Flow
Alberto Lozar, Björn Hof

54. The Effect of Spanwise System Rotation on Turbulent Poiseuille Flow at Very-Low-Reynolds Number
Oaki Iida, K. Fukudome, T. Iwata, Y. Nagano

55. LES of the Flow over a High-Lift Airfoil Configuration
Daniel König, Wolfgang Schröder, Matthias Meinke

56. The Effect of Oblique Waves on Jet Turbulence
A. Segalini, R. Örlü, A. Talamelli, P. H. Alfredsson

57. Turbulence Enhancement in Coaxial Jet Flows by Means of Vortex Shedding
R. Örlü, A. Segalini, P. H. Alfredsson, A. Talamelli

58. Direct Numerical Simulation of Microbubble Dispersion in Vertical Turbulent Channel Flow
Dafne Molin, Andrea Giusti, Alfredo Soldati

59. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Stability of the Vertical Water Jet with Rectangular Cross Section
Sergej Gordeev, R. Stieglitz, L. Stoppel, M. Daubner, T. Schulenberg, F. Fellmoser

60. Control of Separated Flow Using an Oscillating Lorentz Force: Comparison of DNS, LES, and Experiments
Thomas Albrecht, Jörg Stiller

61. Study of Effects of Wall-Normal Rotation on the Turbulent Channel Flow Using DNS
A. Mehdizadeh, M. Oberlack

62. A Langevin Equation for the Turbulent Vorticity
Michael Wilczek, Rudolf Friedrich

63. Application of Helical Characteristics of the Velocity Field to Evaluate the Intensity of Tropical Cyclones
G. Levina, E. Glebova, A. Naumov, I. Trosnikov

64. An Experimental Study of Turbulent Vortex Rings
L. Gan, T. B. Nickles

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Quantum Field Theories, String Theory, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Partial Differential Equations

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Physics
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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