Lüttge, Ulrich E.

Progress in Botany, Vol. 71

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Table of contents

1. A Journey with Plant Cell Division: Reflection at My Halfway Stop
Toshiyuki Nagata

2. Replication of Nuclear DNA
J. A. Bryant

3. Transformations of Cellular Pattern: Progress in the Analysis of Stomatal Cellular Complexes Using L-Systems
Peter Barlow, Jacqueline Lück

4. Endoreduplication and Growth of Fleshy Fruits
Matthieu Bourdon, Nathalie Frangne, Elodie Mathieu-Rivet, Mehdi Nafati, Catherine Cheniclet, Jean-Pierre Renaudin, Christian Chevalier

5. Adaptation to a Changing Environment: The Regulatory Role of Small RNAs
Dortje Golldack, Ines Lüking, Ulrike Süthoff

6. Growth Responses of Trees to Arctic Light Environment
K. Taulavuori, M. Sarala, E. Taulavuori

7. Initial Events Associated with Virus PBCV-1 Infection of Chlorella NC64A
Gerhard Thiel, Anna Moroni, David Dunigan, James L. Etten

8. The Role of Auxin in Root-Symbiont and Root-Pathogen Interactions: From Development to Defense
Ulrike Mathesius

9. Molecular Mechanism of Water and Gas Transport Across Biological Membranes and Consequences for Plant Physiology
Norbert Uehlein

10. Lichen Systematics: The Role of Morphological and Molecular Data to Reconstruct Phylogenetic Relationships
Christian Printzen

11. Systemic Resistance Induction by Vascular and Airborne Signaling
Martin Heil, Jurriaan Ton

12. Roots: The Acquisition of Water and Nutrients from the Heterogeneous Soil Environment
Angela Hodge

13. Re-Evaluation of Allometry: State-of-the-Art and Perspective Regarding Individuals and Stands of Woody Plants
Hans Pretzsch

14. Quaking Aspen’s Current and Future Status in Western North America: The Role of Succession, Climate, Biotic Agents and Its Clonal Nature
Samuel B. St. Clair, John Guyon, Jack Donaldson

15. Quaternary Palaeoecology of East and Southeast Asia and of the Pacific Ocean
Burkhard Frenzel

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Plant Systematics/Taxonomy/Biogeography

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Progress in Botany
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10 pages
Natural Sciences

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