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Product-Focused Software Process Improvement

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Table of contents

1. The Consumer Juggernaut: Web-Based and Mobile Applications as Innovation Pioneer
David G. Messerschmitt

2. Software “Best” Practices: Agile Deconstructed
Steven Fraser

3. Key Questions in Building Defect Prediction Models in Practice
Rudolf Ramler, Klaus Wolfmaier, Erwin Stauder, Felix Kossak, Thomas Natschläger

4. Investigating the Impact of Software Requirements Specification Quality on Project Success
Eric Knauss, Christian Boustani, Thomas Flohr

5. Prediction of Software Quality Model Using Gene Expression Programming
Yogesh Singh, Arvinder Kaur, Ruchika Malhotra

6. Method for Software Cost Estimating Using Scope Champions
Yegor Bugayenko

7. A Measurement Framework for Team Level Assessment of Innovation Capability in Early Requirements Engineering
Björn Regnell, Martin Höst, Fredrik Nilsson, Henrik Bengtsson

8. Why a CMMI Level 5 Company Fails to Meet the Deadlines?
Darja Smite, Cigdem Gencel

9. Towards Multi-Method Research Approach in Empirical Software Engineering
Vladimir Mandić, Jouni Markkula, Markku Oivo

10. The Role of Empirical Evidence for Transferring a New Technology to Industry
Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Giovanni Bruno, Danilo Caivano, Giuseppe Visaggio

11. Towards a Framework for Using Agile Approaches in Global Software Development
Emam Hossain, Muhammad Ali Babar, June Verner

12. Value Creation by Agile Projects: Methodology or Mystery?
Zornitza Racheva, Maya Daneva, Klaas Sikkel

13. Decision Support for Iteration Scheduling in Agile Environments
Ákos Szőke

14. Some Findings Concerning Requirements in Agile Methodologies
Pilar Rodríguez, Agustín Yagüe, Pedro P. Alarcón, Juan Garbajosa

15. An Exploratory Investigation on Refactoring in Industrial Context
Yi Wang

16. Absorbing Software Testing into the Scrum Method
Janne Tuomikoski, Ilkka Tervonen

17. Learning and Organizational Change in SPI Initiatives
Marikka Heikkilä

18. The Role of Different Approaches in Inspection Process Improvement
Sami Kollanus

19. Scenario-Based Assessment of Process Pattern Languages
Antti Välimäki, Sari Vesiluoma, Kai Koskimies

20. Towards a Systematic Metric Based Approach to Evaluate SCAMPI Appraisals
Simona Pricope, Horst Lichter

21. A New Way to Organize DFX in a Large Organization
Jarkko Hyysalo, Sanja Aaramaa, Jouni Similä, Samuli Saukkonen, Pekka Belt, Jari Lehto

22. The Tool Coverage of Software Process Improvement Frameworks for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Filiz Çelik Yeşildoruk, Banu Bozlu, Onur Demirörs

23. Improving the Product Documentation Process of a Small Software Company
Anu Valtanen, Jarmo J. Ahonen, Paula Savolainen

24. Lessons Learnt from the Improvement of Customer Support Processes: A Case Study on Incident Management
Marko Jäntti

25. A Decision Model for Supporting Task Allocation Processes in Global Software Development
Ansgar Lamersdorf, Jürgen Münch, Dieter Rombach

26. Software Process Improvement: Supporting the Linking of the Software and the Business Strategies
Adriano Bessa Albuquerque, Ana Regina Rocha, Andreia Cavalcanti Lima

27. Integrating Value and Utility Concepts into a Value Decomposition Model for Value-Based Software Engineering
Mikko Rönkkö, Christian Frühwirth, Stefan Biffl

28. On Business-Driven IT Security Management and Mismatches between Security Requirements in Firms, Industry Standards and Research Work
Christian Frühwirth

29. The Waterfall Model in Large-Scale Development
Kai Petersen, Claes Wohlin, Dejan Baca

30. Towards a Better Understanding of CMMI and Agile Integration - Multiple Case Study of Four Companies
Minna Pikkarainen

31. ERP System Implementation: An Oil and Gas Exploration Sector Perspective
Alok Mishra, Deepti Mishra

32. 11th International Workshop on Learning Software Organizations (LSO 2009) New Media in Transfer and Innovation
Andreas Jedlitschka, Sira Vegas

33. A Half-Day Workshop on “Smarter Investment by Aligning SPI Initiatives, Capabilities and Stakeholder Values”
Yana Selioukova, Christian Frühwirth

34. Business Alignment: Measurement-Based Alignment of Software Strategies and Business Goals
Jürgen Münch, Jens Heidrich, Vladimir Mandić

35. Customer Communication Challenges and Solutions in Globally Distributed Agile Software Development
Minna Pikkarainen, Mikko Korkala

36. Tutorial: Case Studies in Software Engineering
Per Runeson, Martin Höst

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Organization/Planning, Business Information Systems

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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