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Brain-Computer Interfaces

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Table of contents

1. Brain–Computer Interfaces: A Gentle Introduction
Bernhard Graimann, Brendan Allison, Gert Pfurtscheller

2. Brain Signals for Brain–Computer Interfaces
Jonathan R. Wolpaw, Chadwick B. Boulay

3. Dynamics of Sensorimotor Oscillations in a Motor Task
Gert Pfurtscheller, Christa Neuper

4. Neurofeedback Training for BCI Control
Christa Neuper, Gert Pfurtscheller

5. The Graz Brain-Computer Interface
Gert Pfurtscheller, Clemens Brunner, Robert Leeb, Reinhold Scherer, Gernot R. Müller-Putz, Christa Neuper

6. BCIs in the Laboratory and at Home: The Wadsworth Research Program
Eric W. Sellers, Dennis J. McFarland, Theresa M. Vaughan, Jonathan R. Wolpaw

7. Detecting Mental States by Machine Learning Techniques: The Berlin Brain–Computer Interface
Benjamin Blankertz, Michael Tangermann, Carmen Vidaurre, Thorsten Dickhaus, Claudia Sannelli, Florin Popescu, Siamac Fazli, Márton Danóczy, Gabriel Curio, Klaus-Robert Müller

8. Practical Designs of Brain–Computer Interfaces Based on the Modulation of EEG Rhythms
Yijun Wang, Xiaorong Gao, Bo Hong, Shangkai Gao

9. Brain–Computer Interface in Neurorehabilitation
Niels Birbaumer, Paul Sauseng

10. Non Invasive BCIs for Neuroprostheses Control of the Paralysed Hand
Gernot R. Müller-Putz, Reinhold Scherer, Gert Pfurtscheller, Rüdiger Rupp

11. Brain–Computer Interfaces for Communication and Control in Locked-in Patients
Femke Nijboer, Ursula Broermann

12. Intracortical BCIs: A Brief History of Neural Timing
Dawn M. Taylor, Michael E. Stetner

13. BCIs Based on Signals from Between the Brain and Skull
Jane E. Huggins

14. A Simple, Spectral-Change Based, Electrocorticographic Brain–Computer Interface
Kai J. Miller, Jeffrey G. Ojemann

15. Using BCI2000 in BCI Research
Jürgen Mellinger, Gerwin Schalk

16. The First Commercial Brain–Computer Interface Environment
Christoph Guger, Günter Edlinger

17. Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning
Yuanqing Li, Kai Keng Ang, Cuntai Guan

18. Adaptive Methods in BCI Research - An Introductory Tutorial
Alois Schlögl, Carmen Vidaurre, Klaus-Robert Müller

19. Toward Ubiquitous BCIs
Brendan Z. Allison

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Neurology, Circuits and Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Neurosciences, Neurosurgery, Neurobiology

Publication year
The Frontiers Collection
Page amount
14 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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