Kudoh, Tomohiro

Networks for Grid Applications

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Table of contents

1. A High Performance SOAP Engine for Grid Computing
Ning Wang, Michael Welzl, Liang Zhang

2. UDTv4: Improvements in Performance and Usability
Yunhong Gu, Robert Grossman

3. The Measurement and Modeling of a P2P Streaming Video Service
Peng Gao, Tao Liu, Yanming Chen, Xingyao Wu, Yehia El-khatib, Christopher Edwards

4. SCE: Grid Environment for Scientific Computing
Haili Xiao, Hong Wu, Xuebin Chi

5. QoS Differentiated Adaptive Scheduled Optical Burst Switching for Grid Networks
Oliver Yu, Huan Xu

6. Principles of Service Oriented Operating Systems
Lutz Schubert, Alexander Kipp

7. Preliminary Resource Management for Dynamic Parallel Applications in the Grid
Hao Liu, Amril Nazir, Søren-Aksel Sørensen

8. Performance Evaluation of a SLA Negotiation Control Protocol for Grid Networks
Igor Cergol, Vinod Mirchandani, Dominique Verchere

9. Performance Assessment Architecture for Grid
Jin Wu, Zhili Sun

10. Implementation and Evaluation of DSMIPv6 for MIPL
Mingli Wang, Bo Hu, Shanzhi Chen, Qinxue Sun

11. Grid Management: Data Model Definition for Trouble Ticket Normalization
Dimitris Zisiadis, Spyros Kopsidas, Matina Tsavli, Leandros Tassiulas, Leonidas Georgiadis, Chrysostomos Tziouvaras, Fotis Karayannis

12. Extension of Resource Management in SIP
Franco Callegati, Aldo Campi

13. Economic Model for Consistency Management of Replicas in Data Grids with OptorSim Simulator
Ghalem Belalem

14. A Video Broadcast Architecture with Server Placement Programming
Lei He, Xiangjie Ma, Weili Zhang, Yunfei Guo, Wenbo Liu

15. VXDL: Virtual Resources and Interconnection Networks Description Language
Guilherme Piegas Koslovski, Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet, Andrea Schwertner Charão

16. Adding Node Absence Dynamics to Data Replication Strategies for Unreliable Wireless Grid Environments
Soomi Yang

17. Hop Optimization and Relay Node Selection in Multi-hop Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Xiaohua(Edward) Li

18. Localization Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks for Non-flat Terrains
Sireesha Krupadanam, Huirong Fu

19. Network Coding Opportunities for Wireless Grids Formed by Mobile Devices
Karsten Fyhn Nielsen, Tatiana K. Madsen, Frank H. P. Fitzek

20. Automatic Network Services Aligned with Grid Application Requirements in CARRIOCAS Project
D. Verchere, O. Audouin, B. Berde, A. Chiosi, R. Douville, H. Pouyllau, P. Primet, M. Pasin, S. Soudan, T. Marcot, V. Piperaud, R. Theillaud, D. Hong, D. Barth, C. Cadéré, V. Reinhart, J. Tomasik

21. Communication Contention Reduction in Joint Scheduling for Optical Grid Computing
Yaohui Jin, Yan Wang, Wei Guo, Weiqiang Sun, Weisheng Hu

22. Experimental Demonstration of a Self-organized Architecture for Emerging Grid Computing Applications on OBS Testbed
Lei Liu, Xiaobin Hong, Jian Wu, Jintong Lin

23. Joint Scheduling of Tasks and Communication in WDM Optical Networks for Supporting Grid Computing
Xubin Luo, Bin Wang

24. Manycast Service in Optical Burst/Packet Switched (OBS/OPS) Networks (Invited Paper)
Vinod M. Vokkarane, Balagangadhar G. Bathula

25. OBS/GMPLS Interworking Network with Scalable Resource Discovery for Global Grid Computing
J. Wu, L. Liu, X. B. Hong, J. T. Lin

26. Providing QoS for Anycasting over Optical Burst Switched Grid Networks
Balagangadhar G. Bathula, Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani

27. A Paradigm for Reconfigurable Processing on Grid
Mahmood Ahmadi, Stephan Wong

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Computer Communication Networks, Management of Computing and Information Systems, System Performance and Evaluation, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Performance and Reliability

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