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Handbook on Business Process Management 2

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Table of contents

Part I. Strategic Alignment

1. Delivering Business Strategy Through Process Management
Roger Burlton

2. Management of Process Excellence
Mathias Kirchmer

3. Process Capital as Strategic Success Factor: The Lufthansa Example
Markus Brenner, André Coners

4. Process Classification Frameworks
Chris Aitken, Christine Stephenson, Ryan Brinkworth

5. Taxonomy of Business Process Management Approaches
Tobias Bucher, Robert Winter

6. Process Performance Management
Diana Heckl, Jürgen Moormann

7. Business Process Analytics
Michael Mühlen, Robert Shapiro

8. Managing Regulatory Compliance in Business Processes
Shazia Sadiq, Guido Governatori

9. Prioritizing Process Improvement: An Example from the Australian Financial Services Sector
Wasana Bandara, Alain Guillemain, Paul Coogans

Part II. Governance

10. Business Process Governance
M. Lynne Markus, Dax D. Jacobson

11. Business Process Management Governance
Andrew Spanyi

12. The Process of Business Process Management
August-Wilhelm Scheer, Eric Brabänder

13. The Service Portfolio of a BPM Center of Excellence
Michael Rosemann

14. BPM Center of Excellence: The Case of a Brazilian Company
Leandro Jesus, André Macieira, Daniel Karrer, Heitor Caulliraux

15. Business Process Standardization
Roger Tregear

16. BPO through the BPM Lens: A Case Study
Jyoti M. Bhat, Jude Fernandez, Manish Kumar, Sukriti Goel

17. Toward a Global Process Management System: The ThyssenKrupp Presta Case
Stefan Novotny, Nicholas Rohmann

18. Business Process Maturity in Public Administrations
Jörg Zwicker, Peter Fettke, Peter Loos

Part III. People and Culture

19. Expertise in Business Process Management
Alexandra Kokkonen, Wasana Bandara

20. Business Process Management Curriculum
Yvonne Lederer Antonucci

21. Dealing with Human-Driven Processes
Keith Harrison-Broninski

22. Knowledge Engineering in Business Process Management
Dimitris Karagiannis, Robert Woitsch

23. Cultural Change in Process Management
Ulrike Baumöl

24. Managing Creativity-intensive Processes: Learning from Film and Visual Effects Production
Stefan Seidel, Katherine Shortland, David Court, Didier Elzinga

25. Global Processes and Data: The Culture Journey at Hilti Corporation
Jan Brocke, Martin Petry, Theresa Sinnl, Bo Østerberg Kristensen, Christian Sonnenberg

26. An Organizational Approach to BPM: The Experience of an Australian Transport Provider
Tonia Bruin, Gaby Doebeli

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet)

Publication year
International Handbooks on Information Systems
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635 pages

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