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Computational Kinematics

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Table of contents

I. Cable-Driven Parallel Manipulators

1. Kinematic analysis of a spatial four-wire driven parallel crane without constraining mechanism
J-P. Merlet, D. Daney

2. Extension of Antipodal Theorem to Workspace Analysis of Planar Wire-Actuated Manipulators
Derek McColl, Leila Notash

3. Modelling and Simulation of a Cable-Based Parallel Manipulator as an Assisting Device
Gianni Castelli, Erika Ottaviano

4. Closed-form Force Distribution for Parallel Wire Robots
Andreas Pott, Tobias Bruckmann, Lars Mikelsons

II. Parallel Manipulators (1)

5. Computing the Configuration Space for Motion Planning between Assembly Modes
Monica Urizar, Victor Petuya, Oscar Altuzarra, Alfonso Hernandez

6. Kinematic analysis of a class of analytic planar 3-RPR parallel manipulators
Philippe Wenger, Damien Chablat

7. Non-singular assembly mode change in 3-RPR-parallel manipulators
Manfred L. Husty

8. Kinetostatic and Singularity Analyses of the 3- UPU Translational Parallel Robot
A-H. Chebbi, Z. Affi, L. Romdhane

III. Parallel Manipulators (2)

9. Forward displacement analysis of a 3-RPR planar parallel manipulator revisited
Xianwen Kong

10. Sensitivity and Dexterity Comparison of 3-RRR planar parallel manipulators
Nicolas Binaud, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Wenger

11. Inverse Kinematics and Motion Simulation of a 2-DOF Parallel Manipulator with 3-PUP Legs
Ernesto Rodriguez-Leal, Jian S. Dai, Gordon R. Pennock

V. A. Glazunov, S. Briot, V. Arakelian, Minh Thanh Nguyen

IV. Motion Planning

13. Motion Interpolation with Bennett Biarcs
Hans-Peter Schröcker, Bert Jüttler

14. Motion Estimation using a Statistical Solid Dynamic Method
Alon Wolf, Merav Senesh

15. Spatial Generalization of the Planar Path Generation Problem
Chintien Huang, Bingrong Huang

16. Motion Planning of Nonholonomic Systems with Dynamics
Krzysztof Tchoń, Janusz Jakubiak, Łukasz Małek

V. Numerical Methods

17. Optimal Kinematic Calibration of Robots Based on Maximum Positioning-Error Estimation (Theory and Application to a Parallel-Mechanism Pipe Bender)
Junichi Imoto, Yukio Takeda, Hidenobu Saito, Ken Ichiryu

18. Fast Distance Computation Using Quadratically Supported Surfaces
Margot Rabl, Bert Jüttler

19. On the Computation of the Home Posture of the McGill Schönflies-Motion Generator
D. Alizadeh, J. Angeles, S. Nokleby

20. Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Constraint Elements in Mechanical Systems
Michael Kähler, Christoph Woernle, Rainer Bader

VI. Geometrical Methods

21. Explicit Algebraic Solution of Geometrically Simple Serial Manipulators
Martin Pfurner

22. 3R Wrist Positioning - a Classical Problem and its Geometric Background
P. Zsombor-Murray, A. Gfrerrer

23. A Geometric Newton-Raphson Method for Gough-Stewart Platforms
J. M. Selig, Hui Li

24. Aspects of Clifford Algebra for Screw Theory
Joe Rooney

VII. Synthesis (1)

25. Uncoupled 6-dof Tripods via Group Theory
Chung-Ching Lee, Jacques M. Hervé

26. A new approach towards the synthesis of six-bar double dwell mechanisms
Mohan Jagannath, Sandipan Bandyopadhyay

27. Application of higher order derivatives in the synthesis of crank and cam mechanisms
H. Lederer, G. Lonij, B. Corves

28. Interactive design of a robotic gripper system with the geometry program “GECKO”
G. Lonij, S. -W. Choi, B. Corves

VIII. Synthesis (2)

29. The Axis Constraint Equation and a General 6R Double-Spherical Overconstrained Mechanism
Lei Cui, Jian S. Dai

30. Two methods for force balancing of Bennett linkages
Brian Moore, Josef Schicho

31. Regular Polygonal and Regular Spherical Polyhedral Linkages Comprising Bennett Loops
Gökhan Kiper, Eres Söylemez

32. Kinematic analysis of an adjustable slider-crank mechanism
D. Mundo, G. Gatti, G. Danieli, D. B. Dooner

IX. Biomechanics

33. Improving marker based inverse kinematics solutions for under-determined spinal models
Christian Simonidis, Wolfgang Seemann

34. Kinematical Analysis and Design of a New Surgical Parallel Robot
D. Pisla, N. Plitea, B. Gherman, A. Pisla, C. Vaida

35. Design Improvements on a Carotid Blood Flow Measurement System
G. Carbone, R. Nakadate, J. Solis, M. Ceccarelli, A. Takanishi, E. Minagawa, M. Sugawara, K. Niki

X. Design Issues

36. Comparison of Pose Selection Criteria for Kinematic Calibration through Simulation
Andrew Horne, Leila Notash

37. A New Procedure for the Optimization of a Dielectric Elastomer Actuator
Rocco Vertechy, Giovanni Berselli, Vincenzo Parenti Castelli, Gabriele Vassura

38. Light–Weight High Dynamic Camera Orientation System
Thomas Villgrattner, Thomas Thümmel, Heinz Ulbrich

39. Dynamic Balancing of Clavel’s Delta Robot
V. Wijk, J. L. Herder

40. Kinematical Solution by Structural Approximation
Pavel Kukula, Michael Valasek

XI. Singularities

41. Singularity Analysis of a 3 Degrees-of-Freedom Parallel Manipulator
Stefano Pastorelli, Alessandro Battezzato

42. Branching singularities in kinematotropic parallel mechanisms
Grigore Gogu

43. A new approach to the classification of architecturally singular parallel manipulators
Georg Nawratil

44. Straightening-Free Algorithm for the Singularity Analysis of Stewart-Gough Platforms with Collinear/Coplanar Attachments
Júlia Borràs, Federico Thomas, Carme Torras

XII. Gears

45. A Computational Approach for the Evaluation of Single d.o.f. Planetary Gear Efficiency
Pietro Fanghella

46. The Computational Fundamentals of Spatial Cycloidal Gearing
Giorgio Figliolini, Hellmuth Stachel, Jorge Angeles

47. Geometrical dimensions of helical gears with equalized relative velocities at the beginning and the ending of the meshing
Antal Tiberiu Alexandru, Antal Adalbert

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Structural Mechanics

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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