McGoron, Anthony J.

25th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference 2009, 15 – 17 May 2009, Miami, Florida, USA

McGoron, Anthony J. - 25th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference 2009, 15 – 17 May 2009, Miami, Florida, USA, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Fluorescence Tomographic Imaging Using a Hand-Held Optical Imager: Extensive Phantom Studies
J. Ge, S. J. Erickson, A. Godavarty

2. Clinical Translation of a Novel Hand-Held Based Optical Imager: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies
S. J. Erickson, J. Ge, A. Sanchez, A. Godavarty

3. Real-Time Imaging of Circulating Individual Blood Cells in Mammalian Embryos with Doppler SSOCT
K. V. Larin, I. V. Larina, S. Ivers, S. Syed, M. E. Dickinson

4. Brain Connectivity Studies of Joint Attention Using Frequency-Domain Diffuse Optical Imaging
U. Chaudhary, B. Zhu, A. Godavarty

5. Novel Video-FRAP Method for the Determination of Anisotropic Diffusion: Principles and Optimization
F. Travascio, W. Y. Gu

6. Ultra High-Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography for Ocular Imaging of Small Animals
M. Ruggeri, S. Jiao, James C. Major, C. Cebulla, P. Rosenfeld, G. Gregori, G. Tsechpenakis, J. Wang, T. Murray, V. Porciatti

7. Incorporation of Interoperability in a Robot-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery System
M. Vanicatte, S. M. Krishnan, D. Arney, I. Lee, J. M. Goldman

8. Exploring the Effects of Cognitive Load on Muscle Activation during Functional Upper Extremity Tasks
D. E. Nathan, D. C. Jeutter

9. Design and Evaluation of a Three Dimensional Ultrasound System for Tissue Ablation for Treatment of Kidney Tumors
K. Lweesy, L. Fraiwan, A. Shatat, G. Abdo, A. Dawodiah, M. Sameer

10. Design and Construction of a Novel Surgical Instrument Applicable in Esophagectomy
S. H. Farkoush, S. Najarian, G. D. Emamieh, S. Sarkar

11. Additive Layered Manufacturing of Reticulated Ti-6Al-4V Biomedical Mesh Structures by Electron Beam Melting
L. E. Murr, S. M. Gaytan, F. Medina, M. I. Lopez, E. Martinez, R. B. Wicker

12. Osteointegration of HA-Coated Subperiosteal Dental Implants: Preliminary Work
M. C. Ibanez, C. Bourgeois, J. E. Lemons, A. W. Eberhardt

13. Nanoscale Hole Fabrication in Cylindrical Devices for Bubble Generation
C. Rodriguez, C. Khanal, R. Panepucci

14. Corrosion Behavior of Electropolished and Non-electropolished Ternary Nitinol Alloys
W. Haider, N. Munroe, C. Pulletikurthi, P. K. S. Gill

15. Flowchart for Basic Non-destructive Testing Technologies in Biomaterials
S. H. Kurra, J. M. Zhang, A. Pennathur

16. The Effects of Visual and Verbal Feedback upon Gait Biomechanics and Functionality
J. L. Kenia, M. Mokha, K. Ludwig, P. Poczwardowski

17. Analysis, Assessment, and Evaluation of Postural Instability for Bipedal Locomotion
G. S. Contreras, A. Trejo, T. Sarkodie-Gyan

18. Dynamic Response of Wheelchair Cushions
B. M. Chung

19. Force Production and Neuromuscular Function in Bilateral Movements among Young Females at Low and High Speeds
U. Kuruganti, V. Chester

20. Trunk Kinematics during Pediatric Gait
V. Chester, U. Kuruganti

21. A Respiratory Gating System for PET Imaging of Lung Cancer
M. F. Georgiou, Q. Shen, J. Bohórquez, W. Zhao, R. A. Kuker, G. N. Sfakianakis

22. Quantitation of Metabolic Change in Serial FDG-PET Brain Scans of Pediatric Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury
M. F. Georgiou, R. A. Kuker, J. Kuluz, G. N. Sfakianakis

23. Comparison of Respiratory Motion Correction Methods in PET Lung Tumor Quantification
J. Wang, J. Franquiz, A. McGoron

24. Using Two-Dimensional Edge Detection to Produce Three-Dimensional Medical Prototypes from MRI Data
J. E. Urban, J. T. Tester

25. New Image Processing Algorithm for ROI Extraction in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
S. Choi, S. -J. Hong, G. -J. Lee, J. -H. Park, S. Kang, B. Oh, H. K. Park

26. A Novel Method to Study DICOM Tags and Definitions for Structured Report and Image Analysis Purposes
A. Moein, K. Youssefi

27. Visual Display for the Acquisition of High Rate Pattern Reversal Electroretinograms
J. Toft-Nielsen, J. Bohórquez, Ö. Özdamar

28. System to Control Skin Temperature during Hyperthermic Treatment
E. M. O’Brien, S. Hyun

29. Design of Interoperability-Coupled Safe Infusion Therapy in a Telemetry Setting
S. M. Krishnan, M. Vanicatte, D. Arney, I. Lee, J. M. Goldman

30. Endobronchial Intratumoral Chemotherapy (EITC) for Improved Treatment of Lung Cancer
E. P. Goldberg, S. I. Celikoglu, F. Celikoglu

31. Evaluation of the Electromagnetic Compatibility of WiFi Technology with Life-Supporting Medical Devices
G. Calcagnini, E. Mattei, F. Censi, M. Triventi, R. Lo Sterzo, E. Marchetta, V. Marchese, M. Rubino, P. Bartolini

32. Performance of Optimal IMC and PID Controllers for Blood Pressure Control
S. Enbiya, A. Hossain, F. Mahieddine

33. Biomechanical Evaluation of the Cylindrical TI Mesh Cage for the Treatment of Segmental Defects of the Tibia
P. A. Ostermann, L. L. Latta, L. Biedermann, E. L. Milne

34. A-Mode Ultrasound Bone Registration for Computer-Assisted Knee Surgery: Calibration and Robustness Test
T. C. Chang, A. Mozes, L. Arata, W. Zhao

35. Biomechanical Analysis of UCBL with Articulated Ankle AFO in a Surgical Stage II Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
M. Diamond, A. Bonner, D. Pedroso, E. Milne, L. Latta

36. Investigating the Tightening Torque of an Osseointegrated Transfemoral Implant System
M. L. Thompson, C. K. Mechefske

37. Effects of Temperature on the Performance of Footwear Foams Subjected to Quasi-Static Compression Loading
M. R. Shariatmadari, R. English, G. Rothwell

38. Identification of Biomarkers for Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Exposure in Mouse Macrophage Cells
K. D. Houston, N. H. Mack, S. K. Doorn, M. S. Park

39. Development of Cell Impedance Based Sensing System for the Nanotoxicity Assay
E. Hondroulis, C. Li

40. Characterization of Nanometric Qdots by AFM and Optical Microscopy
S. Kotova, Q. Vu, P. D. Smith, A. J. Jin

41. Macrophage Response to Zinc Oxide Nanorod Surfaces -Topography and Toxicity
T. Zaveri, N. Dolgova, B. H. Chu, J. Lee, T. Lele, F. Ren, B. G. Keselowsky

42. Adhesion Dynamics of Functional Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery
S. Shah, Y. Liu, W. Hu, J. Gao

43. The Merit of Principal Component Analysis in fMRI Language Pattern Recognition for Pediatric Epilepsy
X. You, M. Guillen, M. Adjouadi

44. A New Algorithm as an Extension to the Gradient Descent Method for Functional Brain Activation Classification
M. Z. Goryawala, M. R. Guillen, X. You, M. Adjouadi

45. Classification of Typical and Atypical Language Network Activations Using Nonlinear Decision Functions
M. R. Guillen, M. Adjouadi, M. Goryawala, W. Gaillard

46. Enhance Signal Detection in Auto-Associative CA3 Pyramidal Neuron Model Using Electric Field Noise
D. G. Rao, A. W. L. Chiu

47. Clinical Applications of Evoked Potential Continuous Loop Averaging Deconvolution (CLAD)
J. Bohórquez, Ö. Özdamar, R. McNeer, K. Morawski

48. The Use of Modified Deconvolution Averaging Algorithm for the Analysis of Auditory Evoked Activity
A. Presacco, J. Bohórquez, E. Yavuz, Ö. Özdamar

49. Computational Modeling of Implantable Power Source: Miniature Enzymatic Biofuel Cell
Y. S. Parikh, J. Yang, C. Wang

50. Novel Sensor for Measuring Sodium Concentration for Dialysis Applications
L. Furby, A. Mahajan, J. Don, B. Schwartz

51. Integrated Sensing Biosystems
G. J. Morales, S. D. Morgera

52. An Investigation of the Electrical Properties of Titanium Oxide Coatings for Potential Use in Biosensors
J. Torres, J. Sweeney, A. Barreto, A. Perez, J. Barreto

53. Analysis of Pullout Strength and Pedicle Screw Loosening from Loading Rigid Rod Construct
D. Kaimrajh, A. Barreto, L. L. Latta, E. L. Milne

54. A Self-healing PMMA Bone Cement: Influence of Crystal Size of Grubbs’ Catalyst
P. Biggs, L. Jones, B. Wellborn, G. Lewis

55. Temperature Calculations in Orthogonal Cutting of Cortical Bone Using Finite Element Analysis
K. Alam, A. V. Mitrofanov, M. Bäker, V. V. Silberschmidt

56. Development of MR Fluid for Running Shoes with an Active Damping System
F. Mastrandrea, G. Franceschini, V. Carnevali, J. M. Kenny, A. Iannoni

57. Use of PVA to Improve Adhesion of CaP Coating on Titanium Implants
G. Ungan, F. Ak Azem, A. Cakir

58. Modes of Failure in Natural and Artificial Human Hip Joints
A. E. Yousif

59. A Novel Cell Culture Platform for In-Vitro Enhancement of Oxygen Delivery Leads to Improved Physiological Function of Isolated Islets of Langerhans
C. Fraker, C. L. Stabler, K. Asfura-Gattas, J. Dominguez-Bendala

60. Optimization of Perfluorocarbon Emulsions for Cellular Encapsulation
C. Fraker, C. L. Stabler

61. Effect of Electrode Geometry on Deep Brain Stimulation: Monopolar Point Source vs. Medtronic 3389 Lead
T. Zhang, W. M. Grill

62. Measurement of Ion Diffusivity in Intervertebral Disc Using a Two-Point Electrical Conductivity Approach
A. R. Jackson, T. -Y. Yuan, C. -Y. Huang, W. Y. Gu

63. Neurite Growth in Protein-Conjugated Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hydrogels
L. M. Marquardt, R. A. Scott, R. K. Willits

64. Maximization of Growth and Storage of Locally Isolated Lactobacillus Salivarius Subsp. Salivarius with High Stability and Functionality
N. K. M. Salih, A. Hutari, W. S. Gaseem, W. M. W. Yusoff

65. Rapid Prediction of Sudden Death Using Fluorescent Nanoparticles
M. Kelley, L. Tang

66. Development of a PLGA Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System Containing Imaging/Hyperthermia and Chemotherapy Agents
R. Manchanda, A. Nagesetti, A. Fernandez-Fernandez, A. J. McGoron

67. Micro-Object Detection with the Waveguide Microgripper
A. Bhanushali, J. Martinez, T. Liu, B. Ryan, R. Panepucci

68. Optical Characterization with the Waveguide Microgripper
T. Liu, A. Bhanushali, J. Martinez, A. J. McGoron, R. R. Panepucci

69. Integrating Technology in a Biostatistics Course at Florida International University
R. Gomez

70. The Goals of Entrepreneurship
M. Lenart, P. Tarjan

71. Electrochemical Immunosensor for the Direct, Reagentless Detection of Tumor Biomarkers
S. Prabhulkar, S. Alwarrapan, G. M. Naja, C. Li

72. Using Nano-sensors in Environmental Radionuclide Monitoring
R. Banerjee, Y. Katsenovich, G. M. Naja, C. Li

73. Development of Gold Nanorod Lateral Flow Test for Quantitative Multi-analyte Detection
M. Venkataramasubramani, L. Tang

74. DNA Biosensors for E. Coli O157:H7 Detection in Drinking Water Resources Using Sol-Gel Derived Waveguides
Z. B. Bahşi, A. Buyukaksoy, M. H. Aslan, A. Y. Oral

75. Use of a Spine Robot to Simulate Pure Moment Testing for Spine Biomechanics
K. D. Fraysur, B. P. Kelly, D. J. DiAngelo

76. Robotic Biomechanical Testing of Cervical Spine Structures
J. M. Hollis, S. Kolakanuru

77. Biomechanical Testing of Posterior Lumbar Stabilization Systems
B. K. Dhillon, K. Fraysur, K. Sedacki, M. Ammerman, B. P. Kelly, D. J. DiAngelo

78. Does Placement of the Axis of Rotation of the Cervical Spine Affect Mechanics during Flexion and Extension?
K. Sedacki, K. Fraysur, H. Bonin, B. Kelly, D. DiAngelo

79. Biomechanical Comparison of Lumbar Disc Prostheses: ProDisc-L, Charité, and Maverick Disc Implant Systems
D. M. Wido, B. P. Kelly, K. T. Foley, B. Morrow, P. Wong, K. Kiehm, A. Sin, R. Bertagnoli, D. J. DiAngelo

80. A Statical Model of the Human Knee Joint
A. E. Yousif, S. R. F. Al-Ruznamachi

81. Design and Development of a Highly Macroporous Silicone Scaffold as a Bioartificial Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes
E. Pedraza, C. Fraker, A. C. Brady, C. Stabler

82. Modeling Bio-scaffolds: Structural and Fluid Transport Characterization Based on 3D Imaging Data
L. Hao, D. R. Raymont, B. Notarberardino, G. Tabor, P. G. Young, I. Turner, A. Harkara

83. Analysis of Microarray Data for Gene Selection
F. George, K. M. Ramachandran

84. Computer-Assisted Bacterial Identification Using 16S rRNA Sequence Data
G. Gonzalez, M. Doud, K. Mathee, G. Narasimhan

85. Model of the Isolated Ex-Vivo Human Crystalline Lens Using Cosine Functions
R. Urs, A. Ho, F. Manns, J. M. Parel

86. A Numerical Method for MRI Induced Heating Evaluation in Subjects Implanted with Metallic Wires
E. Mattei, G. Calcagnini, F. Censi, M. Triventi, P. Bartolini

87. Monte Carlo Calculation for Initial Activity Uniformity Distributed on a Re-188 Electroplated Aluminum Sheet
S. Gao, H. J. Zhang

88. A Reference Model Based Patient Management System: Opportunities and Challenges
R. Shankar, S. Islam

89. Locating Equivalent Cardiac Electrical Activity from ECG for Preliminary Diagnosis
E. Morales, J. H. Pierluissi, M. Gomez, Z. Abedin

90. Comparative Analysis of Noninvasively Monitored Biosignals for Affective Assessment of a Computer User
Y. Gao, A. Barreto, M. Adjouadi

91. Measurement of Modulated Autofluorescence Signals in Flow Cytometry
J. P. Houston, C. K. Sanders, A. Trujillo, M. A. Naivar, J. P. Freyer

92. Blood-Brain Barrier In Vitro Model Utilizing Immortalized Cell Lines
Z. Zhang, E. Crumpler, C. Li

93. HRV and EEG Signal Features for Computer-Aided Detection of Sleep Apnea
E. F. Estrada, H. Nazeran, H. Ochoa

94. Assessment of Human Muscle Fatigue from Surface EMG Signals Recorded during Isometric Voluntary Contractions
C. M. Potes

95. Time-Domain Analysis of the ECG P-Wave after External Cardioversion for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation
F. Censi, G. Calcagnini, M. Triventi, E. Mattei, P. Bartolini, I. Corazza, G. Boriani

96. Computational Wear Damage Analysis on Retrieved Tibial Components
N. Camacho, L. Trueba, S. W. Stafford

97. Effect of Spinous Process Excision on Adjacent Segment Motion: A Biomechanical Study
J. Mitgang, M. Wilker, M. Gerling

98. Studying the Non-uniform Expansion of a Stent Influenced by the Balloon
J. Yang, M. B. Liang, N. Huang, Y. L. Liu, S. Shah

99. A Mathematical Head/Brain Model for Investigation of Damping Characteristics of SAS in Low Velocity Head Impacts
S. M. Baghaei, A. M. Sadegh, S. M. Rajaai

100. Computational Modeling for CAD Data Integration into 3D Image Data
P. G. Young, S. R. L. Coward, G. Tabor, J. Kennedy, B. Chen, A. Harkara

101. Using FE for Dynamic Energy Return Analysis of Prosthetic Feet during Design Process
R. Figueroa, C. M. Müller-Karger

102. Pressure Response Analysis in Head Injury
P. G. Young, L. Beldie, B. Walker, R. T. Cotton

103. Effect of Different Boundary Conditions on the Reaction Forces in a Complete Denture
A. Yalpaniyan, M. S. Mehr

104. Multiscale Mathematical Modeling of Microvascular Tone Regulation
A. Kapela, T. Gadkari, S. Nagaraja, N. M. Tsoukias

105. Application of a Fluorescent Multiple Indicator Method to Study Changes in Cardiac Permeability with Chemotherapy
A. Fernandez-Fernandez, A. J. McGoron, D. Carvajal

106. Nitric Oxide Interactions with Red Blood Cell Hemoglobin in a Novel Bioreactor
P. Deonikar, M. Kavdia

107. Transport of Vascular Microbubbles through Multiple Vessel Bifurcations: A Model Study
D. T. Valassis, R. E. Dodde, B. Eshpuniyani, J. B. Fowlkes, J. L. Bull

108. Resuscitation from Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock with Na+/H+ Exchanger Inhibitor
D. Wu, H. Dai, J. Arias, L. Latta, W. M. Abraham

109. Real Time Monitoring of Extracellular Glutamate Release in Rat Ischemia Model Treated by Traditional Acupuncture
G. J. Lee, S. K. Choi, C. S. Yin, S. Choi, J. E. Lim, J. H. Park, B. S. Oh, H. K. Park

110. Exercise Evaluation from Blood Volume Pulse Signals Analyzed by Parametric Auto-Regressive Modeling
A. S. Mann, A. Barreto

111. Development of Matlab Algorithm to Process Pressure Waveforms from Isolated Perfused Heart Experiments
D. A. Carvajal, A. Fernandez-Fernandez, A. J. McGoron

112. An Integrated Software Package to Classify Human Respiratory Diseases
N. Hafezi, H. Nazeran, E. Meraz, P. Nava, M. Goldman

113. Respiratory System Model Parameters Track Changes in Lung Function after Bronchodilation
E. Meraz, H. Nazeran, M. Goldman, B. Diong

114. Feature Selection of Voluntary Cough Patterns for Detecting Lung Diseases
A. A. Abaza, A. M. Mahmoud, J. B. Day, W. T. Goldsmith, A. A. Afshari, J. S. Reynolds, D. G. Frazer

115. Multi-outcome Modeling and Decisions for Anesthesia Patients
Z. B. Tan, R. Kaddoum, L. Y. Wang, H. Wang

116. The Health Advisor
C. A. Mazoleny, R. Shankar

117. Symmetry of Weight Distribution While Rising from a Chair in Transtibial Amputees
V. R. Agrawal, C. A. O’Toole, I. A. Gaunaurd, R. Gailey

118. Fast Differential Analysis of Center of Pressure Data in Normal Children and Children with Cerebral Palsy
G. Kim, M. Ferdjallah, G. F. Harris

119. Design of a Prototype for a Novel Rehabilitative Device for Hearing Preservation through Feedback and Control
A. Biswas, E. MacDonald

120. Posture Stability in Lateral Slope Walking
L. H. Wang, H. M. Hsieh, C. Y. Huang, Y. C. Peng, F. C. Su

121. Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD®) to Treat Sleet Apnoea-Hypopnoea Syndrome and Chronic Snoring
J. M. Cobo, F. Carlos, A. A. Suárez

122. Injectable and Release-Controlled OP-1 Hybrid Core-Shell Nanocapsules Enhance Distraction Osteogenesis in Rabbits
Z. S. Haidar, R. C. Hamdy, M. Tabrizian

123. Quantified In Vitro Release of Interleukin-8 from Electrospun Bioresorbable Vascular Graft Materials
P. S. Wolfe, S. A. Sell, K. Garg, G. L. Bowlin

124. Targeted Drug Delivery with PEGylated Immuno-Niosomes
J. A. Elliott, B. Flam, K. Muffly, J. A. Strom, E. Hood, M. D. VanAuker

125. Injectable Cell-Biopolymer Gels for Neural Tissue Repair
S. R. Barnes, D. R. Walker, E. P. Goldberg

126. Nanostructured Biopolymer-Microglial Cell Implants for Spinal Cord/CNS Repair
J. B. Stopek, W. J. Streit, J. P. Mickle, E. P. Goldberg

127. Optimization and Scheduling for Chemotherapy Treatment to Control Tumour Growth
S. Algoul, A. Hossain, M. A. A. Majumder

128. Numerical Study of Temperature and Thermal Dose Response of Tumor Tissue during Hyperthermia Treatment
P. R. Sharma, S. Ali, V. K. Katiyar

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

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