Thomsen, Per Grove

Non-smooth Problems in Vehicle Systems Dynamics

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Table of contents

1. Typical Non-smooth Elements in Vehicle Systems
Hans True

2. Application Of Nonlinear Stability Analysis in Railway Vehicle Industry
Oldrich Polach

3. Closed-form Analysis of Vehicle Suspension Ride and Handling Performance
Mehdi Ahmadian

4. Limit Wheel Profile for Hunting Instability of Railway Vehicles
Laura Mazzola, Stefano Alfi, F. Braghin, S. Bruni

5. Low-cost Maintenance Operation for Avoiding Hunting Instability in a Metro Vehicle
F. Braghin, Stefano Alfi, S. Bruni, A. Collina

6. Acoustic Optimization of Wheel Sets
Michael Beitelschmidt, Volker Quarz, Dieter Stüwing

7. Measurement, Modelling and Simulation of Curve Squealing of Trains
Christoph Glocker, Eric Cataldi-Spinola, Rossano Stefanelli, Jürg Dual

8. Selected Problems of Non-Linear (Non-Smooth) Dynamics of Rail Vehicles in a Curved Track
Krzysztof Zboiński

9. On Tangential Friction Induced Vibrations in Brake Systems
Georg Peter Ostermeyer

10. Dry Friction Element With Logical Switch for Numerical Simulation of Vehicle Dynamics and Its Application
Anna Orlova

11. Damper modelling and its implementation in railway simulation program
Asier Alonso, J. G. Giménez

12. Suppression of Bumpstop Instabilities in a Quarter-Car Model
Fredrik Svahn, Jenny Jerrelind, Harry Dankowicz

13. Experimental Modal Analysis of Towed Elastic Tyres During Rolling
Dénes Takács, Gábor Stépán

14. Modelling and Simulation of Longitudinal Tyre Behaviour
Jaap P. Meijaard

15. Bifurcations in Non-smooth Models of Mechanical Systems
Piotr Kowalczyk, Arne Nordmark

16. Vibrational Displacement Determined by Constructive and Force Asymmetry of System
Iliya I. Blekhman

17. Smoothing Dry Friction by Medium Frequency Dither and Its Influence on Ride Dynamics of Freight Wagons
Jerzy Piotrowski

18. Simulation of Gear Hammering With a Fully Elastic Model
Pascal Ziegler, Peter Eberhard

19. Discontinuities in ODEs: Systems with Change of State
Per Grove Thomsen

20. Towards Improved Error Estimates for Higher Order Time Integration of ODEs with Non-Smooth Right Hand Side
Martin Arnold

21. Sensitivity Analysis of Discontinuous Multidisciplinary Models: Two Examples
Andreas Pfeiffer, Martin Arnold

22. Smoothing discontinuities in the Jacobian Matrix by Global Derivatives
Georg Rill

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Structural Mechanics, Automotive Engineering

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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