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Innovation performance accounting

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Table of contents

1. Product Innovativeness in Success Factor Research – Influencing Factor or Contingency Factor?
Fee Steinhoff

2. Financial Evaluation of Innovations: Structure and Implementation. An Analysis Using a Case Study from the Telecommunications Industry
Michael Erner, Volker Presse

3. Credit Ratings and Assessments as a Form of Innovation Profitability Analysis for Innovative Technology-Oriented (Start-Up) Businesses
Wilhelm Schmeisser

4. Innovation Profitability Analysis in the Assessment of Pharmaceutical R&D Projects
Wilhelm Schmeisser

5. Fundamental Principles in the Valuation of Intangible Assets, Taking the Valuation of Technologies Protected by Patents as an Example
Ulrich Moser, Heinz Goddar

6. Reporting R&D Activities in Accordance with IFRS
Ulrich Moser

7. Strategic IP Management for the Protection of Innovations
Hermann Mohnkopf

8. Technology Cost Analysis
Matthias Hartmann

9. Technology Balance Sheet
Matthias Hartmann

10. The Evaluation of Inventions and Innovations with the Technology Portfolio – Prolegomena about Metrics for Inventions and Innovations
Gerhard Metze

11. Resources – Evaluation of Innovation Projects Between “Lean” and “Slack”
Peter Bauernschmid

12. Conjoint-Based Measurement of Benefits of Product Functions and Generation of Target Prices1

Fee Steinhoff, Volker Trommsdorff

13. On the Integration of Target Costing and Process Costing into the Berlin Balanced Scorecard Approach, as Illustrated by Development and Design Projects in the Car and Mechanical Engineering Industry
Wilhelm Schmeisser, Sebastian Bertram

14. Innovation Marketing Profitability Analysis Within the Framework of the Berlin Balanced Scorecard Approach from the Point of View of a Finance-Oriented Customer Value Analysis
Wilhelm Schmeisser, Lydia Clausen, Falko Schindler

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Accounting/Auditing, Engineering Design, Technology Management, Entrepreneurship

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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