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Web Information Systems and Technologies

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Table of contents

1. The Tao of SOA
Tony C. Shan

2. Architecture-Centric Software Quality Management
Leszek A. Maciaszek

3. Adaptability in an Agent-Based Virtual Organization – Towards Implementation
G. Fra?ckowiak, M. Ganzha, M. Paprzycki, M. Szymczak, Y. -S. Han, M. -W. Park

4. S-Cube: Enabling the Next Generation of Software Services
Andreas Metzger, Klaus Pohl

5. Web 2.0 OLAP: From Data Cubes to Tag Clouds
Kamel Aouiche, Daniel Lemire, Robert Godin

6. Compressing XML Data Streams with DAG+BSBC
Stefan Böttcher, Rita Hartel, Christian Heinzemann

7. Shortest Remaining Response Time Scheduling for Improved Web Server Performance
Ahmad AlSa’deh, Adnan H. Yahya

8. Combining Grid, SOA and Web Services for Smaller Computing Environments
Arne Koschel, Carsten Kleiner

9. Towards Dynamic Service Level Agreement Negotiation:An Approach Based on WS-Agreement
Antoine Pichot, Oliver Wäldrich, Wolfgang Ziegler, Philipp Wieder

10. Performance Monitoring Enterprise Applications with the BlackBird System
João P. Germano, Alberto Rodrigues Silva, Fernando M. Silva

11. Developing and Utilizing Ontology of Golf Based on the Open Travel Alliance Golf Messages
Agnieszka Cie?lik, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki

12. Comparing and Merging Versioned Wiki Pages
Stephan Lukosch, Andrea Leisen

13. Are Wikipedia Resources Useful for Discovering Answers to List Questions within Web Snippets?
Alejandro Figueroa

14. Personalized Web Search Using Correlation Matrix for Query Expansion
Claudio Biancalana, Antonello Lapolla, Alessandro Micarelli

15. Social Semantic Web at Work: Annotating and Grouping Social Media Content
Fabian Abel, Nicola Henze, Daniel Krause

16. State-Transition Diagram for Visual Programming Tool GUEST
Yuka Obu, Kazuhiro Maruo, Tatsuhiro Yonekura, Masaru Kamada, Shusuke Okamoto

17. Mashups over the Deep Web
Thomas Hornung, Kai Simon, Georg Lausen

18. A Web-Based Version of a Trivial Game to Promote Galician Culture
Miguel R. Luaces, Oscar Pedreira, Ángeles S. Places, Diego Seco

19. Feeling Expression Using Avatars and Its Consistency for Subjective Annotation
Fuyuko Ito, Yasunari Sasaki, Tomoyuki Hiroyasu, Mitsunori Miki

20. Improving Web Service Discovery with Personalized Goal
Sanaullah Nazir, Brahmananda Sapkota, Tomas Vitvar

21. New Quality Metrics for Web Search Results
Panagiotis Takis Metaxas, Lilia Ivanova, Eni Mustafaraj

22. User Acceptance of Internet Banking Service in Malaysia
Yee YenYuen, P. H. P. Yeow

23. Convergence of Internet and TV: The Commercial Viability of P2P Content Delivery
Jorn Boever

24. Website Service Quality in Ireland: An Empirical Study
Regina Connolly

25. Comparison of Social Classification Systems in a Heterogeneous Environment
Steffen Oldenburg

26. Web-Based 3D and Haptic Interactive Environments for e-Learning, Simulation, and Training
Felix G. Hamza-Lup, Ivan Sopin

27. A Parameterizable Framework for Replicated Experiments in Virtual 3D Environments
Daniel Biella, Wolfram Luther

28. Web-Based Case Studies for Continuous Professional Development via the ViCoCITY Case Study Support Tool
James A. Redmond, Audrey Stenson, Alan Mullally

29. Transforming a Competency Model to Parameterised Questions in Assessment
Onjira Sitthisak, Lester Gilbert, Hugh C. Davis

30. A New Concept Map Model for E-Learning Environments
Antonina Dattolo, Flaminia L. Luccio

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Business Information Systems, e-Commerce/e-business, Computer Appl. in Administrative Data Processing

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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