Nolfi, Stefano

Evolution of Communication and Language in Embodied Agents

Nolfi, Stefano - Evolution of Communication and Language in Embodied Agents, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Synthetic Approach to the Study oftheEvolution of Communication andLanguage
Stefano Nolfi, Marco Mirolli

2. Artificial Organisms with Human Language
Domenico Parisi

3. Evolution of Language as One of the Major Evolutionary Transitions
Eörs Szathmáry

4. Strategic Aspects of Communication
Edward Hagen, Peter Hammerstein, Nicole Hess

5. Theoretical Tools in Modeling Communication and Language Dynamics
Vittorio Loreto

6. Emergence of Scale-Free Syntax Networks
Bernat Corominas-Murtra, Sergi Valverde, Ricard V. Solé

7. Evolving Communication in Embodied Agents: Theory, Methods, and Evaluation
Marco Mirolli, Stefano Nolfi

8. Evolutionary Conditions for the Emergence ofCommunication
Sara Mitri, Dario Floreano, Laurent Keller

9. Producer Biases and Kin Selection intheEvolution of Communication
Marco Mirolli, Domenico Parisi

10. Evolution of Signaling in a Multi-Robot System: Categorization and Communication
Christos Ampatzis, Elio Tuci, Vito Trianni, Marco Dorigo

11. Evolution of Implicit and Explicit Communication in Mobile Robots
Joachim Greeff, Stefano Nolfi

12. Evolving Communication in Embodied Agents: Assessment and Open Challenges
Stefano Nolfi, Marco Mirolli

13. Modeling The Formation of Language inEmbodied Agents: Methods and Open Challenges
Luc Steels

14. Modeling the Formation of Language: Embodied Experiments
Luc Steels

15. Mathematical Modeling of Language Games
Vittorio Loreto, Andrea Baronchelli, Andrea Puglisi

16. Modeling the Formation of Language inEmbodied Agents: Conclusions and Future Research
Luc Steels, Vittorio Loreto

17. Embodied and Communicating Agents: Towardsthe Establishment of a Solid Theoretical and Methodological Framework
Stefano Nolfi, Marco Mirolli

18. Evorobot*
Stefano Nolfi, Onofrio Gigliotta

19. E-puck
Dario Floreano, Sara Mitri, Julien Hubert

20. Babel
Luc Steels, Martin Loetzsch

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Simulation and Modeling, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Theoretical Languages

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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