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Advances in Robotics Research

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Table of contents

1. Joint Dominance Coefficients: A Sensitivity-Based Measure for Ranking Robotic Degrees of Freedom
Klaas Klasing, Dirk Wollherr, Martin Buss

2. Learning Kinematics from Direct Self-Observation Using Nearest-Neighbor Methods
Hannes Schulz, Lionel Ott, Jürgen Sturm, Wolfram Burgard

3. Guidelines for Low Mass and Low Inertia Dynamic Balancing of Mechanisms and Robotics
Volkert Wijk, Just L. Herder

4. Probability-Based Robot Search Paths
Jan Deiterding, Dominik Henrich

5. Mapping and Navigation of Mobile Robots in Natural Environments
Jürgen Roßmann, Petra Krahwinkler, Arno Bücken

6. Sensor-Based Online Planning of Time-Optimized Paths in Dynamic Environments
Thorsten Gecks, Dominik Henrich

7. Analysis of Strain Transfer to FBG’s for Sensorized Telerobotic End-Effector Applications
Dean J. Callaghan, Mark M. McGrath, Ginu Rajan, Eugene Coyle, Yuliya Semenova, Gerald Farrell

8. Intuitive Collision Avoidance of Robots Using Charge Generated Virtual Force Fields
Alexander Winkler, Jozef Suchý

9. 6D Pose Uncertainty in Robotic Perception
Wendelin Feiten, Pradeep Atwal, Robert Eidenberger, Thilo Grundmann

10. 3D Shape Detection for Mobile Robot Learning
Andreas Richtsfeld, Markus Vincze

11. 3D Collision Detection for Industrial Robots and Unknown Obstacles Using Multiple Depth Images
Markus Fischer, Dominik Henrich

12. Reducing Motion Artifacts in Mobile Vision Systems via Dynamic Filtering of Image Sequences
Christoph Walter, Felix Penzlin, Norbert Elkmann

13. A Software Architecture for Model-Based Programming of Robot Systems
Michael Geisinger, Simon Barner, Martin Wojtczyk, Alois Knoll

14. Intuitive Robot Programming of Spatial Control Loops with Linear Movements
Katharina Soller, Dominik Henrich

15. Model-Based Programming “by Demonstration”– Fast Setup of Robot Systems (ProDemo)
Jürgen Roßmann, Henning Ruf, Christian Schlette

16. New Concept for Wrist Design of the Humanoid Robot ARMAR
Albert Albers, Jens Ottnad, Christian Sander

17. Biological Motivated Control Architecture and Mechatronics for a Human-Like Robot
Thomas Wahl, Sebastian Blank, Tobias Luksch, Karsten Berns

18. Using the Torso to Compensate for Non-Minimum Phase Behaviour in ZMP Bipedal Walking
Houman Dallali, Martin Brown, Bram Vanderborght

19. Object-Specific Grasp Maps for Use in Planning Manipulation Actions
Franziska Zacharias, Christoph Borst, Gerd Hirzinger

20. Vision Controlled Grasping by Means of an Intelligent Robot Hand
Giulio Milighetti, Moritz Ritter, Helge-Björn Kuntze

21. Learning an Object-Grasp Relation for Silhouette-Based Grasp Planning
Nicolas Gorges, Heinz Wörn

22. Efficient Parallel Random Sample Matching for Pose Estimation, Localization, and Related Problems
Daniel Kubus, René Iser, Simon Winkelbach, Friedrich M. Wahl

23. Automated Robot Assisted Fracture Reduction
Ralf Westphal, Simon Winkelbach, Thomas Gösling, Markus Oszwald, Tobias Hüfner, Christian Krettek, Friedrich M. Wahl

24. Path Planning for Robot-Guided Endoscopes in Deformable Environments
Markus Rilk, Friedrich M. Wahl, Klaus W. G. Eichhorn, Ingo Wagner, Friedrich Bootz

25. An Unmanned Helicopter for Autonomous Flights in Urban Terrain
Florian Adolf, Franz Andert, Sven Lorenz, Lukas Goormann, Jörg Dittrich

26. Interaction of Altitude Control and Waypoint Navigation of a 4 Rotor Helicopter
Tim Puls, Hannes Winkelmann, Sönke Eilers, Matthias Brucke, Andreas Hein

27. Cooperative Autonomous Helicopters for Load Transportation and Environment Perception
Konstantin Kondak, Markus Bernard, Fernando Caballero, Ivan Maza, Anibal Ollero

28. Robot on the Leash — An Intuitive Inexpensive Interface for Robots Using the Nintendo Wii Remote
Sven Olufs, Markus Vincze

29. Robot Basketball: Ball Dribbling — A Modified Juggling Task
Georg Bätz, Marion Sobotka, Dirk Wollherr, Martin Buss

30. Research on Exoskeletons at the TU Berlin
Christian Fleischer, Konstantin Kondak, Andreas Wege, Ingo Kossyk

31. Hard- and Software Architecture of a Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Environmental Monitoring Tasks
Christoph Osterloh, Marek Litza, Erik Maehle

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Systems Theory, Control

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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