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Crop Modeling and Decision Support

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Table of contents

1. Modeling Time of Seedling Emergence of Spring Wheat
H. Wang, H. Cutforth, T. McCaig, G. McLeod, K. Brandt, R. Lemke, T. Goddard, C. Sprout

2. Complete Parameterization of Photosynthesis Models—An Example for Barley
J. Müller, H. Braune, W. Diepenbrock

3. Studies on Photosynthesis Model of Mini-Cucumber Leaf in Greenhouse
Ping-Ping Li, Ji-Zhang Wang, Xin Chen, Wei-Hong Liu

4. Finding a Suitable CO2 Response Algorithm for Crop Growth Simulation in Germany
C. Nendel, K. C. Kersebaum, W. Mirschel, R. Manderscheid, H. J. Weigel, K. O. Wenkel

5. Bringing Genetics and Genomics to Crop Simulations: Experiences with Wheat, Sorghum and Common Bean in Solving the GEM-to-P Problem
J. W. White

6. Establishment of Dynamic Model for the Nutrient Uptake and Development about Tomato in Greenhouse
Jin-Xiang Chu, Zhong-Fu Sun, Ke-Ming Du, Qian Jia, Shuang Liu

7. CANON: A Canonical Composition for Building Plant Shoots From the Bottom Up
J. N. G. Hargreaves, G. S. McMaster

8. A Quantitative Analysis on Leaf Curvature Characteristics in Rice
Liang Tang, Chun-Lin Shi, Yan Zhu, Qi Jing, Wei-Xing Cao

9. The Response of Canopy Direction Reflectance Spectrum for the Wheat Vertical Leaf Distributing
Chun-Hua Xiao, Shao-Kun Li, Ke-Ru Wang, Yan-Li Lu, Jun-Hua Bai, Rui-Zhi Xie, Shi-Ju Gao, Xiao-Jun Li, Hai-Zhen Tan

10. Modeling Leaf Sheath and Internode Growth Dynamics in Wheat
Yan Zhu, Liang Tang, Zi-Hui Tan, Guo-Qing Chen, Wei-Xing Cao

11. Modeling Fruit Morphological Formation on Muskmelon
Li-Ying Chang, Ming-Han Chi, Dan-Feng Huang

12. Shape Modeling of Organs and Structures Generating for Crops
Sheng-Lian Lu, Xin-Yu Guo, Chun-Jiang Zhao, Chang-Feng Li

13. Modeling Shoot and Root Biomass of Lucerne Crops—New Insights on the Seasonality of Dry Matter Partitioning and Root Maintenance Respiration
Edmar I. Teixeira, Derrick J. Moot, Hamish E. Brown, David P. Monks

14. A Morphogenetic Crop Model for Sugar-Beet (Beta vulgaris L.)
S. Lemaire, F. Maupas, P. H. Cournède, P. Reffye

15. Coupling Process-Based Models and Plant Architectural Models: A Key Issue for Simulating Crop Production
P. Reffye, E. Heuvelink, Yan Guo, Bao-Gang Hu, Bao-Gui Zhang

16. A Functional-Structural Plant Model—Theories and Its Applications in Agronomy
Meng-Zhen Kang, Paul-Henry Cournède, Amélie Mathieu, Véronique Letort, Rui Qi, Zhi-Gang Zhan

17. New Approach for the Study of Source-Sink Dynamics on Maize
Rui Qi, Yun-Tao Ma, Bao-Gang Hu, P. Reffye, Paul-Henry Cournède

18. A Review of Research on the Virtual Plants
Lin Hu, Guo-Min Zhou, Yun Qiu, Jing-Chao Fan, Jian Wang

19. Concepts and Applications of AquaCrop: The FAO Crop Water Productivity Model
P. Steduto, Dirk Raes, Theodore C. Hsiao, Elias Fereres, Lee K. Heng, Terry A. Howell, Steven R. Evett, Basilio A. Rojas-Lara, Hamid J. Farahani, Gabriella Izzi, Theib Y. Oweis, Suhas P. Wani, Jippe Hoogeveen, Sam Geerts

20. Simulating Biomass and Grain Yields of Barley and Oat Crops with the Sirius Wheat Model
A. L. Fletcher, R. J. Martin, J. M. Ruiter, P. D. Jamieson, R. F. Zyskowski

21. Application of the CERES-Wheat Model to Winter Wheat Yield Forecast in Beijing
Xian Wang, Cun-Jun Li, Liang-Yun Liu, Wen-Jiang Huang, Peng-Xin Wang

22. Improving the Calibration Process of GreenLab Model on the Cotton Plant
Dong Li, Zhi-Gang Zhan, Yan Guo

23. Dry Matter Production and Partitioning in Tomato: Evaluation of a General Crop Growth Model
Ling-Zhi Li, P. H. B. Visser, Ya-Ling Li, Hai-Ping Li

24. Spatial and Seasonal Simulations of Irrigated Processing Tomato
M. Rinaldi, R. Ubaldo, S. Ruggieri

25. Development of Feeding Strategies for Cows in Small Scale Dairy Farming Systems in the Highlands of Central Mexico by a Simulation Model and On-Farm Experiments. Phase I: Development of a Novel Framework
Virgilio Ambriz-Vilchis, Julieta G. Estrada-Flores, Martha Hernández-Ortega, María A. Rojas-Garduño, Ernesto Sánchez-Vera, Angélica Espinoza-Ortega, Octavio A. Castelán-Ortega

26. Development of Feeding Strategies for Cows in Small Scale Dairy Farming Systems in the Highlands of Central Mexico by a Simulation Model and On-Farm Experiments. Phase II: On-farm Experiments and Validation of a Simulation Model
Virgilio Ambriz-Vilchis, Julieta G. Estrada-Flores, Martha Hernández-Ortega, María de los Angeles Rojas-Garduño, Octavio A. Castelán-Ortega

27. The Dynamic Model of Crop Growth System under the Multi-Environment External Force Action and Result Simulation
Tao Chi, Dan-Feng Huang

28. APSIM-Lucerne Validation in the Temperate Climate of New Zealand
D. P. Monks, D. J. Moot, H. E. Brown, E. I. Teixeira

29. Decision Support System for Greenhouse Environment Control Based on Model
Ji-Zhang Wang, Ping-Ping Li, Yong-Guang Hu, Han-Ping Mao

30. A Simulation Analysis on Climate Change—Threats or Opportunities for Agriculture
S. Asseng, F. Ludwig, S. Milroy, M. I. Travasso

31. Spatial Analysis of Soil Water Balance in an Agricultural District of Southern Italy
D. Ventrella, E. D. Giacomo, L. Giglio, M. Castellini, D. Palumbo

32. Uncertainty in Multi-Criteria Evaluation Techniques When Used for Land Suitability Analysis
K. K. Benke, C. Pelizaro, K. E. Lowell

33. Simulation of Spatial Variability of Organic Matter on the Vineyard Area Using the Model of Artificial Neural Networks
M. R. Karaman, M. Dursun, O. Karkacier, S. Şahin

34. Integration of a Crop Simulation Model and Remote Sensing Information
M. Acutis, M. Rinaldi, F. Mattia, A. Perego

35. Research of Maize Leaf Disease Identifying Models Based Image Recognition
Yu-Xia Zhao, Ke-Ru Wang, Zhong-Ying Bai, Shao-Kun Li, Rui-Zhi Xie, Shi-Ju Gao

36. Spectral Characteristics of Cotton Infected with Verticillium Wilt and Severity Level of Disease Estimated Models
Bing Chen, Ke-Ru Wang, Shao-Kun Li, Xue-Yan Sui, Fang-Yong Wang, Jun-Hua Bai

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Computer Science, general, Math. Appl. in Environmental Science

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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