Karlsson, Charlie

New Directions in Regional Economic Development

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Table of contents

2. Innovation, Dynamic Regions and Regional Dynamics
Charlie Karlsson, Åke E. Andersson, Paul Cheshire, R. R. Stough

3. The Pure Theory of Spatial Markets
Martin Beckmann

4. Smith–Ricardo Specialization in the Presence of Tiring Effects
Tonu Puu

5. Dynamics of Innovation Fields with Endogenous Heterogeneity of People
Masahisa Fujita

6. Economics of Creativity
Åke E. Andersson

7. Simple Memes and Complex Cultural Dynamics
David Batten, Roger Bradbury

8. The Fashioning of Dynamic Competitive Advantage of Entrepreneurial Cities: Role of Social and Political Entrepreneurship
Lata Chatterjee, T.R. Lakshmanan

9. The Social Capital of Regional Dynamics: A Policy Perspective
Hans Westlund

10. Hidden Order in Traffic Flows Using Approximate Entropy: An Illustration
Kingsley Haynes, Rajendra Kulkarni, Roger Stough

11. Regional Input–Output with Endogenous Internal and External Network Flows
John R. Roy, Geoffrey J.D. Hewings

12. Regional Unemployment and Welfare Effects of the EU Transport Policies: Recent Results from an Applied General Equilibrium Model
Artem Korzhenevych, Johannes Bröcker

13. Infrastructure Productivity with a Long Persistent Effect
Tsukai Makoto, Kobayashi Kiyoshi

14. Science Parks and Local Knowledge Creation: A Conceptual Approach and an Empirical Analysis in Two Italian Realities
Roberta Capello, Andrea Morrison

15. The Low Participation of Urban Migrant Entrepreneurs: Reasons and Perceptions of Weak Institutional Embeddedness
Enno Masurel, Peter Nijkamp

16. The Location of Industry R&D and the Location of University R&D: How Are They Related?
Charlie Karlsson, Martin Andersson

17. Growing Urban GDP or Attracting People? Different Causes, Different Consequences
Paul Cheshire, Stefano Magrini

18. Urban–Rural Development in Sweden
Johan Klaesson, Lars Pettersson

19. Patents, Patent Citations and the Geography of Knowledge Spillovers in Europe
Manfred M Fischer, Thomas Scherngell, Eva Jansenberger

20. Co-authorship Networks in Development of Solar Cell Technology: International and Regional Knowledge Interaction
Katarina Larsen

21. Off-shoring of Work and London’s Sustainability as an International Financial Centre
Ian Gordon, Colin Haslam, Philip McCann, Brian Scott-Quinn

22. The Genesis and Evolution of the Stockholm Music Cluster
Pontus Braunerhjelm

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Regional/Spatial Science, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Economic Geography, Entrepreneurship

Publication year
Advances in Spatial Science
Page amount
10 pages

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