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Learning Network Services for Professional Development

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Table of contents

2. Introduction
Rob Koper

3. From Lurker to Active Participant
Peter Sloep, Liesbeth Kester

4. Guidelines to Foster Interaction in Online Communities
Adriana Berlanga, Ellen Rusman, Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema, Peter Sloep

5. Knowledge Dating and Knowledge Sharing in Ad-Hoc Transient Communities
Liesbeth Kester, Peter Sloep

6. How to Trigger Emergence and Self-Organisation in Learning Networks
Francis Brouns, Sibren Fetter, Peter Rosmalen

7. Individualised Navigation Services in Learning Networks
Hans Hummel, Bert Berg, Adriana Berlanga, Hendrik Drachsler, José Janssen, Rob Nadolski, Rob Koper

8. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Personalised Recommender Systems in Learning Networks
Hendrik Drachsler, Hans Hummel, Bert Berg, Jannes Eshuis, Wim Waterink, Rob Nadolski, Adriana Berlanga, Nanda Boers, Rob Koper

9. How to Set Up Simulations for Designing Light-Weight Personalised Recommender Systems
Rob Nadolski, Bert van den Berg, Adriana Berlanga, Hans Hummel, Hendrik Drachsler, Rob Koper, Peter Sloep

10. How to Find and Follow Suitable Learning Paths
José Janssen, Adriana Berlanga, Rob Koper

11. A Process-Oriented Approach to Support Multi-Role Multi-Stage E-Assessment: A Case Study
Yongwu Miao, Henry Hermans

12. Placement Services for Learning Networks
Jan Bruggen, Marco Kalz, Desirée Joosten-Ten Brinke

13. Tools and Techniques for Placement Experiments
Wim Vegt, Marco Kalz, Bas Giesbers, Fridolin Wild, Jan Bruggen

14. A Validation Scenario for a Placement Service in Learning Networks
Marco Kalz, Jan van Bruggen, Bas Giesbers, Ellen Rusman, Jannes Eshuis, Wim Waterink

15. Towards Contextualized Learning Services
Marcus Specht

16. Mobile Social Software to Support Authenticity
Tim Jong, Marcus Specht

17. Supporting Authentic Learning Contexts Beyond Classroom Walls
Jan Herrington, Marcus Specht, Gwyn Brickell, Barry Harper

18. Awareness and Reflection in Mobile Learning Support
Christian Glahn, Dirk Börner, Jeroen Storm, Marcus Specht

19. A Conceptual Model of Learning Networks
Rob Koper

20. The TENCompetence Infrastructure: A Learning Network Implementation
Hubert Vogten, Harrie Martens, Ruud Lemmers

21. The Personal Competence Manager
Hubert Vogten, Harrie Martens

22. Personal Development Planner
Hubert Vogten, Harrie Martens

23. Learning Design Authoring Tools in the TENCompetence Project
Phillip Beauvoir, David Griffiths, Paul Sharples

24. IMS QTI Authoring
Yongwu Miao

25. Conclusion of the Book
Rob Koper, Peter Sloep, Hans Hummel, Hubert Vogten, Jan Bruggen, Marcus Specht, Wolfgang Greller

Keywords: Computer Science, Computers and Education, Educational Technology, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Models and Principles

Publication year
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10 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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