Rai, Mahendra

Mycotoxins in Food, Feed and Bioweapons

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Table of contents

1. Artificial Systems for Molecular Recognition of Mycotoxins
Claudio Baggiani, Laura Anfossi, Cristina Giovannoli

2. Molecular Mechanism of Detection of Aflatoxins and Other Mycotoxins
Avishay-Abraham Stark

3. The Destruction of Aflatoxins in Corn by “Nixtamalización”
Doralinda Guzmán-de-Peña

4. Mycotoxigenic Fungi on Baled Grass Silage in Ireland
Martin O’Brien

5. Aflatoxin-like Gene Clusters and How They Evolved
Kenneth C. Ehrlich, Jiujiang Yu

6. Aflatoxin Biosynthesis and Sclerotial Development in Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus

Perng-Kuang Chang

7. Interaction Between Aflatoxin B1 and Other Risk Factors in Hepatocarcinogenesis
Michael C. Kew

8. Zearalenone and its Derivatives: Known Toxins in New Aspects
Piotr Golinski, Agnieszka Waskiewicz, Karolina Gromadzka

9. Zearalenone: Undesirable Substance
Maciej Gajęcki, Magdalena Gajęcka, Ewa Jakimiuk, Łukasz Zielonka, Kazimierz Obremski

10. Mycotoxins in Lithuanian Cereals and Grain Products
Audrone Mankeviciene

11. Control of Mycotoxin Contamination in Cereals by Breeding
Ákos Mesterházy

Fusarium and Fumonisins in Maize in South America
Adriana M. Torres, Maria L. Ramirez, Sofia N. Chulze

13. Prevention and Management of Mycotoxins in Food and Feed
Bulent Kabak

14. Mycotoxigenic Fungi and Mycotoxins in Animal Feed in South American Countries
Carina Elizabeth Magnoli, Lilia Renée Cavaglieri, Carlos Alberto Rocha Rosa, Ana María Dalcero

15. Nivalenol: The Mycology, Occurrence, Toxicology, Analysis and Regulation
Yoshiko Sugita-Konishi, Takashi Nakajima

16. Yeast Killer Toxins Technology Transfer
Walter Magliani, Stefania Conti, Laura Giovati, Luciano Polonelli

17. Trichothecenes as Toxin and Bioweapons: Prevention and Control
Avinash Ingle, Ajit Varma, Mahendra Rai

18. Risk Assessment of Ochratoxin A (OTA)
Diana Ringot, Abalo Chango

19. Natural Aflatoxin Inhibitors from Medicinal Plants
Mehdi Razzaghi-Abyaneh, Masoomeh Shams-Ghahfarokhi, Mohammad-Bagher Rezaee, Shohei Sakuda

20. The Myco-Agents of Bioterrorism
Nathan P. Charlton, Christopher P. Holstege

21. The Weaponisation of Mycotoxins
Robert Russell Monteith Paterson, Nelson Lima

22. Masked Mycotoxins and Mycotoxin Derivatives in Food: The Hidden Menace
Chiara Dall’Asta, Gianni Galaverna, Arnaldo Dossena, Stefano Sforza, Rosangela Marchelli

Keywords: Life Sciences, Eukaryotic Microbiology, Food Science, Agriculture, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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Natural Sciences

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