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Enterprise Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. The Link between Paper and Information Systems
Moira C. Norrie

2. Service Engineering for the Internet of Services
Jorge Cardoso, Konrad Voigt, Matthias Winkler

3. Bringing the XML and Semantic Web Worlds Closer: Transforming XML into RDF and Embedding XPath into SPARQL
Matthias Droop, Markus Flarer, Jinghua Groppe, Sven Groppe, Volker Linnemann, Jakob Pinggera, Florian Santner, Michael Schier, Felix Schöpf, Hannes Staffler, Stefan Zugal

4. A Framework for Semi-automatic Data Integration
Paolo Ceravolo, Zhan Cui, Ernesto Damiani, Alex Gusmini, Marcello Leida

5. Experiences with Industrial Ontology Engineering
Jon Atle Gulla

6. A Semiotic Approach to Quality in Specifications of Software Measures
Erki Eessaar

7. Hybrid Computational Models for Software Cost Prediction: An Approach Using Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
Efi Papatheocharous, Andreas S. Andreou

8. How to Semantically Enhance a Data Mining Process?
Laurent Brisson, Martine Collard

9. Next-Generation Misuse and Anomaly Prevention System
Pablo García Bringas, Yoseba K. Penya

10. Discovering Multi-perspective Process Models: The Case of Loosely-Structured Processes
Francesco Folino, Gianluigi Greco, Antonella Guzzo, Luigi Pontieri

11. Tackling the Debugging Challenge of Rule Based Systems
Valentin Zacharias

12. Semantic Annotation of EPC Models in Engineering Domains to Facilitate an Automated Identification of Common Modelling Practices
Andreas Bögl, Michael Schrefl, Gustav Pomberger, Norbert Weber

13. Tool Support for the Integration of Light-Weight Ontologies
Thomas Heer, Daniel Retkowitz, Bodo Kraft

14. Business Process Modeling for Non-uniform Work
Kimmo Tarkkanen

15. Association Rules and Cosine Similarities in Ontology Relationship Learning
Jon Atle Gulla, Terje Brasethvik, Gøran Sveia Kvarv

16. Compositional Model-Checking Verification of Critical Systems
Luis E. Mendoza, Manuel I. Capel, María Pérez, Kawtar Benghazi

17. Model-Driven Web Engineering in the CMS Domain: A Preliminary Research Applying SME
Kevin Vlaanderen, Francisco Valverde, Oscar Pastor

18. Binary Serialization for Mobile XForms Services
Jaakko Kangasharju, Oskari Koskimies

19. An Efficient Neighbourhood Estimation Technique for Making Recommendations
Li-Tung Weng, Yue Xu, Yuefeng Li, Richi Nayak

20. Improve Recommendation Quality with Item Taxonomic Information
Li-Tung Weng, Yue Xu, Yuefeng Li, Richi Nayak

21. Adapting Integration Architectures Based on Semantic Web Services to Industrial Needs
Daniel Bachlechner

22. “Fact or Fiction?” Imposing Legitimacy for Trustworthy Information on the Web: A Qualitative Inquiry
Emma Nuraihan Mior Ibrahim, Nor Laila Md. Noor, Shafie Mehad

23. Enabling End Users to Proactively Tailor Underspecified, Human-Centric Business Processes: “Programming by Example” of Weakly-Structured Process Models
Todor Stoitsev, Stefan Scheidl, Felix Flentge, Max Mühlhäuser

24. Enhancing User Experience on the Web via Microformats-Based Recommendations
Anca-Paula Luca, Sabin C. Buraga

25. Designing Universally Accessible Mobile Multimodal Artefacts
Tiago Reis, Marco Sá, Luís Carriço

26. Dissection of a Visualization On-Demand Server
Romain Vuillemot, Béatrice Rumpler, Jean-Marie Pinon

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Information Storage and Retrieval, Electronic Commerce/e-business, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing

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