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Table of contents

1. Drug-Induced Liver Injury
Michael Holt, Cynthia Ju

2. Drug Hypersensitivity Reactions Involving Skin
Oliver Hausmann, Benno Schnyder, Werner J. Pichler

3. Adverse Drug Reactions Affecting Blood Cells
Richard H. Aster

4. Molecular Mechanisms of Adverse Drug Reactions in Cardiac Tissue
Reza Tabrizchi

5. Mechanisms of Drug-Induced Nephrotoxicity
Thomas D. Nolin, Jonathan Himmelfarb

6. Receptor- and Reactive Intermediate-Mediated Mechanisms of Teratogenesis
Peter G. Wells, Crystal J. J. Lee, Gordon P. McCallum, Julia Perstin, Patricia A. Harper

7. Role of Reactive Metabolites in Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity
A. Srivastava, J. L. Maggs, D. J. Antoine, D. P. Williams, D. A. Smith, B. K. Park

8. The Role of Cytokines in the Mechanism of Adverse Drug Reactions
Mary Jane Masson, Lindsay A. Collins, Lance R. Pohl

9. The Keap1-Nrf2 Cellular Defense Pathway: Mechanisms of Regulation and Role in Protection Against Drug-Induced Toxicity
Ian M. Copple, Christopher E. Goldring, Neil R. Kitteringham, B. Kevin Park

10. Signal Transduction Pathways Involved in Drug-Induced Liver Injury
Derick Han, Mie Shinohara, Maria D. Ybanez, Behnam Saberi, Neil Kaplowitz

11. Mitochondrial Involvement in Drug-Induced Liver Injury
Dominique Pessayre, Abdellah Mansouri, Alain Berson, Bernard Fromenty

12. Mechanisms of Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Necrosis
Jack A. Hinson, Dean W. Roberts, Laura P. James

13. Drug-Induced Liver Injury in Humans: The Case of Ximelagatran
M. Keisu, T. B. Andersson

14. Troglitazone
Tsuyoshi Yokoi

15. Nevirapine Hypersensitivity
M. Popovic, J. M. Shenton, J. Chen, A. Baban, T. Tharmanathan, B. Mannargudi, D. Abdulla, J. P. Uetrecht

16. Mechanisms of Adverse Drug Reactions to Biologics
Janet B. Clarke

17. Pharmacogenetics of Idiosyncratic Adverse Drug Reactions
Munir Pirmohamed

18. The Danger Hypothesis Applied to Idiosyncratic Drug Reactions
Jinze Li, Jack P. Uetrecht

19. Approaches for Minimizing Metabolic Activation of New Drug Candidates in Drug Discovery
Sanjeev Kumar, Kaushik Mitra, Kelem Kassahun, Thomas A. Baillie

Keywords: Biomedicine, Pharmacology/Toxicology

Publication year
Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology
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9 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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