Hellborg, Ragnar

Ion Beams in Nanoscience and Technology

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Table of contents

1. Nanoscale Engineering in the Biosciences
Daniel J. White, Harry J. Whitlow

2. High Speed Electronics
Mikael Östling, B. Gunnar Malm

3. Surface Modification Using Reactive Landing of Mass-Selected Ions
Peng Wang, Julia Laskin

4. Basics of Ion Scattering in Nanoscale Materials
Harry J. Whitlow, Yanwen Zhang

5. Box 1: Stopping of Ions in Nanomaterials
Yanwen Zhang, William J. Weber

6. Box 2: Sputtering
Hans Henrik Andersen

7. Box 3: Ion Ranges
Yanwen Zhang

8. Computer Simulation Methods for Defect Configurations and Nanoscale Structures
Fei Gao

9. Characterising Nanoscale Crystal Perfection by Crystal Mapping
Sachiko T. Nakagawa

10. Box 4: Interatomic Potential
Fei Gao

11. Medium Energy Ion Scattering for Near Surface Structure and Depth Profiling
Torgny Gustafsson

12. Box 5: Surface Crystallography Terminology
Harry J. Whitlow, Sachiko T. Nakagawa

13. Thin Film Characterisation Using MeV Ion Beams
Timo Sajavaara, Kai Arstila

14. Nanoscale Materials Defect Characterisation
Eduardo Alves, Mark Breese

15. Box 6: Nanoscale Defects
Eduardo Alves, Mark Breese

16. Box 7: Diagnostic Ion Beam Luminescence
Peter Townsend

17. Nanomaterials Science with Radioactive Ion Beams
Jyrki Räisänen

18. Nanocluster and Nanovoid Formation by Ion Implantation
Kai Nordlund, Juhani Keinonen

19. Plasma Etching and Integration with Nanoprocessing
Antti Nuottajärvi, Tarmo Suppula

20. Focused Ion Beam Machining and Deposition
Yongqi Fu, Lumin Wang

21. Box 8: Sample Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy Using a Focused Ion Beam
Lumin Wang, Yongqi Fu

22. Box 9: Integrated Circuit Chip Modification Using Focused Ion Beams
Yongqi Fu

23. Proton Beam Writing: A New 3D Nanolithographic Technique
Jeroen A. Kan, Andrew A. Bettiol

24. Box 10: Proton Beam Writing of Optical Structures
Andrew A. Bettiol

25. Box 11: Tissue Engineering and Bioscience Methods Using Proton Beam Writing
J.A. Kan

26. Box 12: Stamps for Nanoimprint Lithography
J.A. Kan, K. Ansari

27. Box 13: Silicon Micro/Nano-Fabrication Using Proton Beam Writing and Electrochemical Etching
Daniel J. Blackwood, Ee Jin Teo

28. Nanoscale Materials Modification for Device Applications
Robert G. Elliman

29. Luminescence, Ion Implantation, and Nanoparticles
Peter Townsend

30. Micro- and Nanoengineering with Ion Tracks
Christina Trautmann

31. Ion Accelerators for Nanoscience
Ragnar Hellborg, David Hole

32. Focusing keV and MeV Ion Beams
Mark Breese

33. Ion Spectrometers and Detectors
Tessica D.M. Weijers-Dall

34. Electronics for Application of Ion Beams in Nanoscience
Harry J. Whitlow

Keywords: Material Science, Nanotechnology, Measurement Science and Instrumentation, Particle Acceleration and Detection, Beam Physics, Solid State Physics, Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Publication year
Particle Acceleration and Detection
Page amount
20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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