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Protostellar Jets in Context

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Table of contents

1. Astrophysical Jets
Mario Livio

2. Jets from Young Stars
John Bally

3. The Star-Jet-Disk System and Angular Momentum Transfer
Lee Hartmann

4. Hot Inner Winds from T Tauri Stars
Christopher M. Johns-Krull

5. Hot Gas in Accretion Disks and Jets: An UV View of Star Formation
Ana I. Gómez de Castro

6. Generalized Multipole X-Wind Model
Subhanjoy Mohanty, Frank H. Shu

7. Instabilities in Accretion Disks
James M. Stone

8. Theory of Wind-Driving Protostellar Disks
Arieh Königl

9. Aspect Ratio Dependence in Magnetorotational Instability Shearing Box Simulations
Andrea Mignone, Attilio Ferrari, Gianluigi Bodo, Paola Rossi, Fausto Cattaneo

10. Advection/Diffusion of Large Scale Magnetic Field in Accretion Disks
Richard V. E. Lovelace, David M. Rothstein, Gennady S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan

11. Magnetic Reconnection in Accretion Disk Systems: From BHs to YSOs
Elisabete M. Gouveia Dal Pino, Pamela Piovezan, Grzegorz Kowal, Alex Lazarian

12. Self-Collimated Jets from Accretion Discs and Star-disc Interaction Zones
Jonathan Ferreira

13. Large-Scale 3D Simulations of Protostellar Jets
Jan Staff, Kai Cai, Brian Niebergal, Rachid Ouyed, Ralph Pudritz

14. Magnetic Field Advection in Weakly Magnetised Viscous Resistive Accretion Disks: Numerical Simulations
Gareth C. Murphy, Claudio Zanni, Jonathan Ferreira

15. Extending Analytical MHD Jet Formation Models with a Finite Disk Radius
Matthias Stute, Kanaris Tsinganos, Nektarios Vlahakis, Titos Matsakos, José Gracia

16. Magnetohydrodynamic Jets from Different Magnetic Field Configurations
Christian Fendt

17. Resistive MHD Jet Simulations with Large Resistivity
Miljenko Čemeljić, José Gracia, Nektarios Vlahakis, Kanaris Tsinganos

18. The X-wind Model
Mike J. Cai

19. Disk-Magnetosphere Interaction and Outflows: Conical Winds and Axial Jets
Marina M. Romanova, Galina V. Ustyugova, Alexander V. Koldoba, Richard V. E. Lovelace

20. Simulating the Launching of YSO Jets
Claudio Zanni

21. On the Effect of Stellar Wind Braking onto the Central Object
Christophe Sauty, Noemie Globus, Zakaria Meliani, Kanaris Tsinganos, Nektarios Vlahakis, Edo Trussoni

22. Flaring Activity in Accretion Flows of Young Stellar Objects
Fabio Reale

23. Similarities of the Launching Mechanism in Protostellar/AGN Jets
Ryoji Matsumoto

24. Formation of Episodic Magnetically Driven Radiatively Cooled Plasma Jets in Laboratory Experiments
Francisco Suzuki-Vidal, Sergey V. Lebedev, Andrea Ciardi, Simon N. Bland, Jeremy P. Chittenden, Gareth N. Hall, Adam Harvey-Thompson, Alberto Marocchino, Cheng Ning, Chantal Stehle, Adam Frank, Eric G. Blackman, Simon C. Bott, Tom Ray

25. Jets in the MHD Context
Nektarios Vlahakis

26. Jets from Embedded Protostars
Brunella Nisini

27. Accretion Luminosity of Embedded Protostars
Simone Antoniucci

28. Resolved Inner Jets from T Tauri Stars
Francesca Bacciotti

29. Searching for Jet Rotation Signatures in Class 0 and I Jets
Deirdre Coffey, Francesca Bacciotti, Antonio Chrysostomou, Brunetta Nisini, Chris Davis

30. Observational Constraints to Steady Jet Models in Young Stars
Sylvie Cabrit

31. Searching for Brown Dwarf Outflows
Emma M. Whelan, Tom Ray, Francesca Bacciotti, Sofia Randich, Antonella Natta

32. Protostellar Jets Driven by Intermediate- and High-Mass Protostars: An Evolutionary Scenario?
Alessio Caratti o Garatti, Jochen Eislöffel, Dirk Froebrich, Brunella Nisini, Teresa Giannini

33. General Properties of Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei and Comparison with Protostellar Jets
Silvano Massaglia

34. The Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Stellar Jets
Edo Trussoni

35. Radiative Jets from Variable Sources
Alejandro C. Raga, Jorge Cantó, Fabio Colle, Alejandro Esquivel, Primoz Kajdic, Ary Rodríguez- González, Pablo F. Velázquez

36. Position-Velocity Analysis of HH 111: Physical Structure and Dust Content
Linda Podio, Silvia Medves, Francesca Bacciotti, Jochen Eislöffel, Tom Ray

37. Application of Tomographic Techniques to Stellar Jets
Fabio Colle, Carlos Burgo, Alejandro C. Raga

38. Measurement of Magnetic Fields in Stellar Jets
Patrick Hartigan

39. Jet kinematics
Alessio Caratti o Garatti, Jochen Eislöffel

40. Synthetic Jets - from Models to Observations and Back
José Gracia

41. X-Ray Emission from Young Stellar Jets
Manuel Güdel, Stephen L. Skinner, Sylvie Cabrit, Jochen Eislöffel, Catherine Dougados, Roland Gredel, Kevin R. Briggs

42. The Complex Morphology of the X-ray and Optical Emission from HH 154: The Pulsed Jet Scenario
Rosaria Bonito, Salvatore Orlando, Giovanni Peres, Fabio Favata, Jochen Eislöffel

43. Radiative Shocks in the Context of Young Stellar Objects: A Combined Analysis from Experiments and Simulations
Chantal Stehlé, Matthias González, Edouard Audit, Thierry Lanz

44. X-Ray Imaging Spectroscopy of Planetary Nebulae in the Chandra/XMM Era: New Insight into Stellar Jets
Joel H. Kastner

45. 3D Modeling of the 2006 Nova Outburst of RS Ophiuchi: Collimated Outflows and Jet-Like Ejections
Salvatore Orlando, Jeremy J. Drake, J. Martin Laming

46. Molecular Outflows: Observations
Rafael Bachiller

47. Driving Mechanisms for Molecular Outflows
Turlough P. Downes

48. Protostellar Jet and Outflow in the Collapsing Cloud Core
Masahiro N. Machida, Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, Tomoaki Matsumoto

49. Outflow Driven Turbulence in Star Forming Clouds
Adam Frank

50. Jet Driven Turbulence?
Robi Banerjee, Susanne Horn, Ralf S. Klessen

51. Prospects for Outflow and Jet Science with ALMA
John Richer

52. Two-component Jet Simulations: Combining Analytical and Numerical Approaches
Titos Matsakos, Silvano Massaglia, Edo Trussoni, Kanaris Tsinganos, Nektarios Vlahakis, Christophe Sauty, Andrea Mignone

53. Jets from Young Stellar Objects: From MHD Simulations to Synthetic Observations
Ovidiu Teşileanu, Andrea Mignone, Silvano Massaglia

54. Molecular Cooling in Large Scale Simulations of Protostellar Jets
Jamie O’Sullivan, Max Camenzind

55. Survival of Molecules in MHD Disk Winds
Despina Panoglou, Sylvie Cabrit, Paolo J. V. Garcia, Guillaume Pineau des Forêts

56. Sheared Magnetic Field and Kelvin Helmholtz Instability
Matteo Bocchi, Hubert Baty, Max Camenzind

57. Jets from Class 0 Protostars: A Mid-IR Spitzer View
Odysseas Dionatos

58. 0.15″ Study of the Atomic and Molecular Jets in DG Tau
Vanessa Agra-Amboage, Catherine Dougados, Sylvie Cabrit

59. Velocity Resolved IR Diagnostics of Class I Jets
Rebecca Garcia Lopez, Brunella Nisini, Teresa Giannini, Jochen Eislöffel, Francesca Bacciotti, Linda Podio

60. Laboratory Astrophysics: Episodic Jet Ejections
Alberto Marocchino, Jeremy P. Chittenden, Andrea Ciardi, Francisco A. Suzuki-Vidal, Chantal Stehle

61. Parameter Study in Disk Jet Systems
Petros Tzeferacos, Attilio Ferrari, Andrea Mignone, Silvano Massaglia, Gianluigi Bodo, Claudio Zanni

62. Early Stage Development of the Jetset Database
Periklis Rammos, Emma T. Whelan, Josié Gracia, Stephane Dudzinski, Philippe Grange

63. Shaping Planetary Nebulae by Jets
Muhammad Akashi

64. New Herbig-Haro Objects in the Gulf of Mexico
Tina Armond, Bo Reipurth, Luiz Paulo R. Vaz

65. Launching Jets from MRI-driven Accretion Discs
Steffen Brinkmann, Max Camenzind

66. Properties of Jet Emitting Discs
Céline Combet, Jonathan Ferreira

67. The H2 Velocity Field of Inner Knots in HH 212
Serge Correia, Hans Zinnecker, Stephen Ridgway, Mark McCaughrean

68. Magnetic Fields in Low-Mass Star Forming Regions: Alignment to Jets/Outflows?
Rachel L. Curran, Antonio Chrysostomou

69. Interacting Knots in Jets: Simulations vs. Observations
Fabio Colle, Alessio Caratti o Garatti

70. Wide Field JCMT HARP-B CO(3-2) Mapping of the Serpens Cloud Core
Odysseas Dionatos, Brunella Nisini, Teresa Giannini, Claudio Codella, John Richer, Mario Tafalla

71. Numerical Simulations of Herbig Haro Objects: A Low Excitation HH Object
Alejandro Esquivel, Alejandro C. Raga, Fabio De Colle

72. Soft X-rays from DG Tau: A physical Jet Model
Hans Moritz Günther, Sean P. Matt, Zhi-Yun Li

73. Multifluid Simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in a Weakly Ionised Plasma
Aoife C. Jones, Mohsen Shadmehri, Turlough P. Downes

74. Large-scale 3D Simulations of Protostellar Jets: Long-term Stability and Jet Rotation
Kai Cai, Jan Staff, Brian P. Niebergal, Ralph E. Pudritz, Rachid Ouyed

75. Extragalactic Jets with Helical Magnetic Fields
Rony Keppens, Zakaria Meliani

76. Jets from Collapsing Stars
Volodymyr Kryvdyk

77. Outflows in High-Mass Star Forming Regions
Ana López-Sepulcre, Claudio Codella, Riccardo Cesaroni, Maite T. Beltrán, Nuria Marcelino, Luca Moscadelli

78. Astrophysical Jet Experiment
Berenice Loupias, Claire Michaut, Chris D. Gregory, Emeric Falize, Jonathan Waugh, Dono Seiichi, S. Pikuz, Yasuhiro Kuramitsu, Alessandra Ravasio, Serge Bouquet, Wigen Nazarov, Youichi Sakawa, Nigel Woolsey, Michel Koenig

79. The Angular Momentum of Dense Clumps in Elephant Trunks
Veronica Lora, Alejandro C. Raga, Alejandro Esquivel

80. A Precessing Jet in the NGC2264G Outflow
Carolyn McCoey, Paula S. Teixeira, Michel Fich, Charles J. Lada

81. Line Diagnostics of Large Scale Jets from Classical T Tauri Stars: The Case of DG Tau
Fiona McGroarty, Linda Podio, Francesca Bacciotti, Tom Ray

82. Relativistic Two-Component Hydrodynamic Jets
Zakaria Meliani, Rony Keppens

83. The Physical Properties of the RW Aur Bipolar Jet from HST/STIS High-Resolution Spectra
Stanislav Melnikov, Jochen Eislöffel, Francesca Bacciotti, Jens Woitas, Tom Ray

84. Stability of Magnetized Spine-Sheath Relativistic Jets
Yosuke Mizuno, Philip E. Hardee, Ken-Ichi Nishikawa

85. Chemical Models of Hot Molecules at Shocks in Outflows
Hideko Nomura, Tom J. Millar

86. Survival of H2 and CO in MHD Disk Winds of Class 0, Class I and Class II Stars
Despina Panoglou, Paolo J. V. Garcia, Sylvie Cabrit, Guillaume Pineau des Forêts

87. Three-Fluid Magnetohydrodynamics in Star Formation
Cecilia Pinto, Daniele Galli

88. Physical Conditions of the Shocked Regions of Planetary Nebulae
Angels Riera, Alejandro C. Raga, Garrelt Mellema, Alejandro Esquivel, Pablo F. Velázquez

89. The Jets of the Proto-Planetary Nebula CRL 618
Angels Riera, Alejandro C. Raga, Pablo F. Velázquez, Sinhue Haro-Corzo, Primoz Kajdic

90. The Formation of Filamentary Structures in Radiative Cluster Winds
Ary Rodrı́guez-González, Alejandro Esquivel, Alejandro C. Raga, Jorge Cantó

91. Hydrodynamic Modeling of Accretion Shock on CTTSs
Germano G. Sacco, Constanza Argiroffi, Salvatore Orlando, Antonio Maggio, Giovanni Peres, Fabio Reale

92. MRI and Outflows: Angular Momentum Transport in Protoplanetary Disks
Raquel Salmeron

93. Analysis of the Central X-ray Source in DG Tau
P. Christian Schneider, Jürgen H. M. M. Schmitt

94. Verification of Candidate Protostellar Outflows in GLIMPSE
Bringfried Stecklum, Alessio Caratti o Garatti, Chris Davis, Hendrik Linz, Thomas Stanke, Hans Zinnecker

95. Young Stellar Jets and Outflows in the Massive Star Forming Complex W5
Guy S. Stringfellow, John Bally, Adam Ginsburg

96. Water Masers and Radio Continuum Emission Tracing Thermal Radio Jets
M. A. Trinidad

97. Effects of Flaring Activity on Dynamics of Accretion Disks in YSOs
Tatiana G. Yelenina, Salvatore Orlando, Fabio Reale, Giovanni Peres, Andrea Mignone, Titos Matsakos

Keywords: Physics, Astrophysics and Astroparticles

Publication year
Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
Page amount
30 pages
Natural Sciences

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