Aurich, Jan C.

Burrs - Analysis, Control and Removal

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Table of contents

1. A Review of Burr Formation in Machining
D. Dornfeld, S. Min

2. Burr Minimization Strategies in Machining Operations
D. Biermann, M. Heilmann

3. Burr Formation and Avoidance for Robust Circular Blade Sawing of Thin Walled Extruded Aluminum Profiles
K. Martinsen, G. Ringen

4. Burr and Cap Formation by Orbital Drilling of Aluminum
E. Brinksmeier, S. Fangmann

5. Cutting Force Model for Analysis of Burr Formation in Drilling Process
T. Matsumura, J. Leopold

6. Burr Formation in Microstructuring Processes
B. Denkena, L. Leon, J. Kästner

7. Analytical Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Burr Formation in Grinding
H. Sudermann, I.G. Reichenbach, J.C. Aurich

8. Developing a Process Model for Abrasive Flow Machining
E. Uhlmann, V. Mihotovic, H. Szulczynski, M. Kretzschmar

9. Modeling and Simulation of Burr Formation: State-of-the-Art and Future Trends
J. Leopold, R. Wohlgemuth

10. Interfacial Burr Formation in Drilling of Stacked Aerospace Materials
S.N. Melkote, T.R. Newton, C. Hellstern, J.B. Morehouse, S. Turner

11. Burr Formation in Drilling Intersecting Holes
L. Leitz, V. Franke, J.C. Aurich

12. Chip Breakage Prediction by a Web-based Expert System
F. Klocke, D. Lung, C. Essig

13. Size Effects in Drilling Burr Formation
R. Neugebauer, G. Schmidt, M. Dix

14. Burr Formation and Surface Characteristics in Micro-End Milling of Titanium Alloys
G.M. Schueler, J. Engmann, T. Marx, R. Haberland, J.C. Aurich

15. Influence of Minimum Quantity Lubrication on Burr Formation in Milling
U. Heisel, M. Schaal, G. Wolf

16. Burr Formation and Removal at Profile Grinding of Riblet Structures
B. Denkena, L. Leon, B. Wang

17. Burr Measurement Systemfor Drilled Hole at Inclined Exit Surface
H.P. Hoang, S.L. Ko

18. Burr Measurement: A Round Robin Test Comparing Different Methods
V. Franke, L. Leitz, J.C. Aurich

19. Deburring with CO2 Snow Blasting
E. Uhlmann, M. Kretzschmar, F. Elbing, V. Mihotovic

20. A Study on Deburring Inconel 718 Using Water Jet Technology
F. Boud, J. Folkes, N. Tantra, S. Kannan, I.W. Wright

21. Ice Blasting – An Innovative Concept for the Problem-Oriented Deburring of Workpieces
B. Karpuschewski, M. Petzel

22. Study of Internal Deburring of Capillary Tubes with Multiple Laser-machined Slits
H. Yamaguchi, J. Kang

23. Robotic Deburring Based on On-line Burr Measurement
L. Liao, F. Xi, S. Engin

24. Deburring Machine for Round Billets – Equipment for Efficient Removal of Burrs from Billets
M. Schnabl

25. Formulation of the Chip Cleanability Mechanics from Fluid Transport
S. Garg, D. Dornfeld, K. Berger

26. Burr Minimization and Removal by Micro Milling Strategies or Micro Peening Processes
A. Kienzler, M. Deuchert, V. Schulze

27. Assessment of Deburring Costs in Industrial Case Studies
P.J. Arrazola

Keywords: Engineering, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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