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Bioengineering Research of Chronic Wounds

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Table of contents

I. Principles of ChronicWound Pathology, Pathomechanics and Healing Response

1. Fundamentals of Pressure, Shear and Friction and Their Effects on the Human Body at Supported Postures
R. H. M. Goossens

2. Mechanobiology of Cutaneous Wound Healing and Scarring
Rei Ogawa, Dennis P. Orgill

3. Cell Migration along the Basement Membrane during Wound Repair. The Corneal Endothelium as a Model System
Sheldon R. Gordon

4. The Importance of the Microenvironment of Support Surfaces in the Prevalence of Pressure Ulcers
Steven I. Reger, Vinoth K. Ranganathan

II. Mathematical Modeling of Chronic Wounds and Wound Healing

5. Partial Differential Equations for Modelling Wound Geometry
Hassan Ugail

6. A Suite of Continuum Models for Different Aspects in Wound Healing
F. J. Vermolen, E. Javierre

III. Computer Methods for Studying Biomechanical Conditions at Chronic Wound Sites: From Tissue to Cellular Scales

7. MRI Integrated with Computational Methods for Determining Internal Soft Tissue Loads as Related to Chronic Wounds
Sigal Portnoy, Nogah Shabshin, Itzhak Siev-Ner, Anat Kristal, Amit Gefen

8. A Finite-Element Biomechanical Model for Evaluating Buttock Tissue Loads in Seated Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
Mohsen Makhsous, Fang Lin

9. Finite Element and Animal Studies of Scar Contractions Leading to Chronic Wounds
Cormac Flynn, Brendan McCormack

10. Cellular Deformations under Compression in Cells Involved in Deep Tissue Injury
Noa Slomka, Shira Or-Tzadikario, Amit Gefen

IV. Tissue-Engineered Constructs for Studying and Repairing Chronic Wounds

11. Tissue Engineered Models: A Valuable Tool in Pressure Ulcer Research
Cees Oomens, Dan Bader

12. Tissue-Engineered Models for the Study of Cutaneous Wound-Healing
M. W. Carlson, S. Dong, J. A. Garlick, C. Egles

13. Tissue-Derived Materials for Adipose Regeneration
M. D. Ming-Huei Cheng, S. Uriel, Eric M. Brey

V. Biochemical Markers for Early Identification and for Monitoring the Healing of Chronic Wounds

14. Clinical and Molecular Perspectives of Deep Tissue Injury: Changes in Molecular Markers in a Rat Model
Takashi Nagase, Hiromi Sanada, Gojiro Nakagami, Yunita Sari, Takeo Minematsu, Junko Sugama

15. Proteomic Approaches for Studying the Phases of Wound Healing
Laura E. Edsberg

VI. Innovative Technologies and Devices in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Wounds

16. Bioengineering Techniques in Wound Assessment
Marco Romanelli, Valentina Dini

17. Optical Non-invasive Characterization of Chronic Wounds
Michael Neidrauer, Elisabeth S. Papazoglou

18. Regenerative Wound Healing via Biomaterials
Anshu B. Mathur

19. Abdominal Wall Hernias and Biomaterials
Levi Procter, Erin E. Falco, John P. Fisher, John S. Roth

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Molecular Medicine, Medical Biochemistry, Computer Appl. in Life Sciences

Publication year
Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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