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Autologous Fat Transfer

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Table of contents

1. History of Autologous Fat Transfer
Melvin A. Shiffman

2. History of Autologous Fat Transplant Survival
Melvin A. Shiffman

3. Principles of Autologous Fat Transplantation
Melvin A. Shiffman

4. The Adipocyte Anatomy, Physiology, and Metabolism/Nutrition
Mitchell V. Kaminski, Rose M. Lopez Vaughan

5. Fat Cell Biochemistry and Physiology
Melvin A. Shiffman

6. White Adipose Tissue as an Endocrine Organ
Kihwa Kang

7. Preoperative Consultation
Melvin A. Shiffman

8. Guidelines for Autologous Fat Transfer, Evaluation, and Interpretation of Results
Sorin Eremia

9. Face Rejuvenation with Rice Grain-Size Fat Implants
Giorgio Fischer

10. Fat Transfer in the Asian
Samuel M. Lam

11. Subcison with Fat Transfer
Melvin A. Shiffman

12. Autologous Fat Transplantation for Acne Scars
Bernard I. Raskin

13. The Art of Facial Lipoaugmentation
Edward B. Lack

14. Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma to Enhance Effectiveness of Autologous Fat Grafting
Robert W. Alexander

15. Fat Transfer to the Face
Melvin A. Shiffman, Mitchell V. Kaminski

16. Fat Autograft Retention with Albumin
Mitchell V. Kaminski, Rose M. Lopez Vaughan

17. Aesthetic Face-lift Using Fat Transfer
Anthony Erian, Aqib Hafeez

18. Fat Transfer to the Glabella and Forehead
Felix-Rüdiger G. Giebler

19. Eyebrow Lift with Fat Transfer
Giorgio Fischer

20. Treatment of Sunken Eyelid
Dae Hwan Park

21. Fat Graft Postvertical Myectomy for Crow’s Feet Wrinkle Treatment
Fausto Viterbo

22. Optimizing Midfacial Rejuvenation: The Midface Lift and Autologous Fat Transfer
Allison T. Pontius, Edwin F. Williams

23. Autologous Fat Transfer to the Cheeks and Chin
Steven B. Hopping

24. Nasal Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer
Jongki Lee

25. Lipotransfer to the Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines
Robert M. Dryden, Dustin M. Heringer

26. Autologous Fat Transplantation to the Lips
Steven B. Hopping, Lina I. Naga, Jeremy B. White

27. Three Dimensional Facelift
Sid J. Mirrafati

28. Complementary Fat Grafting of the Face
Samuel M. Lam, Mark J. Glasgold, Robert A. Glasgold

29. Fat Transplants in Male and Female Genitals
Enrique Hernández-Pérez,, Hassan Abbas Khawaja, José Enrique Hernández-Pérez, Mauricio Hernández-Pérez

30. History of Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat
Melvin A. Shiffman

31. Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat
Tetsuo Shu

32. Fat Transfer and Implant Breast Augmentation
Katsuya Takasu, Shizu Takasu

33. Fat Transfer with Platelet-Rich Plasma for Breast Augmentation
Robert W. Alexander

34. Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer for Breast Augmentation: Grafting of Progenitor-Enriched Fat Tissue
Kotaro Yoshimura, Katsujiro Sato, Daisuke Matsumoto

35. Fat Transfer to the Hand for Rejuvenation
Pierre F. Fournier

36. Correction of Deep Gluteal and Trochanteric Depressions Using a Combination of Liposculpturing with Lipo-Augmentation
Robert F. Jackson, Todd P. Mangione

37. Buttocks and Legs Fat Transfer: Beautification, Enlargement, and Correction of Deformities
Lina Valero Pedroza

38. Autologous Fat Transfer for Gluteal Augmentation
Adrien E. Aiache

39. Autologous Fat for Liposuction Defects
Pierre F. Fournier

40. Periorbital Fat Transfer with Platelet Growth Factor
Julio A. Ferreira, Gustavo Ferreira

41. Cryopreserved Fat
Bernard I. Raskin

42. Fat Transfer for Non-Aesthetic Procedures
Melvin A. Shiffman, Enrique Hernández-Pérez,, Hassan Abbas Khawaja, José Enrique Hernández-Pérez,, Mauricio Hernández-Pérez

43. Fat Transplantation for Mild Pectus Excavatum
Luiz Haroldo Pereira, Aris Sterodimas

44. Correction of Hemifacial Atrophy with Fat Transfer
Qing Feng Li, Yun Xie, Danning Zheng

45. Recontouring Postradiation Thigh Defect with Autologous Fat Grafting
Richard H. Tholen, Ian T. Jackson, Richard Simman, Vincent D. DiNick

46. Management of Migraine Headaches with Botulinum Toxin and Fat Transfer
Devra Becker, Bahman Guyuron

47. Retropharyngeal Fat Transfer for Congenital Short Palate
P. H. Dejonckere

48. Autologous Fat Grafts Placed Around Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Total Joint Prostheses to Prevent Heterotopic Bone
Larry M. Wolford, Daniel Serra Cassano

49. Autologous Fat Grafts for Skull Base Repair After Craniotomies
Jose E. Barrera, Sam P. Most, Griffith R. Harsh

50. Fat Processing Techniques in Autologous Fat Transfer
Nancy Kim, John G. Rose

51. Injection Gun Used as a Precision Device for Fat Transfer
Joseph Niamtu

52. Tissue Processing Considerations for Autologous Fat Grafting
Adam J. Katz, Peter B. Arnold

53. Fat Grafting Review and Fate of the Subperiostal Fat Graft
Defne Önel, Ufuk Emekli, M. Orhan Çizmeci, Funda Aköz, Bilge Bilgiç

54. Complications of Fat Transfer
Hassan Abbas Khawaja, Melvin A. Shiffman, Enrique Hernandez-Perez, Jose Enrique Hernandez-Perez, Mauricio Hernandez-Perez

55. Facial Fat Hypertrophy in Patients Who Receive Autologous Fat Tissue Transfer
Giovanni Guaraldi, Pier Luigi Bonucci, Domenico Fazio

56. Lid Deformity Secondary to Fat Transfer
Brian D. Cohen, Jason A. Spector

57. The Viability of Human Adipocytes After Liposuction Harvest
John K. Jones

58. Autologous Fat Grafting: A Study of Residual Intracellular Adipocyte Lidocaine
Robert W. Alexander

59. Autologous Fat Transfer National Consensus Survey: Trends in Techniques and Results for Harvest, Preparation, and Application
Matthew R. Kaufman, James P. Bradley, Brian Dickinson, Justin B. Heller, Kristy Wasson, Catherine O’Hara, Catherine Huang, Joubin Gabbay, Kiu Ghadjar, Timothy A. Miller, Reza Jarrahy

60. Medical Legal Aspects of Autologous Fat Transplantation
Melvin A. Shiffman

61. Editor’s Commentary
Melvin A. Shiffman

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Plastic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery

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