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Information Systems, Technology and Management

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Table of contents

1. Embedded Sensor Networks
Sitharama S. Iyengar

2. Future of Software Engineering
Pankaj Jalote

3. Seeing beyond Computer Science and Software Engineering
Kesav Vithal Nori

4. System on Mobile Devices Middleware: Thinking beyond Basic Phones and PDAs
Sushil K. Prasad

5. A Reduced Lattice Greedy Algorithm for Selecting Materialized Views
T. V. Vijay Kumar, Aloke Ghoshal

6. Improving Expression Power in Modeling OLAP Hierarchies
Elzbieta Malinowski

7. A Hybrid Information Retrieval System for Medical Field Using MeSH Ontology
Vahid Jalali, Mohammad Reza Matash Borujerdi

8. Mining Rare Events Data for Assessing Customer Attrition Risk
Tom Au, Meei-Ling Ivy Chin, Guangqin Ma

9. Extraction and Classification of Emotions for Business Research
Rajib Verma

10. Data Shrinking Based Feature Ranking for Protein Classification
Sumeet Dua, Sheetal Saini

11. Value-Based Risk Management for Web Information Goods
Tharaka Ilayperuma, Jelena Zdravkovic

12. Quality and Business Offer Driven Selection of Web Services for Compositions
Demian Antony D’Mello, V. S. Ananthanarayana

13. Managing Sustainability with the Support of Business Intelligence Methods and Tools
Maira Petrini, Marlei Pozzebon

14. A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Grid Job Scheduling
Hesam Izakian, Behrouz Tork Ladani, Kamran Zamanifar, Ajith Abraham

15. Priority-Based Job Scheduling in Distributed Systems
Sunita Bansal, Chittaranjan Hota

16. An Efficient Search to Improve Neighbour Selection Mechanism in P2P Network
C. R. Totekar, P. Santhi Thilagam

17. Application of Neural Networks in Software Engineering: A Review
Yogesh Singh, Pradeep Kumar Bhatia, Arvinder Kaur, Omprakash Sangwan

18. Model-Based Software Regression Testing for Software Components
Gagandeep Batra, Yogesh Kumar Arora, Jyotsna Sengupta

19. An Approach towards Software Quality Assessment
Praveen Ranjan Srivastava, Krishan Kumar

20. A Study of the Antecedents and Consequences of Members’ Helping Behaviors in Online Community
Kuo-Ming Chu

21. Mobile Forensics: An Introduction from Indian Law Enforcement Perspective
Rizwan Ahmed, Rajiv V. Dharaskar

22. A Study to Identify the Critical Success Factors for ERP Implementation in an Indian SME: A Case Based Approach
Parijat Upadhyay, Pranab K. Dan

23. Hardware-Software Co-design of QRD-RLS Algorithm with Microblaze Soft Core Processor
Nupur Lodha, Nivesh Rai, Rahul Dubey, Hrishikesh Venkataraman

24. Classification of Palmprint Using Principal Line
Munaga V. N. K. Prasad, M. K. Pramod Kumar, Kuldeep Sharma

25. Workflow Modeling Using Stochastic Activity Networks
Fatemeh Javadi Mottaghi, Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi

26. AIDSLK: An Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection System in Linux Kernel
Negar Almassian, Reza Azmi, Sarah Berenji

27. New Quantization Technique in Semi-fragile Digital Watermarking for Image Authentication
Raghu Gantasala, Munaga V. N. K. Prasad

28. A Taxonomy of Frauds and Fraud Detection Techniques
Naeimeh Laleh, Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi

29. A Hybrid Approach for Knowledge-Based Product Recommendation
Manish Godse, Rajendra Sonar, Anil Jadhav

30. An Integrated Rule-Based and Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Selection of the Software Packages
Anil Jadhav, Rajendra Sonar

31. Learning Agents in Automated Negotiations
Hemalatha Chandrashekhar, Bharat Bhasker

32. On Performance of Linear Multiuser Detectors for Wireless Multimedia Applications
Rekha Agarwal, B. V. R. Reddy, E. Bindu, Pinki Nayak

33. A Trust Based Clustering Framework for Securing Ad Hoc Networks
Pushpita Chatterjee, Indranil Sengupta, S. K. Ghosh

34. Security Enhancement in Data Encryption Standard
Jatin Verma, Sunita Prasad

35. A Novel Framework for Executing Untrusted Programs
Dibyahash Bordoloi, Ashish Kumar

36. Comparative Analysis of Decision Trees with Logistic Regression in Predicting Fault-Prone Classes
Yogesh Singh, Arvinder Kaur Takkar, Ruchika Malhotra

37. Software Security Factors in Design Phase
S. Chandra, R. A. Khan, A. Agrawal

38. Mathematical Modelling of SRIRE Approach to Develop Search Engine Friendly Website
Shruti Kohli, B. P. Joshi, Ela Kumar

39. Personalized Semantic Peer Selection in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Vahid Jalali, Mohammad Reza Matash Borujerdi

40. An Ant Colony Optimization Approach to Test Sequence Generation for Control Flow Based Software Testing
Praveen Ranjan Srivastava, Vijay Kumar Rai

41. Component Prioritization Schema for Achieving Maximum Time and Cost Benefits from Software Testing
Praveen Ranjan Srivastava, Deepak Pareek

42. Optimization of Software Testing Using Genetic Algorithm
Praveen Ranjan Srivastava

43. Study and Analysis of Software Development and User Satisfaction Level
Deepshikha Jamwal, Pawanesh Abrol, Devanand Padha

44. Influence of Hot Spots in CDMA Macro Cellular Systems
Rekha Agarwal, E. Bindu, Pinki Nayak, B. V. R. Reddy

45. An Overview of a Hybrid Fraud Scoring and Spike Detection Technique for Fraud Detection in Streaming Data
Naeimeh Laleh, Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi

46. PCNN Based Hybrid Approach for Suppression of High Density of Impulsive Noise
Kumar Dhiraj, E. Ashwani Kumar, Rameshwar Baliar Singh, Santanu Kumar Rath

47. An Overview of a New Multi-formalism Modeling Framework
Hamid Mohammad Gholizadeh, Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi

48. Association Rule Based Feature Extraction for Character Recognition
Sumeet Dua, Harpreet Singh

Keywords: Computer Science, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Multimedia Information Systems, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Data Encryption, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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