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Business Process Management Workshops

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to the Fourth Workshop on Business Process Design (BPD 2008)
Hajo A. Reijers, Selma Limam Mansar, Michael Rosemann

2. Detecting Regulatory Compliance for Business Process Models through Semantic Annotations
Guido Governatori, Jörg Hoffmann, Shazia Sadiq, Ingo Weber

3. Crosscutting Concern Documentation by Visual Query of Business Processes
Chiara Francescomarino, Paolo Tonella

4. Real Support for Perspective-Compliant Business Process Design
Agnes Koschmider, Francois Habryn, Florian Gottschalk

5. Elicitation of Requirements for a Business Process Model Repository
Khurram Shahzad, Birger Andersson, Maria Bergholtz, Ananda Edirisuriya, Tharaka Ilayperuma, Prasad Jayaweera, Paul Johannesson

6. Issues in Modeling Process Variants with Provop
Alena Hallerbach, Thomas Bauer, Manfred Reichert

7. On the Alignment of Business Models and Process Models
Ananda Edirisuriya, Paul Johannesson

8. Dimensions of Business Processes Quality (QoBP)
Mitra Heravizadeh, Jan Mendling, Michael Rosemann

9. Introduction to the Fourth International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence (BPI 2008)
Malu Castellanos, Ana Karla Alves de Medeiros, Jan Mendling, Barbara Weber

10. Bayesian Classification of Events for Task Labeling Using Workflow Models
Scott Buffett, Liqiang Geng

11. Trace Clustering in Process Mining
Minseok Song, Christian W. Günther, Wil M. P. Aalst

12. Mining Based on Learning from Process Change Logs
Chen Li, Manfred Reichert, Andreas Wombacher

13. Checking Compliance of Execution Traces to Business Rules
Federico Chesani, Paola Mello, Marco Montali, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Maurizio Sebastianis, Sergio Storari

14. Detecting Intrinsic Inefficiency on Process Level: Benchmarking of Transactions in Banking
Andreas Burger, Jürgen Moormann

15. Abductive Workflow Mining
Scott Buffett, Bruce Hamilton

16. New Quality Metrics for Evaluating Process Models
Zan Huang, Akhil Kumar

17. Introduction to the First International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering for Business Process Management (MDE4BPM 2008)
Cesare Pautasso, Jana Koehler

18. Business to IT Transformations Revisited
Sebastian Stein, Stefan Kühne, Konstantin Ivanov

19. A Model-Driven Approach to Implementing Coordination Protocols in BPEL
Oliver Kopp, Branimir Wetzstein, Ralph Mietzner, Stefan Pottinger, Dimka Karastoyanova, Frank Leymann

20. Towards Transformations from BPMN to Heterogeneous Systems
Tobias Küster, Axel Heßler

21. Business Process Modelling with Continuous Validation
Stefan Kühne, Heiko Kern, Volker Gruhn, Ralf Laue

22. On the Formal Generation of Process Redesigns
Mariska Netjes, Hajo A. Reijers, Wil M. P. Aalst

23. Translating BPMN Models into UML Activities
María Agustina Cibrán

24. Introduction to the First International Workshop on Process Management for Highly Dynamic and Pervasive Scenarios (PM4HDPS 2008)
Massimiliano Leoni, Schahram Dustdar, Arthur H. M. Hofstede

25. Towards Process Models for Disaster Response
Dirk Fahland, Heiko Woith

26. Workflows in Dynamic Development Processes
Thomas Heer, Christoph Briem, René Wörzberger

27. Hypergraph-Based Modeling of Ad-Hoc Business Processes
Artem Polyvyanyy, Mathias Weske

28. Domain-Driven Process Adaptation in Emergency Scenarios
Marcello Rosa, Jan Mendling

29. Supporting Emergency Management through Process-Aware Information Systems
Dirk Hagebölling, Massimiliano Leoni

30. Introduction to the Second International Workshop on Process-Oriented Information Systems in Healthcare (ProHealth 2008)
Richard Lenz, Mor Peleg, Manfred Reichert

31. Process Mining in Healthcare: A Contribution to Change the Culture of Blame
Silvana Quaglini

32. A Concept for the Assessment of Electronic Communication in Integrated Information Systems
Samrend Saboor, Elske Ammenwerth

33. Management of Knowledge-Intensive Healthcare Processes on the Example of General Medical Documentation
Danny Ammon, Dirk Hoffmann, Tobias Jakob, Ekkehard Finkeissen, Vesko Detschew, Thomas Wetter

34. From Paper Based Clinical Practice Guidelines to Declarative Workflow Management
Karen Marie Lyng, Thomas Hildebrandt, Raghava Rao Mukkamala

35. Petri Nets as a Formalism for Comparing Expressiveness of Workflow-Based Clinical Guideline Languages
María Adela Grando, David W. Glasspool, John Fox

36. Flexibility Schemes for Workflow Management Systems
R. S. Mans, W. M. P. Aalst, N. C. Russell, P. J. M. Bakker

37. Integrating Healthcare Ontologies: Inconsistency Tolerance and Case Study
Fahim Imam, Wendy MacCaull

38. Promoting Process-Based Collaboration Awareness to Integrate Care Teams
Federico Cabitza, Marco P. Locatelli, Carla Simone

39. Session-Aware Clinical Information Systems
Øystein Nytrø, Inger Dybdahl Sørby, Ole A. Alsos

40. Integrating Humans, Devices, and Events in Clinical Workflow Processes
Jan-Christian Kuhr, Jan Pretzel, Dierk A. Vagts, Lachlan Aldred

41. Introduction to the First Workshop on QoS in Self-healing Web Services (QSWS 2008)
Liliana Ardissono, Danilo Ardagna, Khalil Drira

42. On Modeling and Maximizing Business Value for Autonomic Service-Oriented Systems
Vladimir Tosic

43. On Combining WS-Policy4MASC and ASF to Support Business-Driven Autonomic Service-Oriented Computing
Vladimir Tosic, Yan Liu, Liming Zhu

44. Self-healing Systems and Web Services: The WS-Diamond Approach
Barbara Pernici

45. Probabilistic Time Management of Choreographies
Johann Eder, Horst Pichler, Amirreza Tahamtan

46. Reasoning about Repairability of Workflows at Design Time
Gaston Tagni, Annette Teije, Frank Harmelen

47. Enhancing Web Service Composition by Means of Diagnosis
Liliana Ardissono, Stefano Bocconi, Luca Console, Roberto Furnari, Anna Goy, Giovanna Petrone, Claudia Picardi, Marino Segnan, Daniele Theseider Dupré

48. Introduction to the Third Edition of the Workshop Advances in Semantics for Web Services 2008 (semantics4ws 2008)
Steven Battle, John Domingue, Martin Hepp, Dumitru Roman

49. Semantically Annotated EPC within Semantic Business Process Management
Agata Filipowska, Monika Kaczmarek, Sebastian Stein

50. ARIS for Semantic Business Process Management
Sebastian Stein, Christian Stamber, Marwane Kharbili

51. Auto-completion for Executable Business Process Models
Matthias Born, Christian Brelage, Ivan Markovic, Daniel Pfeiffer, Ingo Weber

52. Service Discovery in Ubiquitous Environments: Approaches and Requirements for Context-Awareness
Mohamed Sellami, Samir Tata, Bruno Defude

53. Ontology-Based Data Mediation in BPEL (For Semantic Web Services)
Jörg Nitzsche, Barry Norton

54. A Framework for Dependency Based Automatic Service Composition
Abrehet M. Omer, Alexander Schill

55. Ontology-Based Behavioural Reasoning for Business Processes
Barry Norton

56. Introduction to the Second Workshop on Collaborative Business Processes (CBP 2008)
Chengfei Liu, Wasim Sadiq, Xiaohui Zhao

57. Quality Contracts for Cooperative Services and Associated Resources
Marco Comuzzi, Mariagrazia Fugini, Stefano Modafferi

58. Recursive Construction and Evolution of Collaborative Business Processes
Nikolay D. Mehandjiev, Iain D. Stalker, Martin R. Carpenter

59. Towards a BPMN Semantics Using UML Models
Oana Nicolae, Mirel Cosulschi, Adrian Giurca, Gerd Wagner

60. Distribution and Composition of Collaborative Business Processes through Peer-to-Peer Networks
Dirk Werth, Philipp Walter, Peter Loos

61. Dynamic Selection of Service Peers with Multiple Property Specifications
Jun Shen, Shuai Yuan, Aneesh Krishna

62. Characterization of Methods for Process-Oriented Engineering of SOA
Jan Ricken, Michaël Petit

63. A Case Study of Business Process Interoperability in a Logistics Supply Chain Environment
Simon Martin, Laurent Bagnoud

64. Introduction to the First International Workshop on Business Process Management and Social Software (BPMS2 2008)
Selmin Nurcan, Rainer Schmidt

65. BPM and Social Software
Rainer Schmidt, Selmin Nurcan

66. Business Process Management with Social Software Systems – A New Paradigm for Work Organisation
Paul Johannesson, Birger Andersson, Petia Wohed

67. Social Software for Modeling Business Processes
Agnes Koschmider, Minseok Song, Hajo A. Reijers

68. Automating Knowledge Transfer and Creation in Knowledge Intensive Business Processes
Michael Granitzer, Gisela Granitzer, Klaus Tochtermann, Stefanie Lindstaedt, Andreas Rath, Wolfgang Groiß

69. Digital Identity and Reputation in the Context of a Bounded Social Ecosystem
Ben Jennings, Anthony Finkelstein

70. From a Social Wiki to a Social Workflow System
Gustaf Neumann, Selim Erol

71. Utilizing Firm-Hosted Online Communities in Software Product Business: A Dimensional View
Sami Jantunen, Kari Smolander, Sanna Malinen, Tytti Virtanen, Sari Kujala

72. Workflow Enactment in a Social Software Environment
Davide Rossi, Fabio Vitali

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Software Engineering, Computer Appl. in Administrative Data Processing

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing

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