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New Horizons in Occultation Research

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Table of contents

1. GPS Radio Occultation with CHAMP, GRACE-A, SAC-C, TerraSAR-X, and FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC: Brief Review of Results from GFZ
J. Wickert, T. Schmidt, G. Michalak, S. Heise, C. Arras, G. Beyerle, C. Falck, R. König, D. Pingel, M. Rothacher

2. Error Estimate of Bending Angles in the Presence of Strong Horizontal Gradients
M.E. Gorbunov, K.B. Lauritsen

3. Phase Transform Algorithm for Radio Occultation Data Processing
J.J.W. Wilson, J.-P. Luntama

4. Using Airborne GNSS Receivers to Detect Atmospheric Turbulence
L.B. Cornman, A. Weekley, R.K. Goodrich, R. Frehlich

5. The GRAS SAF Radio Occultation Processing Intercomparison Project ROPIC
A. Löscher, K.B. Lauritsen, M. Sørensen

6. Radio Occultation Soundings in Ionosphere and Space Weather Applications: Achievements and Prospects
J.-P. Luntama

7. SCIAMACHY Solar Occultation: Ozone and NO2 Profiles 2002–2007
K. Bramstedt, L.K. Amekudzi, A. Rozanov, H. Bovensmann, J.P. Burrows

8. Retrieval of Trace Gas Concentrations from Lunar Occultation Measurements with SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT
L.K. Amekudzi, K. Bramstedt, A. Rozanov, H. Bovensmann, J.P. Burrows

9. Validation of GOMOS/Envisat High-Resolution Temperature Profiles (HRTP) Using Spectral Analysis
V.F. Sofieva, J. Vira, F. Dalaudier, A. Hauchecorne, the Gomos Team

10. Assimilation of Radio Occultation Data in the Global Meteorological Model GME of the German Weather Service
D. Pingel, A. Rhodin

11. Sampling of the Diurnal Tide of Temperature Using Formosat-3/COSMIC Data
B. Pirscher, U. Foelsche, M. Borsche, G. Kirchengast

12. Recent Advances in the Study of Stratospheric Wave Activity Using COSMIC and CHAMP GPS-RO
S.P. Alexander, T. Tsuda

13. Recent Advances in Gravity Wave Analysis from Long Term Global GPS Radio Occultation Observations
A. Torre, P. Alexander, P. Llamedo, T. Schmidt, J. Wickert

14. New Applications and Advances of the GPS Radio Occultation Technology as Recovered by Analysis of the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and CHAMP Data-Base
A.G. Pavelyev, Y.A. Liou, J. Wickert, V.N. Gubenko, A.A. Pavelyev, S.S. Matyugov

15. Climatologies Based on Radio Occultation Data from CHAMP and Formosat-3/COSMIC
U. Foelsche, B. Pirscher, M. Borsche, A.K. Steiner, G. Kirchengast, C. Rocken

16. Testing Climate Models Using Infrared Spectra and GNSS Radio Occultation
S.S. Leroy, J.A. Dykema, P.J. Gero, J.G. Anderson

17. Construction of Consistent Temperature Records in the Lower Stratosphere Using Global Positioning System Radio Occultation Data and Microwave Sounding Measurements
S.-P. Ho, W. He, Y.-H. Kuo

18. Lower Stratospheric Temperatures from CHAMP RO Compared to MSU/AMSU Records: An Analysis of Error Sources
A.K. Steiner, G. Kirchengast, M. Borsche, U. Foelsche

19. SimVis: An Interactive Visual Field Exploration Tool Applied to Climate Research
F. Ladstädter, A.K. Steiner, B.C. Lackner, G. Kirchengast, P. Muigg, J. Kehrer, H. Doleisch

20. Trend Indicators of Atmospheric Climate Change Based on Global Climate Model Scenarios
B.C. Lackner, A.K. Steiner, F. Ladstädter, G. Kirchengast

21. ROSA – The Italian Radio Occultation Mission Onboard the Indian OCEANSAT-2 Satellite
F. Vespe, G. Perona, V. Cosmo, M. Petitta, M. Materassi, N. Tartaglione, A. Zin, R. Notarpietro, C. Benedetto, S. Casotto, A. Speranza, A. Sutera

22. Radio Occultation Mission in Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite KOMPSAT-5
S. Cho, J. Chung, J. Park, J. Yoon, Y. Chun, S. Lee

23. The Contribution of PROBA2-LYRA Occultations to Earth Atmosphere Composition Analysis
M. Dominique, D. Gillotay, D. Fussen, F. Vanhellemont, J.F. Hochedez, W. Schmutz

24. The Active Temperature, Ozone and Moisture Microwave Spectrometer (ATOMMS)
E.R. Kursinski, D. Ward, A. Otarola, R. Frehlich, C. Groppi, S. Albanna, M. Shein, W. Bertiger, H. Pickett, M. Ross

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Meteorology/Climatology, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences, Astronomy, Observations and Techniques, Measurement Science and Instrumentation, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

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Natural Sciences

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