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Table of contents

2. Visual Analytics for Geographic Analysis, Exemplified by Different Types of Movement Data
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko

3. Application of Self-Organizing Maps to the Maritime Environment
Victor J. A. S. Lobo

4. Concept for Corporate Information Systems Development Based on GIS Technologies
Vasily Popovich

5. Data Harmonization in CIS
Andrey Pankin, Viktor Kuzenny

6. iRank: Integral Ranking of Geographical Information by Semantic, Geographic, and Topological Matching
Felix Mata, Serguei Levachkine

7. A Multiscale and Multimodal Transportation GIS for the City of Guangzhou
Shaopei Chen, Christophe Claramunt, Cyril Ray, Jianjun Tan

8. GIS for Profile-Based Context Formation in Situation Management
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Shilov, Tatiana Levashova, Alexey Kashevnik

9. Immunocomputing for Geoinformation Fusion and Forecast
Alexander Tarakanov

10. A Model-driven Approach for Designing Adaptive Web GIS Interfaces
M. Angelaccio, A. Krek, A. D’Ambrogio

11. Semantic Similarity Applied to Geomorphometric Analysis of Digital Elevation Model
Marco Moreno-Ibarra, Serguei Levachkine, Miguel Torres, Rolando Quintero, Giovanni Guzman

12. Dynamic Models of Geographic Environment using Ontological Relations
Miguel Martinez, Serguei Levachkine

13. Geospatial Information Integration Approach Based on Geographic Context Ontologies
Miguel Torres, Rolando Quintero, Serguei Levachkine, Marco Moreno, Giovanni Guzmán

14. An Approach to Comparing Different Ontologies in the Context of Hydrographical Information
L. M. Vilches-Blázquez, J. A. Ramos, F. J. López-Pellicer, O. Corcho, J. Nogueras-Iso

15. A Web–Service Approach for Multi–Sensor Data Fusion and Geographic Information Systems
Mihai Cristian Florea, Nicolas Duclos-Hindie, Eloi Bosse, Pierre Valin

16. Theoretical Investigation of Terrorism. Ontology Development
Phillip Galjano, Vasily Popovich

17. Terrorists: Statistical Profile
Vasiliy Osipov, Yan Ivakin

18. Geographical Information System for analysis of Critical Infrastructures and their hazards due to terrorism, man-originated catastrophes and natural disasters for the city of Gdansk
Marcin Kulawiak, Zbigniew Lubniewski, Krzysztof Bikonis, Andrzej Stepnowski

19. IGIS Capabilities Application to Controlling Polystatic Detection Systems Ensuring Security of Marine Economic Activity
Victor Ermolaev, Sergey Kozlovskiy, Andrey Makshanov

20. Real-time Web-based GIS for Analysis, Visualization and Integration of Marine Environment Data
Jacek Dąbrowski, Marcin Kulawiak, Marek Moszyński, Krzysztof Bruniecki, Łukasz Kamiński, Andrzej Chybicki, Andrzej Stepnowski

21. On Optimizing Search Efforts (Area Effectively Swept) Allocation in the Course of Search and Rescue Operations
Andrey Makshanov, Viktor Ermolaev

22. Design of Entrusting Protocols for Software Protection
Vasily Desnitsky, Igor Kotenko

23. Vector Finite Groups as Primitives for Fast Digital Signature Algorithms
Nikolay Moldovyan, Andrey Moldovyan

24. Multisignature Protocols and Problem of Simultaneous Signing a Package of Contracts
P. Moldovyanu, E. Dernova, A. Kostina, N. Moldovyan

25. Integrated Usage of Data Mining Methodsfor Malware Detection
Dmitriy Komashinskiy, Igor Kotenko

26. Schemes for Data and User Authentication in Distributed GIS
Sergey Shtanko, Andrey Pankin

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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11 pages
Natural Sciences

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