Baklanov, Alexander

Meteorological and Air Quality Models for Urban Areas

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Table of contents

2. Facilitating Advanced Urban Meteorology and Air Quality Modelling Capabilities with High Resolution Urban Database and Access Portal Tools
Jason Ching, Adel Hanna, Fei Chen, Steven Burian, Torrin Hultgren

3. Relating Small-Scale Emission and Concentration Variability in Air Quality Models
Stefano Galmarini, Jean-François Vinuesa, Alberto Martilli

4. Performance of Different Sub-Grid-Scale Surface Flux Parameterizations for Urban and Rural Areas
Sylvia Bohnenstengel, Heinke Schlünzen

5. How to Use Computational Fluid Dynamics Models for Urban Canopy Parameterizations
Alberto Martilli, Jose Luis Santiago

6. Review of Japanese Urban Models and a Scale Model Experiment
Manabu Kanda

7. Urban Soil-Canopy-Atmosphere Exchanges at Submesoscales: Learning from Model Development, Evaluation, and Coupling with LES
Isabelle Calmet, Patrice Mestayer

8. The Effect of Stratification on the Aerodynamic Roughness Length
Sergej Zilitinkevich, Ivan Mammarella, Alexander Baklanov, Sylvain Joffre

9. FUMAPEX Experience of Model Urbanisation
Alexander Baklanov

10. Evolution of Urban Surface Exchange in the UK Met Office’s Unified Model
Peter Clark, Martin Best, Aurore Porson

11. Sensitivity Tests in the Dynamical and Thermal Part of the MRF-Urban PBL Scheme in the MM5 Model
Aggeliki Dandou, Maria Tombrou

12. Urban Surface Energy Balance Models: Model Characteristics and Methodology for a Comparison Study
Csb Grimmond, Martin Best, Janet Barlow, A. J. Arnfield, J.-J. Baik, A. Baklanov, S. Belcher, M. Bruse, I. Calmet, F. Chen, P. Clark, A. Dandou, E. Erell, K. Fortuniak, R. Hamdi, M. Kanda, T. Kawai, H. Kondo, S. Krayenhoff, S. H. Lee, S.-B. Limor, A. Martilli, V. Masson, S. Miao, G. Mills, R. Moriwaki, K. Oleson, A. Porson, U. Sievers, M. Tombrou, J. Voogt, T. Williamson

13. Measuring Meteorology in Urban Areas – Some Progress and Many Problems
Sven-Erik Gryning, Ekaterina Batchvarova

14. Derivation of Vertical Wind and Turbulence Profiles, the Mixing-Layer Height, and the Vertical Turbulent Exchange Coefficient from Sodar and Ceilometer Soundings in Urban Measurement Campaigns
Stefan Emeis

15. Verification and Case Studies for Urban Effects in HIRLAM Numerical Weather Forecasting
Alexander Mahura, Alexander Baklanov, Claus Petersen, Niels W. Nielsen, Bjarne Amstrup

16. Model Urbanization Strategy: Summaries, Recommendations and Requirements
Alexander Baklanov, Jason Ching, Csb Grimmond, Alberto Martilli

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Meteorology/Climatology, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis

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Natural Sciences

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