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Operations Research Proceedings 2008

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Table of contents

2. Smoothing Effects of Different Ways to Cope with Actuarial Gains and Losses Under IAS 19
Matthias Amen

3. A Regime-Switching Relative Value Arbitrage Rule
Michael Bock, Roland Mestel

4. Performance Measurement, Compensation Schemes,and the Allocation of Interdependence Effects
Michael Krapp, Wolfgang Schultze, Andreas Weiler

5. Coordination of Decentralized Departments with Existing Sales Interdependencies
Christian Lohmann

6. Empirical Examination of Fundamental Indexation in the German Market
Max Mihm

7. Trading in Financial Markets with Online Algorithms
Esther Mohr, Günter Schmidt

8. A New Model and Tabu Search Approach for Planning the Emergency Service Stations
Ayfer Başar, Bülent Çatay, Tonguç Ünlüyurt

9. Integration of Carbon Efficiency into Corporate Decision-Making
Britta Engel, Grit Walther, Thomas S. Spengler

10. Production Planning Under Economic and Ecologic Objectives - A Comparison in Case Studies from Metals Production
Magnus Fröhling, Frank Schwaderer, Otto Rentz

11. Production Planning with Common Parts in Closed-Loop Supply Chains
Jenny Steinborn, Grit Walther, Thomas S. Spengler

12. Production Planning in Continuous Process Industries:Theoretical and Optimization Issues
Krystsina Bakhrankova

13. Cost-Oriented Models of Network Industries Price Regulation
Eleonora Fendekova, Michal Fendek

14. Production Chain Planning in the Automotive Industry
Claas Hemig, Jüurgen Zimmermann

15. Two-Dimensional Guillotineable-Layout Cutting Problems with a Single Defect - An AND/OR-Graph Approach
Vera Neidlein, Andréa C.G. Vianna, Marcos N. Arenales, Gerhard Wäscher

16. The Single Item Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem with Minimum Lot Size Restriction
Irena Okhrin, Knut Richter

17. On the Relation Between Industrial Product-Service Systems and Business Models
Alexander Richter, Marion Steven

18. Dynamic Bid-Price Policies for Make-to-Order Revenue Management
Thomas Spengler, Thomas Volling, Kai Wittek, Derya E. Akyol

19. A GA Based Approach for Solving Multi Criteria Project Scheduling Problems
Felix Bomsdorf, Ulrich Derigs, Elisabeth von Jagwitz

20. Solving the Batch Scheduling Problem with Family Setup Times
Udo Buscher, Liji Shen

21. On Single Machine Scheduling and Due DateAssignment with Positionally Dependent Processing Times
Valery S. Gordon, Vitaly A. Strusevich

22. Scheduling Component Placement Operations for Collect-and-Place Type PCB Assembly Machines
Özgür Kulak, Serol Bulkan, Hans-Otto Günther

23. Scheduling of Multiple R&D{Projects in a Dynamic and Stochastic Environment
Philipp Melchiors, Rainer Kolisch

24. An Evolutionary Algorithm for Sub-Daily/Sub-Shift Staff Scheduling
Volker Nissen, René Birnstiel

25. Scheduling of Modular Production Lines in Mobile Terminal Manufacturing Using MILP
Frank Pettersson, Janne Roslöf

26. Revenue Maximization on Parallel Machines
Malgorzata Sterna, Jacek Juraszek, Erwin Pesch

27. A New Bottleneck-Based Heuristic for Reentrant Job Shops: A Case Study in a Textile Factory
Seyda Topaloglu, Gamze Kilincli

28. Project Scheduling with Precedence Constraints and Scarce Resources: An Experimental Analysis of Commercial Project Management Software
Norbert Trautmann, Philipp Baumann

29. Interactive Multi-Objective Stochastic Programming Approaches for Designing Robust Supply Chain Networks
Amir Azaron, Kai Furmans, Mohammad Modarres

30. A MILP Model for Production and Distribution Planning in Consumer Goods Supply Chains
Bilge Bilgen, Hans-Otto Günther

31. An Exact Discrete-Time Model of a Two-Echelon Inventory System with Two Customer Classes
Lars Fischer, Michael Manitz

32. Supply Chain Coordination Models with Retailer's Attitudes Toward Risk
Harikrishnan K Kanthen, Chhaing Huy

33. Zur Erweiterung der Kennlinientheorie auf mehrstufige Lagersysteme
Karl Inderfurth, Tobias Schulz

34. Setup Cost Reduction and Supply Chain Coordination in Case of Asymmetric Information
Karl Inderfurth, Guido Voigt

35. A Heuristic Approach for Integrating Product Recovery into Post PLC Spare Parts Procurement
Rainer Kleber, Karl Inderfurth

36. The Economic Lot and Supply Scheduling Problem Under a Power-of-Two Policy
Thomas Liske, Heinrich Kuhn

37. Towards Coordination of Decentralized Embedded System Development Processes
Kerstin Schmidt, Grit Walther, Thomas S. Spengler, Rolf Ernst

38. Collaborative Planning: Issues with Asymmetric Cost and Hold-Up in Automotive Supply Chains
Thomas Staeblein

39. Negative Default Dependencies: Do Automotive Suppliers Benefit from Their Competitors' Default?
Stephan M. Wagner, Christoph Bode, Philipp Koziol

40. An Optimization Approach for the Crew Scheduling Problem in Waste Management
Jens Baudach, Annette Chmielewski, Tobias Mankner

41. Milk Run Optimization with Delivery Windows and Hedging Against Uncertainty
Carsten Böhle, Wilhelm Dangelmaier

42. MEFISTO: A Pragmatic Metaheuristic Framework for Adaptive Search with a Special Application to Pickup and Delivery Transports
Andreas Cardeneo, Werner Heid, Frank Radaschewski, Robert Scheffermann, Johannes Spallek

43. Planning in Express Carrier Networks: A Simulation Study
Sascha Dahl, Ulrich Derigs

44. Stability of Airline Schedules
Viktor Dück, Natalia Kliewer, Leena Suhl

45. Waiting Strategies for Regular and Emergency Patient Transportation
Guenter Kiechle, Karl F. Doerner, Michel Gendreau, Richard F. Hartl

46. Eine heuristische Methode zur Erhohung der Robustheit von Mehrdepot-Umlaufplanen im OPNV
Stefan Kramkowski, Christian Meier, Natalia Kliewer

47. The Berth Allocation Problem with a Cut-and-Run Option
Frank Meisel, Christian Bierwirth

48. A Model for the Traveling Salesman Problem Including the EC Regulations on Driving Hours
Herbert Kopfer, Christoph Manuel Meyer

49. Crew Recovery with Flight Retiming
Felix Pottmeyer, Viktor Dück, Natalia Kliewer

50. A Branch-and-Cut Approach to the Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-up
Julia Rieck, Jürgen Zimmermann

51. Vehicle and Commodity Flow Synchronization
Jörn Schönberger, Herbert Kopfer, Bernd-Ludwig Wenning, Henning Rekersbrink

52. Multi-Criteria Optimization for Regional TimetableSynchronization in Public Transport
Ingmar Schüle, Anca Diana Dragan, Alexander Radev, Michael Schröder, Karl-Heinz Küfer

53. Transportation Planning in Dynamic Environments
René Schumann, Thomas Timmermann, Ingo J. Timm

54. The CaSSandra Project: Computing Safe and EfficientRoutes with GIS
Luca Urciuoli, Jonas Tornberg

55. Design and Optimization of Dynamic Routing Problems with Time Dependent Travel Times
Sascha Wohlgemuth, Uwe Clausen

56. An Ant Colony Algorithm for Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Umman Mahir Yildirim, Bülent Ç atay

57. The Comparative Analysis of Different Types of Tax Holidays Under Uncertainty
Vadim Arkin, Alexander Slastnikov, Svetlana Arkina

58. Stochastic Programming Problems with Recourse via Empirical Estimates
Vlasta Kaňková

59. Sorting and Goodness-of-Fit Tests of Uniformity in Random Number Generation
Thomas Morgenstern

60. Constrained Risk-Sensitive Markov Decision Chains
Karel Sladký

61. An EM-based Algorithm for Web Mining Massive Data Sets
Maria João Cortinhal, José G. Dias

62. AgileGIST - a Framework for Iterative Development and Rapid Prototyping of DSS for Combinatorial Problems
Ulrich Derigs, Jan Eickmann

63. Incorporation of Customer Value into Revenue Management
Tobias Martens, Andreas Hilbert

64. Einuss der Adoptoreinstellung auf die Diffusion Komplexer Produkte und Systeme
Sabine Schmidt, Magdalena Miβler-Behr

65. Data Similarity in Classification and Fictitious Training Data Generation
Ralf Stecking, Klaus B. Schebesch

66. Journal Ratings and Their Consensus Ranking
Stefan Theussl, Kurt Hornik

67. The Effect of Framing and Power Imbalance on Negotiation Behaviors and Outcomes
Ali Fehmi Ünal, Gül Gökay Emel

68. Response Mode Bias Revisited - The "Tailwhip" Effect
Rudolf Vetschera, Christopher Schwand, Lea Wakolbinger

69. Enhancing Target Group Selection Using Belief Functions
Ralf Wagner, Jörg Schwerdtfeger

70. A Constraint-Based Approach for the Two-Dimensional Rectangular Packing Problem with Orthogonal Orientations
Martin Berger, Michael Schröder, Karl-Heinz Küfer

71. Detecting Orbitopal Symmetries
Timo Berthold, Marc E. Pfetsch

72. Column Generation Approaches to a Robust Airline Crew Pairing Model For Managing Extra Flights
Elvin Çoban, İbrahim Muter, Duygu Taş, Ş. İlker Birbil, Kerem Bülbül, Güvenç Şahin, Y. İlker Topçu, Dilek Tüzün, Hüsnü Yenigün

73. Approximation Polynomial Algorithms for Some Modifications of TSP
Edward Gimadi

74. MEFISTO: A Pragmatic Metaheuristic Framework for Adaptive Search with a Special Application to Pickup and Delivery Transports
Farhad Hassanzadeh, Mohammad Modarres, Mohammad Saffai

75. A New Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Clique Partitioning Problem
Jörg Rambau, Cornelius Schwarz

76. On the Benefits of Using NP-hard Problems in Branch & Bound
Jörg Rambau, Cornelius Schwarz

77. Automatic Layouting of Personalized Newspaper Pages
Thomas Strecker, Leonhard Hennig

78. A Tabu Search Approach to Clustering
Marcel Turkensteen, Kim A. Andersen

79. Parallel Computation for the Bandwidth Minimization Problem
Khoa T. Vo, Gerhard Reinelt

80. Strengthening Gomory Mixed-Integer Cuts
Franz Wesselmann, Achim Koberstein, Uwe H. Suhl

81. Applied Flexible Correlation Modeling
Frederik Bauer, Martin Missong

82. Forecasting Behavior in Instable Environments
Otwin Becker, Johannes Leitner, Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger

83. Der Einfluss von Kostenabweichungen auf Nash-Gleichgewichte in einem nicht- kooperativen Disponenten-Controller-Spiel
Günter Fandel, Jan Trockel

84. Multilayered Network Games: Algorithms for Solving Discrete Optimal Control Problems with Infinite Time Horizon via Minimal Mean Cost Cycles and a Game-Theoretical Approach
Dmitrii Lozovanu, Stefan Pickl

85. Competitive Facility Placement for Supply Chain Optimization
Andrew Sun, Hugh Liu

86. New Optimization Methods in Data Mining
Süureyya Özöğür-Akyüz, Başak Akteke-Öztürk, Tatiana Tchemisova, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

87. The Features of Solving of the set Partitioning Problems with Moving Boundaries Between Subsets
Tetyana Shevchenko, Elena Kiseleva, Larysa Koriashkina

88. Symmetry in the Duality Theory for Vector Optimization Problems
Martina Wittmann-Hohlbein

89. A Simple Proof for a Characterization of Sign-Central Matrices Using Linear Duality
Rico Zenklusen

90. Vickrey Auctions for Railway Tracks
Ralf Borndörfer, Annette Mura, Thomas Schlechte

91. The Line Connectivity Problem
Ralf Borndörfer, Marika Neumann, Marc E. Pfetsch

92. Heuristics for Budget Facility Location-Network Design Problems with Minisum Objective
Cara Cocking, Gerhard Reinelt, Marc E. Pfetsch

93. Combinational Aspects of Move Up Crews
Holger Flier, Abhishek Gaurav, Marc Nunkesser

94. Combinatorial Aspects of Move-Up Crews for Spreading Processes on Networks
Marco Laumanns, Rico Zenklusen

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Production/Logistics, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming

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