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Survival and Sustainability

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Table of contents

1. Characterization of Serratia sp. K1RP-49 for Application to the Rhizoremediation of Heavy Metals
So-Yeon Koo, Kyung-Suk Cho

2. Predators in ‘Agri-environmental’ Sweden: Rural Heritage and Resistance Against Wolf Propagation
Annelie Sjölander-Lindqvist

3. Seas, Ecological Balance and Sustainable Environment. Heavy Metals in the Water of Lake Ohrid and in Fish Species Belbica – Alburnus alburnus alborella de Filippi
Suzana Aliu, S. Jusufi, Majlinda Daci, Shefket Dehari

4. Space Analysis and the Detection of the Changes for the Follow-Up of the Components Sand-Vegetation in the Area of Mecheria, Algerie
Haddouche Idriss, Mederbal Khaladi, Saidi Slim

5. Biodiversity and Actual Status of Narta and Dukati Lagoons in Albania
Liljana Elmazi, Evelina Bazini

6. Approximation of Sea Surface to Optimize Tide Gauge Network
A.N. Vlasov, D.B. Volkov-Bogorodsky, V.A. Kurochkina, M.G. Mnushkin, C.J. Blasi

7. Improvement of Germination of Three Endemic Species of the Sierra Nevada (S. Spain)
M. Díaz-Miguel, F. Serrano, J.L. Rosúa

8. Early Growth of Quercus castaneifolia (C.A. Meyer) Seedlings as Affected by Weeding, Shading and Irrigation
Masoud Tabari, Javad Mirzaei, Hadi Daroodi

9. The Role of Plant Diversity in Sustainable Exploitation in Highland Rangelands (Alborz Mountain – Iran)
R. Safaian, H. Arzani, H. Azarnivand, N. Safaian

10. Role of Indigenous People in Conservation of Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants: An Indian Case Study
Pooja Joshi, Nilanjana Rao

11. Stand Structure and Spatial Patterns of Trees in Mixed Hyrcanian Beech Forest, Iran
H. Habashi, S.M. Hosseini, R. Rahmani, J. Mohammadi

12. Nutrient-Food Chain Modeling for Lake Prespa
Spiro Grazhdani, Spase Shumka

13. Tolerance of Different Wild Oats Biotypes to Different Oat Killers and Their Impact on Wheat
Imtiaz Khan, Gul Hassan, Muhammad Ishfaq Khan, Meher Gul

14. Effects of l-Proline and Cold Treatment on Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Anther Culture
D. Özkum, R. Tipirdamaz

15. Examination of Some Parameters for Ecological Growth of Maize in Pelic Vertisol
I. Stoimenova, E. Djonova, A. Taleva, N. Kaloyanova

16. Effect of Bacterial and Fungal Abundance in Soil on the Emission of Carbon Dioxide from Soil in Semi-arid Climate in India
Rashmi Kant, Chirashree Ghosh, Lokendra Singh, Neelam Tripathi

17. The Evaluation of Sustainability of Organic Farms in Tuscany
Chiara Certomà, Paola Migliorini

18. Evaluation of the Sustainability on Cultural Heritage and Environmental Factors in Architecture from a Tourism Point of View: Ayvalik Historical City Center
Olcay Çetiner, Ayşegül Çetiner Gökyilmaz

19. Preserving the Mediterranean Landscape: The Role of Local Traditional Food
Giovanni Quaranta, Caterina Salvia

20. Climate Change Critical to Cultural Heritage
P. Brimblecombe, C.M. Grossi, I. Harris

21. Cultural Landscapes and Conservation Issues: Side Case
Elmas Erdogan

22. Survival of the Vernacular Environments in North Cyprus Through Sustainable Tourism Implementation
Özlem Ogaç Türker

23. Environmental Basis of Sustainable Tourism Along Sensitive Coastal Areas – Principles and Applications
D. Orhon, H. Gökçekuş, Seval Sözen

24. Medical Waste Survey in a University Hospital: Do Intern Doctors and Emergency Nurses Know and Pay Attention to Segregation of Wastes?
F. Nur Aksakal, Evin Aras, Mustafa N. İlhan, Sefer Aycan

25. An Investigation of Appropriate Economic Instruments for Preventing the Negative Impacts of Construction Projects on the Environmental Utility
Javad Jassbi, Fatemeh Razavian, Hanieh Nikoomaram

26. “Breaking Eco-limits” in Coal Mining in the Ústí Region in the Czech Republic: Possibilities, Decision-Making and Consequences
Iva Ritschelová, Miroslav Farský, Egor Sidorov

27. Relationship Between Tourist Education and Development Perception About Environmental Impact of Tourism Development
R. Shakeri, A. Barati

28. Assessment of Dangerous Substances Release from Construction Products to Environment
Nicoleta Schiopu, Emmanuel Jayr, Jacques Méhu, Pierre Moszkowicz

29. Challenges of the Implementation of the WEEE Directive in the Danish Context
Chiara Gobbi

30. A Sustainable and Economically Recycling Real Estate Development Project: A Case Study for Istanbul Park
H. Demir, F. Balik Sanli, M. Gur, C. Goksel

31. Analysis of Land Use Changes in Nigeria: With Application of Integrated Bio-economic Spatial Model
Igbekele A. Ajibefun

32. Green Marketing Willingness of Bulgarian Market: Comparison with Italy
Teodoro Gallucci, Giovanni Lagioia, Julia Uzunova, Vesselina Dimitrova

33. The Distribution of Carcinogenic Heavy Metals in Cyprus Soil
M. Ertan Akun, Rezan Fahrioğlu Yamacı, Christophoros Charalambous, Savvas Lechtvich, Mustafa B.A. Djamgoz

34. Biotechnology: A Powerful Tool for Human Survival and Sustainability
Anwar Nasim

35. Ecotourism – Environment Relationship in Contemporary Eastern Europe Countries. Its Facts, Myths and Challenges. The Case of Albania and Macedonia
Liljana Elmazi, Jovan Stojanoski

36. Earthquake is Manmade Catastrophe Rather than a Natural Disaster: Turkey
Özgür Yilmazer, Özlem Yilmazer, Ali Özvan, Yasemin Leventeli, Ilays Yilmazer

37. Mitigation of Seismic Risk on Earthen Buildings
Marcial Blondet

38. Land Use Conversion and Agricultural Intensification in Tropical Hill Slopes: A Geographical Approach
David Lopez Cornelio

39. Role of Renewable Energy in Development of Self Sufficient Housing in Developing Countries
Debashis Sanyal

40. Energy and Environmental Significance of an Alternative Fuels Utilization Produced with to Liquid Technology
Nenad Kukulj, Tomislav Kurevija

41. Sustainability Concept for Energy, Water and Environment Systems
Naim Hamdia Afgan

42. Energy and Sustainable Development: Environmental Impacts of Energy Use in Africa
Muawya Ahmed Hussein

43. Economizing the Energy Consumption in Circular Surface Aerator
Achanta Ramakrishna Rao, Bimlesh Kumar

44. Sewage Biogas Conversion into Electricity by Using Small Systems
Suani Teixeira Coelho, Sílvia Maria Stortini González Velázquez, Osvaldo Stella Martins, Fernando Castro Abreu

45. Algae Biofuels as a Possible Alternative to Environmentally Doubtful Conventional Methods of Biodiesel Production
Tomislav Kurevija, Nenad Kukulj

46. Investigation of Combustion Kinetics of Five Waste Wood Samples with Thermogravimetric Analysis
Sema Yurdakul Yorulmaz, Aysel Atimtay

47. On Integration of Mirror Collector and Stirling Engine for Solar Power System
B.F. Yousif, Ammar Al-Shalabi, Dirk G. Rilling

48. Antioxidant Activities of Molokhia (Corchorus olitorius L.) Extracts
Nilgün Öztürk, Filiz Savaroğlu

49. Solid Medical Waste Management in Healthcare Centers in Palestine
Issam A. Al-Khatib, Mohamed Abu-Dayah, Hussein Hajjeh, Tayseer Al-Shanbleh

50. Sustainable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Hospital Buildings
Çiğdem Belgin Dikmen, Arzuhan Burcu Gültekin

51. The Regional Level of Microelements in the Food Materials
Aida Sahmurova, Gunay (Yildiz) Tore, Atakan Ongen, Suna Ozden Celik

52. Microbiological Pollution Levels of Some Vegetable Specimens Taken From Public Markets of Three Central Towns of Konya-Turkey
K. Gur, H.N. Uçan, Ş. Dursun

53. Assessment of Metal Pollution Based on Multivariate Statistical Modelling of Soils from Gediz and Buyuk Menderes Rivers
M. Bakaç, M.N. Kumru

54. A Commonly Used Pesticide Endosulfan in Diet Could Cause Hepatomegaly and Kidney Tumor When Combined with Nitrosamines
Recai Ogur, Omer Faruk Tekbas

55. Effect of Different Time and Temperature of Various Cooking Methods on Sulfonamide Residues in Chicken Balls
M.R. Ismail-Fitry, S. Jinap, B. Jamilah, A.A. Saleha

56. Reassessment of Tritium Dose Coefficients
A. Melintescu, D. Galeriu, H. Takeda

57. Approaches on H5N1 Avian Influenza Spreading in Relation with Human Health Risk
Monica Popa, Daniela Curşeu, Dana Sîrbu, Ioan Stoian, Adriana Manciu

58. The Relationship Between Infant Methemoglobinemia and Environmental Exposure to Nitrates
Daniela Curşeu, Dana Sîrbu, Monica Popa, Alina Ionutas

59. West Nile Virus: Risk Factors of Spreading, Prevention and Control Measures
Dana Sîrbu, Monica Popa, Daniela Curşeu, Ovidiu Ghiran, Adriana Manciu

60. The Determinants of Improved Water Supply for Rural Households in Kenya: A Differential Diagnosis Framework for Community Health
David W. Nerubucha

61. Health Effects Due to Indoor Air Pollution
John A. Hoskins

62. Promotion of Nursery School Teacher and Junior Grade Teacher Education for Environment and Sustainable Development in the Republic of Croatia According to the Concept of Lifelong Learning
Vinka Uzelac, Dunja Andic

63. Spatial Analyses for Environmental Impacts of Landfill Areas
D.Z. Seker, S. Kaya, N. Musaoglu, H. Demirel, A. Tanik, E. Sertel

64. The Ethical Basis of Environmental Law
Tapan Narayana

65. The Creation of New Ways of Acting in the Water Administration Field – the Implementation of the EU-WFD in Sweden
Petra Adolfsson

66. Education for “Sense of Place” in a Wide, Complex Land. A Challenge for Environmental Education
Andrew Brookes

67. The Humanly Dimension of Media that Affects Masses and Various TV Programmes
Armağan Gökçearslan

68. Engaging the Public in Environmental Decisions: Strategies for Environmental Education and Communication
Martha C. Monroe

69. Reconstruction of the Worldview as Strategy for Environmental Survival and Sustainability
Ibrahim Shogar

70. Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making on Major Energy Projects in Turkey: The Case of BTC Crude Oil Pipeline Project
Nuriye Say, Deniz Babuş

71. From Human Social “Matrix” to Perception of Social Structures and Corporate Actors
David Schnaiter

72. Negative Effects of Creating Environmental Awareness of Public Relations Applications by Alming of Political Propagandas
Emel Tozlu Aslan

73. Monitoring of Wetlands by Using Multitemporal Landsat Data; A Case Study from Fethiye – Turkey
İ. Ozdemir, K. Ozkan, A. Mert, S. Gülsoy

74. Analyzing Changes in Coastal Biospheres using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Techniques, Northern Nile Delta, Egypt
H. Effat, M.N. Hegazy, H.El. Gameely

75. Exploring the Egyptian Terrain Characteristics from Space for Strategic Planning
M. N. Hegazy, H. Effat

76. Composting and Solid Waste Management in Dhaka City
Md. Niamul Bari, Md. Kumruzzaman, Mohammad Harun ur Rashid, Md. Muzibur Rahman

77. Assessment of Dissolved Pollutants in Krishna River Using Mass Balance Approach
M. Chandra Sekhar, B. Shailamber

78. Copper (II) Removal from Water by Natural Zeolites
Sukru Dursun, M. Emin Argun, Nazan Celik, Fatma Celebi

79. Biodegradation of 4-Chlorophenol in Biosurfactant Supplemented Activated Sludge
Ayla Uysal, Aysen Turkman

80. Use of Silk Industry Waste – Silkworm Pupa: A Remediation of Environmental Pollution
B. Noroozi, S.H. Bahrami, M. Arami

81. Using Susceptibility Measurements on Polluted Areas by Exhaust Gases
Ali Aydin

82. Biowaste as a Resource for Bioproduct Development
J. Pieter H. Wyk

83. Textile Azo Dyes Decolourization by Combined Ultrasonication and Microbial Removal
H. Tuğba Gümüşdere, Tuba Artan, Afife Güvenç, Gönül Dönmez, Ülkü Mehmetoğlu

84. Identification of Wastewater Leaching into the Wells by HPLC-SEC Using UV and Fluorescence Detection
Hilda Marta Szabo, Tuula Tuhkanen

85. Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Cotton Stalk: As a Bioadsorbent
Murat Ertaş, Bilal Acemioğlu, M. Hakkı Alma, Mustafa Usta

86. Removal of Cyanide from Solutions by Air Oxidation and Adsorption
Ersin Yener Yazici, Hacı Deveci, İbrahim Alp, Tuğba Yılmaz, Oktay Celep

87. Effects of Various Backwash Scenarios on Membrane Fouling in a Membrane Bioreactor
N. Yigit, G. Civelekoglu, I. Harman, H. Koseoglu, M. Kitis

88. NOx Formation of Co-combustion of Sweet Sorghum – Lignite (Orhaneli) Mixtures in Fluidised Beds
M. Handan Çubuk, Derya B. Özkan, Özlem Emanet

89. Pretreatment of Ceftriaxone Formulation Effluents: Drawbacks and Benefits
T. Tezgel, F. Germirli Babuna, I. Arslan-Alaton, G. Iskender, O. Okay

90. Reducing the Toxicity and Recalcitrance of a Textile Xenobiotic Through Ozonation
F. Germirli Babuna, N. Oructut, I. Arslan-Alaton, G. Iskender, O. Okay

91. Bioidentification of Xenobiotics in Water as a Part of Pollution Control
Valerii Tonkopii

92. Biosorption of CR+6 from Aqueous Solution with Activated Sludge Biosolids (Ref. NO: MT11-OP-475)
Aziz Şencan, H. Cahit Sevindir, Mehmet Kiliç, Mustafa Karaboyaci

93. Effect of Chromium on Growth Attributes in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
M. Fozia Anjum, M. Anjum Zia, M. Ashraf, Z.M. Khalid

94. Use of Surfactants in Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Aras Gezer, Ahmet Karagunduz

95. Co-digestion Approaches to Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste with Primary Sludge for a Municipal Treatment Plant in Turkey
R.K. Dereli, M.E. Ersahin, C.Y. Gomec, O. Ozdemir, Izzet Ozturk

96. Radiochronological Methods as Tools to Study Environmental Pollution
H.N. Erten

97. Are Certain Invertebrate Species Sensitive Bioindicators of the Air Pollution?
Liliana Vasiliu-Oromulu, Viorica Honciuc, Sanda Maican, Cristina Munteanu, Minodora Stănescu, Cristina Fiera, Mihaela Ion, Dorina Purice

98. Determination of Heavy Metal Pollution in Some Honey Samples from Yozgat Province, Turkey
Ahmet Aksoy, Zeliha Leblebici, Yavuz Bağci

99. Removal of Direct Orange-46 from Aqueous Solutions Using MN-Diatomite
Selay Aksoy, Mesut Tekbaş, Güleda Engin, Nihal Bektaş

100. Environmental Problems from the Open Dump in Gümüşhane Province and Investigation of Biological Recycling for the Organic Solid Wastes
S. Serkan Nas, Adem Bayram

101. Adsorption Behavior of Radionuclides, 137Cs and 140Ba, onto Solid Humic Acid
O. Çelebi, H.N. Erten

102. The Fate of Chlortetracycline During the Anaerobic Digestion of Manure from Medicated Calves
Osman A. Arikan

103. Adsorption of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution onto Bentonite
J. Krstić, Z. Mojović, A. Abu Rabi, D. Lončarević, N. Vukelić, D. Jovanović

104. The Evaluation of the Pb(II) Removal Efficiency of Duckweed Lemna Minor (L.) from Aquatic Mediums at Different Conditions
Yağmur Uysal, Fadime Taner

105. Biodegradation of a Tannery and Chemical Plant Producing Asetilsalisilikat Wastewater Mixture
E.U. Cokgor, O. Karahan, D. Orhon

106. Boron Removal in Seawater Desalination by Reverse Osmosis Membranes – the Impacts of Operating Conditions
H. Köseoğlu, N. Kabay, M. Yüksel, S. Sarp, Ö. Arar, M. Kitis

107. Respirometric Evaluation of Strong Wastewater Activated Sludge Treatment for a Complex Chemical Industry
E. Ubay Cokgor, G. Insel, E. Aydin, S. Ozdemir, D. Orhon

108. Cellulose Acetate-Polyethersulfone (CA-PS) Blend Ultrafiltration Membranes for Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment
Ani Idris, Iqbal Ahmad

109. Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Plant of Sakhnin City in Israel by Using Advanced Technologies
Yasar Avsar, Hussein Tarabeah, Shlomo Kimchie, Izzet Ozturk, Hadi Naamneh

110. Removal of Mn(II) Ions from the Aqueous Solutions by Cotton Boll
H. Duygu Ozsoy, Halil Kumbur

111. Optimization of Electrochemical Oxidation of Textile Dye Wastewater Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Bahadır K. Körbahti

112. Dynamic Modelling of Bioconversion of Domestic Wastewater Sludge for Cellulase Enzyme
N.A. Kabbashi, Md. Zahangir Alam, Khadijah B. Abdul Rahim

113. Treatment of H-Acid Containing Wastewater by Wet Peroxide Oxidation
Zhao Binxia, Li Hongya, Wang Jin, Bai Weili, Zhang Xiaoli, Jin Qiting

114. Ambient Ozone Levels in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and Assessment of Its Effect on the Forested Mountain Areas of Southern Turkey
Evrim Akkoyunlu, Rukiye Tipirdamaz, Saime Başaran, Halil Saribaşak, Dudu Özkum, Gülen Güllü

115. Physico-chemical Study of Bagasse and Bagasse Ash from the Sugar Industries of NWFP Pakistan and Remediation of Environmental Problems Caused by Refused Bagasse Ash
Khurshid Ali, Noor-ul-Amin, Tahir Shah, Saeed-ur-Rehman

116. Adsorption of Different Reactive Dyes onto Surfactant-Modified Zeolite: Kinetic and Equilibrium Modeling
Bulent Armagan, Mustafa Turan, Dogan Karadag

117. Water Quality Index for Municipal Water Supply of Attock City, Punjab, Pakistan
Humera Qasim Khan

118. Reaction Kinetics of Spent Reactive Dye Bath Ozonation Process
T. Ölmez, I. Kabdaşlı, O. Tünay

119. Copper Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions by Usıng Red Mud – An Aluminium Industry Waste
Semra Çoruh, Osman Nuri Ergun

120. Global Warming: How Much of a Threat to Tropical Forests?
Philip M. Fearnside

121. The European Sea Level Service Information System for Coastal Activities
Christoph J. Blasi

122. A Review on the Impact of the North Sea – Caspian Pattern (NCP) on Temperature and Precipitation Regimes in the Middle East
H. Kutiel

123. Wave Damping and Retardance by Emergent Vegeatation
Oral Yağci, Umut Türker, M. Sedat Kabdaşli

124. The Effect of Sludge History on Aerobic Sludge Stabilization Efficiency
G. Insel, H. Gökçekuş, S. Sözen, E. Dulekgurgen, D. Orhon

125. Morphological and Physiological Features of an Aerobic Granular EBPR Biomass Fed with Propionate
Ebru Dulekgurgen, Nazik Artan, Derin Orhon

126. Water Quality Variation in a Tank Cascade Irrigation System: A Case Study from Malagane Cascade, Sri Lanka
Kushani Mahatantila, Rohana Chandrajith, H.A.H. Jayasena, Sampath Marasinghe

127. Investigation of Flood Event Possibility over Iran Using Flood Index
Kazem Nosrati, Mohsen Mohseni Saravi, Afsaneh Shahbazi

128. Analysis of First-Flush Load from Urban Catchment in Isfahan, Iran
Afsaneh Shahbazi, Kazem Nosrati, Mohsen Mohseni Saravi

129. Assesment of Ecological Flow for Mountain Rivers of the Kura Basin
Rovshan Abbasov

130. Effictiveness of Water Resources Use in Aral Sea Basin and Lower Reaches of the Amu Darya River
M. Ikramova, A. Khodjiev, K. Misirkhonov

131. Uncertainties in the Water Budget Computations of Develi Closed Basin in Turkey
Ibrahim Gurer, F. Ebru Yildiz

132. Impacts Assessment of Newly Constructed Highways via Spatial Information Sciences
H. Demirel, M. Çetin, N. Musaoglu

133. Water Resources in the Slovak Republic and Their Protection
Jozef Kriš, Faško Martin, Škultétyová Ivona

134. E-Waste Management
Santosh M. Avvannavar, Ravi Kiran Mutnuru, S. Shrihari

135. Extreme Rainfall Events and Uncertainty in the Mediterranean Basin
Hadas Reiser, Haim Kutiel

136. An Investigation of Pesticide Transport in Soil and Groundwater in the Most Vulnerable Site of Bangladesh
Anika Yunus, A.H.M. Faisal Anwar

137. Conservation of Beneficial Insects for Sustainable Agriculture
M. Anjum Suhail, M. Arshad, Jalal Arif, M. Dildar Gogi

138. Organochlorine Pesticides in Soil and Sediment from an Urban Zone of Novi Sad, Serbia
Nataša Ðurišić-Mladenović, Biljana Škrbić, Jelena Cvejanov

139. Conversion of Agricultural Wastes into Value Added Product with High Protein Content by Growing Pleurotus ostreatus
Ahmad Al-Momany, Kholoud Ananbeh

140. Plants as a Source of Biopesticides for Pest Control: A New Perspective
E. Hassan, D. Prijono

141. Study of Some Factors of Variation of intake on Course by Dairy Ewes
T. Najar, Aziza-Guesmi Boubaker, A. Rigueiro-Rodríguez, M.R Mosquera-Losada

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Applied Earth Sciences, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

Publication year
Environmental Earth Sciences
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41 pages
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