Glass, Mogens L.

Cardio-Respiratory Control in Vertebrates

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Table of contents

1. Overview of the Respiratory System
S.C. Wood

2. Gas Transport and Gill Function in Water-Breathing Fish
S.F. Perry, A. Esbaugh, M. Braun, K.M. Gilmour

3. Patterns of Acid–Base Regulation During Exposure to Hypercarbia in Fishes
C.J. Brauner, D.W. Baker

4. Buoyancy Control in Aquatic Vertebrates
B. Pelster

5. Gas Exchange and Control of Respiration in Air-Breathing Teleost Fish
M. L. Glass, F. T. Rantin

6. Effects of Temperature on Cardiac Function in Teleost Fish
A. L. Kalinin, M. J. Costa, F. T. Rantin, M. L. Glass

7. Physiological Evidence Indicates Lungfish as a Sister Group to the Land Vertebrates
M. L. Glass

8. Aestivation in Amphibians, Reptiles, and Lungfish
M. L. Glass, J. Amin-Naves, G. S. F. Silva

9. Trade-offs in the Evolution of the Respiratory Apparatus of Chordates
S. F. Perry, W. Klein, J. R. Codd

10. Environmental Selection Pressures Shaping the Pulmonary Surfactant System of Adult and Developing Lungs
S. Orgeig, C. B. Daniels

11. Midbrain Structures and Control of Ventilation in Amphibians
L. H. Gargaglioni, L. G. S. Branco

12. Comparative Aspects of Hypoxia Tolerance of the Ectothermic Vertebrate Heart
H. Gesser, J. Overgaard

13. Control of the Heart and of Cardiorespiratory Interactions in Ectothermic Vertebrates
E. W. Taylor, T. Wang

14. The Endocrine–Paracrine Control of the Cardiovascular System
B. Tota, M. C. Cerra

15. Stoking the Brightest Fires of Life Among Vertebrates
Raul K. Suarez, Kenneth C. Welch

16. Prenatal Development of Cardiovascular Regulation in Avian Species
J. Altimiras, D.A. Crossley, E. Villamor

17. Control of Breathing in Birds: Implications for High-Altitude Flight
G. R. Scott, W. K. Milsom

18. Peripheral Chemoreceptors in Mammals: Structure, Function and Transduction
P. Kumar

19. Central Chemosensitivity in Mammals
L. K. Hartzler, R. W. Putnam

20. Human Exercise Physiology
S. Volianitis, Niels H. Secher

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Physiology, Evolutionary Biology, Human Physiology, Animal Anatomy / Morphology / Histology

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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