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Innovations in Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

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Table of contents

1. A Comparison of Pixel- and Object-Level Data Fusion Using Lidar and High-Resolution Imagery for Enhanced Classification
S.S. Ali, P.M. Dare, S.D. Jones

2. Combining Texture and Hyperspectral Information for the Classification of Tree Species in Australian Savanna Woodlands
Peter Bunting, Wenda He, Reyer Zwiggelaar, Richard Lucas

3. High-Resolution Satellite Imaging in Remote Regions: A Case Study in Bhutan
J. Poon, C.S. Fraser

4. A New Dataset for Forest Height Across Australia: Pilot Project to Calibrate ICESat Laser Data with Airborne LiDAR
Alex Lee, Peter Scarth, Adam Gerrand

5. Linking Biological Survey Information to Remote Sensing Datasets: A Case Study
K.J. Sheffield, S.D. Jones, J.G. Ferwerda, P. Gibbons, A. Zerger

6. Characterizing the Landsat Global Long-Term Data Record
T. Arvidson, S.N. Goward, D.L. Williams

7. Evaluation of Alternative Sensors for a Landsat-Based Monitoring Program
S.L. Furby, X. Wu

8. Evaluation of CBERS Image Data: Geometric and Radiometric Aspects
X. Wu, J. Guo, J. Wallace, S.L. Furby, P. Caccetta

9. Mapping and Monitoring Wetlands Around the World Using ALOS PALSAR: The ALOS Kyoto and Carbon Initiative Wetlands Products
John Lowry, Laura Hess, Ake Rosenqvist

10. Testing of Alternate Classification Procedures Within an Operational, Satellite Based, Forest Monitoring System
Jared O’Connell, Peter Caccetta

11. An Investigation of the Remote Sensing of Aerosols Based on MODIS Data for Western Australian Conditions
Mark Broomhall, Brendon McAtee, Stefan Maier

12. Improved Near-Real Time Atmospheric Correction of MODIS Data for Earth Observation Applications
Brendon McAtee, Stefan Maier

13. Near-Real Time Satellite Products to Drive Australia-Wide Land Surface Monitoring and Modelling of Surface Water and Energy Balance
I.F. Grant

14. Recent and Future Developments in Meteorological Remote Sensing
D.C. Griersmith, I.F. Grant, A.G. Rea, M.C. Willmott

15. Improved Spatial Resolution of Fire Detection with MODIS Using the 2.1 μm Channel
Florian Goessmann, Stefan W. Maier, Mervyn J. Lynch

16. Characterizing Eucalypt Leaf Phenology and Stress with Spectral Analysis
Karen Barry, Ross Corkrey, Christine Stone, Caroline Mohammed

17. Development of Satellite Vegetation Indices to Assess Grassland Curing Across Australia and New Zealand
Danielle Martin, Ian Grant, Simon Jones, Stuart Anderson

18. Assessment of Grassland Curing Using Field-Based Spectrometry and Satellite Imagery
Danielle Martin, Simon Jones, Ian Grant, Stuart Anderson

19. Airborne Fire Intelligence
R. Cook, A. Walker, S. Wilkes

20. Give Me the Dirt: Detection of Gully Extent and Volume Using High-Resolution Lidar
Alisa Eustace, Matthew Pringle, Christian Witte

21. Integrating Mineralogical Interpretation of HyLogger Data with HyMap Mineral Mapping, Mount Painter, South Australia
A.J. Mauger, S. Hore

22. A Preliminary Study of Mapping Biomass and Cover in NZ Grasslands Using Multispectral Narrow-Band Data
L. Vescovo, M. Tuohy, D. Gianelle

23. Comparing Common Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices for Their Ability to Estimate Seasonal Nitrogen and Other Variables in Winter Wheat Across a Growing Season
J.G. Ferwerda, S.D. Jones, G. O’Leary, R. Belford, G.J. Fitzgerald

24. The Spectral Response of Pastures in an Intensively Managed Dairy System
R. N. Handcock, G. Mata, G. E. Donald, A. Edirisinghe, D. Henry, S.G. Gherardi

25. Using Pasture Growth Rate Data in a National Agricultural Drought Assessment Monitoring Tool
R.G.H. Stovold, M. Adams, S.W. Maier, G. Donald, S. Gherardi, M. Broomhall

26. Investigating the Potential for Mapping Fallow Management Practises Using MODIS Image Data
Ralf-D. Schroers, Robert Denham, Christian Witte

27. Spectral Mixture Analysis for Ground-Cover Mapping
Michael Schmidt, Peter Scarth

28. Vineclipper: A Proximal Search Algorithm to Tie Gps Field Locations to High Resolution Grapevine Imagery
A. Hall, J. Louis

29. Modelling Weed Distribution Across the Northern Australia Using Very Extensive Transects
C. Hempel, N. Preece, K. Harvey, J.C.Z. Woinarski

30. Automated Reconstruction of Buildings Using a Hand Held Video Camera
J.R. Fulton, C.S. Fraser

31. Mapping Seagrass Biomass with Photo-Library Method
Tiit Kutser, Ele Vahtmäe, Chris Roelfsema, Liisa Metsamaa

32. A Comparison of Bathymetric Signatures Observed on ERS SAR and LANDSAT TM Images Over the Timor Sea
Medhavy Thankappan, Craig J.H. Smith

33. Optical Properties of Water Bodies in the Torres Strait, Australia, from Above-Water Reflectance
L.J. Majewski, W.M. Klonowski, M.M. Slivkoff

34. Accordance of MERIS Standard Products over the Gulf of Finland to the Parameters Measured Under Regular Monitoring Program
L. Metsamaa, A. Reinart, K. Alikas, T. Kutser, A. Jaanus

35. Spectral Identification of Oil Slicks on the Ocean
A.P. Radliński

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

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Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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