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Health of Antarctic Wildlife

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Table of contents

2. Health of Antarctic Wildlife: An Introduction
K. R. Kerry, M. J. Riddle

3. Risk of Marine Mammal Die-Offs in the Southern Ocean
J. R. Geraci, V. J. Lounsbury

4. Diseases of Antarctic Seabirds
R. Woods, H. I. Jones, J. Watts, G. D. Miller, G. R. Shellam

5. Diseases and Parasites of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Seals
R. A. McFarlane, R. J. B. Norman, H. I. Jones

6. Infectious Bursal Disease Virus and Antarctic Birds
J. M. Watts, G. D. Miller, G. R. Shellam

7. An Unusual Mortality Event Among Adélie Penguins in the Vicinity of Mawson Station, Antarctica
K. R. Kerry, L. Irvine, A. Beggs, J. Watts

8. Investigation of the 1998 Mass Mortality Event in New Zealand Sea Lions
W. Roe

9. Health Assessment of Weddell Seals, Leptonychotes weddellii, in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
P. K. Yochem, B. S. Stewart, T. S. Gelatt, D. B. Siniff

10. Health Assessment and Diseases of the Weddell seal, Leptonochotes weddelli, in Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica
R. A. McFarlane

11. Health Assessment of the Leopard Seal, Hydrurga leptonyx, in Prydz Bay, Eastern Antarctica and NSW, Australia
R. B. Gray, T. L. Rogers, P. J. Canfield

12. Antarctic Climate, Weather and the Health of Antarctic Wildlife
M. Pook

13. National Antarctic Programs and Their Impact on the Environment
J. Jabour

14. Antarctic Tourism: An Operator’s Perspective
G. Mortimer, E. Prior

15. Human-Mediated Impacts on the Health of Antarctic Wildlife
M. J. Riddle

16. Measuring Stress in Antarctic Seals
C. J. Hogg, T. L. Rogers

17. Sewage Disposal and Wildlife Health in Antarctica
J. J. Smith, M. J. Riddle

18. The International Legal Framework for Protecting the Health of Antarctic Wildlife
D. R. Rothwell

19. The Antarctic Treaty System and Wildlife Health: Disease Awareness, Prevention and Response
M. J. Riddle

Keywords: Life Sciences, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management, Nature Conservation, Animal Ecology, Zoology, Marine & Freshwater Sciences

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Natural Sciences

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