Taupitz, Jochen

CHIMBRIDS - Chimeras and Hybrids in Comparative European and International Research

Taupitz, Jochen - CHIMBRIDS - Chimeras and Hybrids in Comparative European and International Research, ebook


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Table of contents

2. Introduction
Marion Weschka

3. Problems with terminology and definitions
Michael Bader

4. Etymological background and further clarifying remarks
Josef Kuře

5. Scientific background
Michael Bader, Regine Schreiner, Eckhard Wolf

6. Ethics
Autumn Fiester, Marcus Düwell

7. Law
Elisabeth Rynning

8. Case 1 – Muotri: Transfer of human embryonic stem cell-derived neurons in mouse bra
Gisela Badura-Lotter

9. Case 2 – Chen: Interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer
Gisela Badura-Lotter

10. Case 3 – Bailey: Animal-Human Xenotransplantation
Hans-Peter Bernhard

11. Case 4 – Fink: Porcine Xenografts in Parkinson's Disease and Huntington's Disease patients
Hans-Peter Bernhard

12. Case 5 – McCune: The SCID-hu Mouse
Hans-Peter Bernhard

13. Case 6 – EMEA: Transgenic goat producing human antithromb
Michael Bader

14. Case 7 – O’Doherty: Mouse with human chromosome
Michael Bader

15. Case 8 – Yanagimachi: Hamster egg penetration test
Hans-Peter Bernhard

16. Case 9 – Fehilly: Human-animal embryo mixing
Michael Bader

17. Case 10 – Nan et al.: Interspecies gestation
Michael Bader

18. Short Remarks to the cases 1-10 in the light of European legal order
Rainer J. Schweizer, Hans-Peter Bernhard

19. General remarks
Jochen Taupitz, Marion Weschka

20. Scientific overview of human-animal mixtures
Jochen Taupitz, Marion Weschka

21. Ethical Aspects
Jochen Taupitz, Marion Weschka

22. Legal Aspects
Jochen Taupitz, Marion Weschka

23. Recommendations
Jochen Taupitz, Marion Weschka

24. Science
Michael Bader

25. Ethics
Gisela Badura-Lotter, Marcus Düwell

26. Law
Jan C. Joerden, Cornelia Winter

27. Germany: Case 1-10 according to German Law:
Jan C. Joerden, Marion Weschka

28. UK: Case 1-10 according to UK law
Deryck Beyleveld

29. France Legal Issues in French Law: the case studies
Sonia Desmoulin

30. Sweden – Case 1-10 according to Swedish law
Elisabeth Rynning

31. Spain – Case 1-10 according to Spanish law
Carlos María Romeo Casabona, Iñigo de Miguel Beriain

32. Austria – Case 1-10 according to Austrian Law
Erwin Bernats

33. Switzerland Case 1 to 10 according to Swiss Law
Rainer J. Schweizer, Hans-Peter Bernhard

34. USA – Case comments
Timothy Stoltzfus Jost

35. Canada
Sylvie Bordet

36. Israel – Case 1-10 according to Israeli law
Amos Shapira

37. Japan – Case 1-10 according to Japanese Law
Fumio Tokotani

Keywords: Law, Medical Law, Law Theory/Law Philosophy, Ethics, Transgenics

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