Cantner, Uwe

Schumpeterian Perspectives on Innovation, Competition and Growth

Cantner, Uwe - Schumpeterian Perspectives on Innovation, Competition and Growth, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Schumpeterian perspectives on innovation, competition and growth
Uwe Cantner, Jean-Luc Gaffard, Lionel Nesta

2. Innovation, competition, and growth: Schumpeterian ideas within a Hicksian framework
Jean-Luc Gaffard

3. The technology evolving culture: character and consequence
Richard H. Day

4. Motivation, innovation and co-ordination
Brian J. Loasby

5. A micro-meso-macro perspective on the methodology of evolutionary economics: Integrating history, simulation and econometrics
John Foster, Jason Potts

6. Product variety, competition and economic growth
Pier Paolo Saviotti, Andreas Pyka

7. A dual economy model of endogenous growth with R&D and market structure
Thanh Le

8. Technological change and the vertical organization of industries
Tommaso Ciarli, Marco Valente, Riccardo Leoncini, Sandro Montresor

9. Evolutionary micro-dynamics and changes in the economic structure
André Lorentz, Maria Savona

10. The microfoundations of business cycles: an evolutionary, multi-agent model
Giovanni Dosi, Giorgio Fagiolo, Andrea Roventini

11. Technological progress and inequality: an ambiguous relationship
Maurizio Iacopetta

12. Labor market institutions and industrial performance: an evolutionary study
Yılmaz Kılıç aslan, Erol Taymaz

13. Renascent entrepreneurship
Erik Stam, David Audretsch, Joris Meijaard

14. Growing like mushrooms? Sectoral evidence from four large European economies
Carolina Castaldi, Sandro Sapio

15. Diversity in innovation and productivity in Europe
Francesco Crespi, Mario Pianta

16. Heterogeneity of innovation strategies and firm performance
Bianca Potì, Giovanni Cerulli

17. New business formation, growth, and the industry lifecycle
Oliver Falck

18. Division of labor and division of knowledge: A case study of innovation in the video game industry
Patrick Llerena, Thierry Burger-Helmchen, Patrick Cohendet

19. Policies for a new entrepreneurial economy
Gunnar Eliasson

20. Entrepreneurial state: The schumpeterian theory of industrial policy and the East Asian “Miracle”
Alexander Ebner

21. Promoting innovation and competition with patent policy
Gilles Koléda

22. Reinforcing the patent system? Effects of patent fences and knowledge diffusion on the development of new industries, technical progress and social welfare
Murat Yildizoğlu

23. The structure and the emergence of essential patents for standards: Lessons from three IT standards
Sadao Nagaoka, Naotoshi Tsukada, Tomoyuki Shimbo

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economic Growth, R & D/Technology Policy

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