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13th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering

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Table of contents

Track 1. Bioinformatics; Biomedical Imaging; Biomedical instrumentation; Biosignal Processing; Digital Medicine; Neural Systems Engineering

1. Electroencephalograph Signal Analysis During Ujjayi pranayama
S. T. Patil, D. S. Bormane

2. A Study of Stochastic Resonance as a Mathematical Model of Electrogastrography during Sitting Position
Y. Matsuura, H. Takada, K. Yokoyama

3. Possibility of MEG as an Early Diagnosis Tool for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Study of Event Related Field in Missing Stimulus Paradigm
N. Hatsusaka, M. Higuchi, H. Kado

4. New Architecture For NN Based Image Compression For Optimized Power, Area And Speed
K. Venkata Ramanaiah, Cyril Prasanna Raj, K. Lal Kishore

5. A Statistical Model to Estimate Flow Mediated Dilation Using Recorded Finger Photoplethysmogram
R. Jaafar, E. Zahedi, M. A. Mohd Ali

6. Automatic Extraction of Blood Vessels, Bifurcations and End Points in the Retinal Vascular Tree
Edoardo Ardizzone, Roberto Pirrone, Orazio Gambino, Francesco Scaturro

7. Recent Developments in Optimizing Optical Tools for Air Bubble Detection in Medical Devices Used in Fluid Transport
S. Ravichandran, R. Shanthini, R. R. Nur Naadhirah, W. Yikai, J. Deviga, M. Prema, L. Clinton

8. General Purpose Adaptive Biosignal Acquisition System Combining FPGA and FPAA
Pedro Antonio Mou, Chang Hao Chen, Sio Hang Pun, Peng Un Mak, Mang I. Vai

9. Segmentation of Brain MRI and Comparison Using Different Approaches of 2D Seed Growing
K. J. Shanthi, M. Sasi Kumar, C. Kesavdas

10. SQUID Biomagnetometer Systems for Non-invasive Investigation of Spinal Cord Dysfunction
Y. Adachi, J. Kawai, M. Miyamoto, G. Uehara, S. Kawabata, M. Tomori, S. Ishii, T. Sato

11. Human Cardio-Respiro Abnormality Alert System using RFID and GPS — (H-CRAAS)
Ahamed Mohideen, M. Balanagarajan

12. Automatic Sleep Stage Determination by Conditional Probability: Optimized Expert Knowledge-based Multi-Valued Decision Making
Bei Wang, Takenao Sugi, Fusae Kawana, Xingyu Wang, Masatoshi Nakamuara

13. A Study on the Relation between Stability of EEG and Respiration
Young-Sear Kim, Se-Kee Kil, Heung-Ho Choi, Young-Bae Park, Tai-Sung Hur, Hong-Ki Min

14. The Feature-Based Microscopic Image Segmentation for Thyroid Tissue
Y. T. Chen, M. W. Lee, C. J. Hou, S. J. Chen, Y. C. Tsai, T. H. Hsu

15. Heart Disease Classification Using Discrete Wavelet Transform Coefficients of Isolated Beats
G. M. Patil, K. Subba Rao, K. Satyanarayana

16. Non-invasive Techniques for Assessing the Endothelial Dysfunction: Ultrasound Versus Photoplethysmography
M. Zaheditochai, R. Jaafar, E. Zahedi

17. High Performance EEG Analysis for Brain Interface
D. S. Bormane, S. T. Patil, D. T. Ingole, Alka Mahajan

18. Denoising of Transient Visual Evoked Potential using Wavelets
R. Sivakumar

19. A Systematic Approach to Understanding Bacterial Responses to Oxygen Using Taverna and Webservices
S. Maleki-Dizaji, M. Rolfe, P. Fisher, M. Holcombe

20. Permeability of an In Vitro Model of Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)
Rashid Amin, Temiz A. Artmann, Gerhard Artmann, Philip Lazarovici, Peter I. Lelkes

21. Decision Making Algorithm through LVQ Neural Network for ECG Arrhythmias
T. Padma, Madhavi Latha, K. Jayakumar

22. A Low-Noise CMOS Receiver Frontend for NMR-based Surgical Guidance
J. Anders, S. Reymond, G. Boero, K. Scheffler

23. Automated Fluorescence as a System to Assist the Diagnosis of Retinal Blood Vessel Leakage
Vanya Vabrina Valindria, Tati L. R. Mengko, Iwan Sovani

24. A New Method of Extraction of FECG from Abdominal Signal
D. V. Prasad, R. Swarnalatha

25. Analysis of EGG Signals for Digestive System Disorders Using Neural Networks
G. Gopu, R. Neelaveni, K. Porkumaran

26. A Reliable Measurement to Assess Atherosclerosis of Differential Arterial Systems
Hsien-Tsai Wu, Cyuan-Cin Liu, Po-Chun Hsu, Huo-Ying Chang, An-Bang Liu

27. An Automated Segmentation Algorithm for Medical Images
C. S. Leo, C. C. Tchoyoson Lim, V. Suneetha

28. Quantitative Assessment of Movement Disorders in Clinical Practice
Á. Jobbágy, I. Valálik

29. Design and Intra-operative Studies of an Economic Versatile Portable Biopotential Recorder
V. Sajith, A. Sukeshkumar, Keshav Mohan

30. Comparison of Various Imaging Modes for Photoacoustic Tomography
Chi Zhang, Yuanyuan Wang

31. Ultrasonographic Segmentation of Cervical Lymph Nodes Based on Graph Cut with Elliptical Shape Prior
J. H. Zhang, Y. Y. Wang, C. Zhang

32. Computerized Assessment of Excessive Femoral and Tibial Torsional Deformation by 3D Anatomical Landmarks Referencing
K. Subburaj, B. Ravi, M. G. Agarwal

33. Modeling the Microstructure of Neonatal EEG Sleep Stages by Temporal Profiles
V. Krajča, S. Petránek, J. Mohylová, K. Paul, V. Gerla, L. Lhotská

34. Optimization and Characterization of Sodium MRI Using 8-channel 23Na and 2-channel 1H RX/TX Coil
J. R. James, C. Lin, H. Stark, B. M. Dale, N. Bansal

35. Non-invasive Controlled Radiofrequency Hyperthermia Using an MR Scanner and a Paramagnetic Thulium Complex
J. R. James, V. C. Soon, S. M. Topper, Y. Gao, N. Bansal

36. Automatic Processing of EEG-EOG-EMG Artifacts in Sleep Stage Classification
S. Devuyst, T. Dutoit, T. Ravet, P. Stenuit, M. Kerkhofs, E. Stanus

37. Medical Image Registration Using Mutual Information Similarity Measure
Mohamed E. Khalifa, Haitham M. Elmessiry, Khaled M. ElBahnasy, Hassan M. M. Ramadan

38. A Feasibility Study of Commercially Available Audio Transducers in ABR Studies
A. Silva, M. Schier

39. Simultaneous Measurement of PPG and Functional MRI
S. C. Chung, M. H. Choi, S. J. Lee, J. H. Jun, G. M. Eom, B. Lee, G. R. Tack

40. A Study on the Cerebral Lateralization Index using Intensity of BOLD Signal of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
M. H. Choi, S. J. Lee, G. R. Tack, G. M. Eom, J. H. Jun, B. Lee, S. C. Chung

41. A Comparison of Two Synchronization Measures for Neural Data
H. Perko, M. Hartmann, T. Kluge

42. Protein Classification Using Decision Trees With Bottom-up Classification Approach
Bojan Pepik, Slobodan Kalajdziski, Danco Davcev

43. Extracting Speech Signals using Independent Component Analysis
Charles T. M. Choi, Yi-Hsuan Lee

44. Age-Related Changes in Specific Harmonic Indices of Pressure Pulse Waveform
Sheng-Hung Wang, Tse-Lin Hsu, Ming-Yie Jan, Yuh-Ying Lin Wang, Wei-Kung Wang

45. Processing of NMR Slices for Preparation of Multi-dimensional Model
J. Mikulka, E. Gescheidtova, K. Bartusek

46. Application of Advanced Methods of NMR Image Segmentation for Monitoring the Development of Growing Cultures
J. Mikulka, E. Gescheidtova, K. Bartusek

47. High-accuracy Myocardial Detection by Combining Level Set Method and 3D NURBS Approximation
T. Fukami, H. Sato, J. Wu, Thet-Thet-Lwin, T. Yuasa, H. Hontani, T. Takeda, T. Akatsuka

48. Design of a Wireless Intraocular Pressure Monitoring System for a Glaucoma Drainage Implant
T. Kakaday, M. Plunkett, S. McInnes, J. S. Jimmy Li, N. H. Voelcker, J. E. Craig

49. Integrating FCM and Level Sets for Liver Tumor Segmentation
Bing Nan Li, Chee Kong Chui, S. H. Ong, Stephen Chang

50. A Research-Centric Server for Medical Image Processing, Statistical Analysis and Modeling
Kuang Boon Beh, Bing Nan Li, J. Zhang, C. H. Yan, S. Chang, R. Q. Yu, S. H. Ong, Chee Kong Chui

51. An Intelligent Implantable Wireless Shunting System for Hydrocephalus Patients
A. Alkharabsheh, L. Momani, N. Al-Zu’bi, W. Al-Nuaimy

52. Intelligent Diagnosis of Liver Diseases from Ultrasonic Liver Images: Neural Network Approach
P. T. Karule, S. V. Dudul

53. A Developed Zeeman Model for HRV Signal Generation in Different Stages of Sleep
Saeedeh Lotfi Mohammad Abad, Nader Jafarnia Dabanloo, Seyed Behnamedin Jameie, Khosro Sadeghniiat

54. Two wavelengths Hematocrit Monitoring by Light Transmittance Method
Phimon Phonphruksa, Supan Tungjitkusolmun

55. Rhythm of the Electromyogram of External Urethral Sphincter during Micturition in Rats
Yen-Ching Chang

56. Higher Order Spectra based Support Vector Machine for Arrhythmia Classification
K. C. Chua, V. Chandran, U. R. Acharya, C. M. Lim

57. Transcutaneous Energy Transfer System for Powering Implantable Biomedical Devices
T. Dissanayake, D. Budgett, A. P. Hu, S. Malpas, L. Bennet

58. A Complexity Measure Based on Modified Zero-Crossing Rate Function for Biomedical Signal Processing
M. Phothisonothai, M. Nakagawa

59. The Automatic Sleep Stage Diagnosis Method by using SOM
Takamasa Shimada, Kazuhiro Tamura, Tadanori Fukami, Yoichi Saito

60. A Development of the EEG Telemetry System under Exercising
Noriyuki Dobashi, Kazushige Magatani

61. Evaluation of Photic Stimulus Response Based on Comparison with the Normal Database in EEG Routine Examination
T. Fukami, F. Ishikawa, T. Shimada, B. Ishikawa, Y. Saito

62. A Speech Processor for Cochlear Implant using a Simple Dual Path Nonlinear Model of Basilar Membrane
K. H. Kim, S. J. Choi, J. H. Kim

63. Mechanical and Biological Characterization of Pressureless Sintered Hydroxapatite-Polyetheretherketone Biocomposite
Chang Hengky, Bastari Kelsen, Saraswati, Philip Cheang

64. Computerized Cephalometric Line Tracing Technique on X-ray Images
C. Sinthanayothin

65. Brain Activation in Response to Disgustful Face Images with Different Backgrounds
Takamasa Shimada, Hideto Ono, Tadanori Fukami, Yoichi Saito

66. Automatic Segmentation of Blood Vessels in Colour Retinal Images using Spatial Gabor Filter and Multiscale Analysis
P. C. Siddalingaswamy, K. Gopalakrishna Prabhu

67. Automated Detection of Optic Disc and Exudates in Retinal Images
P. C. Siddalingaswamy, K. Gopalakrishna Prabhu

68. Qualitative Studies on the Development of Ultraviolet Sterilization System for Biological Applications
Then Tze Kang, S. Ravichandran, Siti Faradina Bte Isa, Nina Karmiza Bte Kamarozaman, Senthil Kumar

69. From e-health to Personalised Medicine
N. Pangher

70. Quantitative Biological Models as Dynamic, User-Generated Online Content
J. R. Lawson, C. M. Lloyd, T. Yu, P. F. Nielsen

71. Development of Soft Tissue Stiffness Measuring Device for Minimally Invasive Surgery by using Sensing Cum Actuating Method
M.-S. Ju, H.-M. Vong, C.-C. K. Lin, S.-F. Ling

72. A Novel Method to Describe and Share Complex Mathematical Models of Cellular Physiology
D. P. Nickerson, M. L. Buist

73. New Paradigm in Journal Reference Management
Casey K. Chan, Yean C. Lee, Victor Lin

74. Incremental Learning Method for Biological Signal Identification
Tadahiro Oyama, Stephen Karungaru, Satoru Tsuge, Yasue Mitsukura, Minoru Fukumi

75. Metal Artifact Removal on Dental CT Scanned Images by Using Multi-Layer Entropic Thresholding and Label Filtering Techniques for 3-D Visualization of CT Images
K. Koonsanit, T. Chanwimaluang, D. Gansawat, S. Sotthivirat, W. Narkbuakaew, W. Areeprayolkij, P. Yampri, W. Sinthupinyo

76. A Vocoder for a Novel Cochlear Implant Stimulating Strategy Based on Virtual Channel Technology
Charles T. M. Choi, C. H. Hsu, W. Y. Tsai, Yi Hsuan Lee

77. Towards a 3D Real Time Renal Calculi Tracking for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
I. Manousakas, J. J. Li

78. A Novel Multivariate Analysis Method for Bio-Signal Processing
H. H. Lin, S. H. Change, Y. J. Chiou, J. H. Lin, T. C. Hsiao

79. Multi-Wavelength Diffuse Reflectance Plots for Mapping Various Chromophores in Human Skin for Non-Invasive Diagnosis
Shanthi Prince, S. Malarvizhi

80. Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy through Slit Lamp Images
J. David, A. Sukesh Kumar, V. V. Vineeth

81. Tracing of Central Serous Retinopathy from Retinal Fundus Images
J. David, A. Sukesh Kumar, V. Viji

82. A Confidence Measure for Real-time Eye Movement Detection in Video-oculography
S. M. H. Jansen, H. Kingma, R. L. M. Peeters

83. Development of Active Guide-wire for Cardiac Catheterization by Using Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites
B. K. Fang, M. S. Ju, C. C. K. Lin

84. Design and Development of an Interactive Proteomic Website
K. Xin Hui, C. Zheng Wei, Sze Siu Kwan, R. Raja

85. A New Interaction Modality for the Visualization of 3D Models of Human Organ
L. T. Paolis, M. Pulimeno, G. Aloisio

86. Performance Analysis of Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Optimization of Fuzzy Based Epilepsy Risk Level Classifications from EEG Signal Parameters
R. Harikumar, A. Keerthi Vasan, M. Logesh Kumar

87. A Feasibility Study for the Cancer Therapy Using Cold Plasma
D. Kim, B. Gweon, D. B. Kim, W. Choe, J. H. Shin

88. Space State Approach to Study the Effect of Sodium over Cytosolic Calcium Profile
Shivendra Tewari, K. R. Pardasani

89. Preliminary Study of Mapping Brain ATP and Brain pH Using Multivoxel 31P MR Spectroscopy
Ren-Hua Wu, Wei-Wen Liu, Yao-Wen Chen, Hui Wang, Zhi-Wei Shen, Karel ter Brugge, David J. Mikulis

90. Brain-Computer Interfaces for Virtual Environment Control
G. Edlinger, G. Krausz, C. Groenegress, C. Holzner, C. Guger, M. Slater

91. FPGA Implementation of Fuzzy (PD&PID) Controller for Insulin Pumps in Diabetes
V. K. Sudhaman, R. HariKumar

92. Position Reconstruction of Awake Rodents by Evaluating Neural Spike Information from Place Cells in the Hippocampus
G. Edlinger, G. Krausz, S. Schaffelhofer, C. Guger, J. Brotons-Mas, M. Sanchez-Vives

93. Heart Rate Variability Response to Stressful Event in Healthy Subjects
Chih-Yuan Chuang, Wei-Ru Han, Shuenn-Tsong Young

94. Automatic Quantitative Analysis of Myocardial Perfusion MRI
C. Li, Y. Sun

95. Visualization of Articular Cartilage Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
C. L. Poh, K. Sheah

96. A Chaotic Detection Method for Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials
X. Q. Li, Z. D. Deng

97. Speckle Reduction of Echocardiograms via Wavelet Shrinkage of Ultrasonic RF Signals
K. Nakayama, W. Ohyama, T. Wakabayashi, F. Kimura, S. Tsuruoka, K. Sekioka

98. Advanced Pre-Surgery Planning by Animated Biomodels in Virtual Reality
T. Mallepree, D. Bergers

99. Computerized Handwriting Analysis in Children with/without Motor Incoordination
S. H. Chang, N. Y. Yu

100. The Development of Computer-assisted Assessment in Chinese Handwriting Performance
N. Y. Yu, S. H. Chang

101. Novel Tools for Quantification of Brain Responses to Music Stimuli
O. Sourina, V. V. Kulish, A. Sourin

102. An Autocorrection Algorithm for Detection of Misaligned Fingerprints
Sai Krishna Alahari, Abhiram Pothuganti, Eshwar Chandra Vidya Sagar, Venkata Ravi kumar Garnepudi, Ram Prakash Mahidhara

103. A Low Power Wireless Downlink Transceiver for Implantable Glucose Sensing Biosystems
Danny Wen-Yaw Chung, A. C. B. Albason, A. S. L. Lou, A. A. S. Hu

104. Advances in Automatic Sleep Analysis
B. Ahmed, R. Tafreshi

105. Early Cancer Diagnosis by Image Processing Sensors Measuring the Conductive or Radiative Heat
G. Gavriloaia, A. M. Ghemigian, A. E. Hurduc

106. Analysis of Saccadic Eye Movements of Epileptic Patients using Indigenously Designed and Developed Saccadic Diagnostic System
M. Vidapanakanti, S. Kakarla, S. Katukojwala, M. U. R. Naidu

107. System Design of Ultrasonic Image-guided Focused Ultrasound for Blood Brain Barrier disruption
W. C. Huang, X. Y. Wu, H. L. Liu

108. A Precise Deconvolution Procedure for Deriving a Fluorescence Decay Waveform of a Biomedical Sample
H. Shibata, M. Ohyanagi, T. Iwata

109. Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis Using Adaptive Window
H.-Y. Jin, N. V. Thakor, H.-C. Shin

110. Neural Decoding of Single and Multi-finger Movements Based on ML
H.-C. Shin, M. Schieber, N. Thakor

111. Maximum Likelihood Method for Finger Motion Recognition from sEMG Signals
Kyoung-Jin Yu, Kab-Mun Cha, Hyun-Chool Shin

112. Cardiorespiratory Coordination in Rats is Influenced by Autonomic Blockade
M. M. Kabir, M. I. Beig, E. Nalivaiko, D. Abbott, M. Baumert

113. Influence of White Matter Anisotropy on the Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: A Finite Element Study
W. H. Lee, H. S. Seo, S. H. Kim, M. H. Cho, S. Y. Lee, T.-S. Kim

114. Real-time Detection of Nimodipine Effect on Ischemia Model
G. J. Lee, S. K. Choi, Y. H. Eo, J. E. Lim, J. H. Park, J. H. Han, B. S. Oh, H. K. Park

115. Windowed Nonlinear Energy Operator-based First-arrival Pulse Detection for Ultrasound Transmission Computed Tomography
S. H. Kim, C. H. Kim, E. Savastyuk, T. Kochiev, H.-S. Kim, T.-S. Kim

116. Digital Dental Model Analysis
Wisarut Bholsithi, Chanjira Sinthanayothin

117. Cervical Cell Classification using Fourier Transform
Thanatip Chankong, Nipon Theera-Umpon, Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul

118. An Oscillometry-Based Approach for Measuring Blood Flow of Brachial Arteries
S.-H. Liu, J.-J. Wang, K.-S. Huang

119. Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Myocardial Ischemia Identification with Pulse Waveform Analysis
Shing-Hong Liu, Kang-Ming Chang, Chu-Chang Tyan

120. Study of the Effect of Short-Time Cold Stress on Heart Rate Variability
J.-J. Wang, C.-C. Chen

121. A Reflection-Type Pulse Oximeter Using Four Wavelengths Equipped with a Gain-Enhanced Gated-Avalanche-Photodiode
T. Miyata, T. Iwata, T. Araki

122. Estimation of Central Aortic Blood Pressure using a Noninvasive Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Yuan-Ta Shih, Yi-Jung Sun, Chen-Huan Chen, Hao-min Cheng, Hu Wei-Chih

123. Design of a PDA-based Asthma Peak Flow Monitor System
C.-M. Wu, C.-W. Su

124. Development of the Tongue Diagnosis System by Using Surface Coating Mirror
Y. J. Jeon, K. H. Kim, H. H. Ryu, J. Lee, S. W. Lee, J. Y. Kim

125. Design a Moving Artifacts Detection System for a Radial Pulse Wave Analyzer
J. Lee, Y. J. Woo, Y. J. Jeon, Y. J. Lee, J. Y. Kim

126. A Real-time Interactive Editor for 3D Image Registration
T. McPhail, J. Warren

127. A Novel Headset with a Transmissive PPG Sensor for Heart Rate Measurement
Kunsoo Shin, Younho Kim, Sanggon Bae, Kunkook Park, Sookwan Kim

128. Improvement on Signal Strength Detection of Radio Imaging Method for Biomedical Application
I. Hieda, K. C. Nam

129. Feature Extraction Methods for Tongue Diagnostic System
K. H. Kim, J.-H. Do, Y. J. Jeon, J.-Y. Kim

130. Mechanical-Scanned Low-Frequency (28-kHz) Ultrasound to Induce localized Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption
C. Y. Ting, C. H. Pan, H. L. Liu

131. Feasibility Study of Using Ultrasound Stimulation to Enhancing Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption in a Brain Tumor Model
C. H. Pan, C. Y. Ting, C. Y. Huang, P. Y. Chen, K. C. Wei, H. L. Liu

132. On Calculating the Time-Varying Elastance Curve of a Radial Artery Using a Miniature Vibration Method
S. Chang, J.-J. Wang, H.-M. Su, C.-P. Liu

133. A Wide Current Range Readout Circuit with Potentiostat for Amperometric Chemical Sensors
W. Y. Chung, S. C. Cheng, C. C. Chuang, F. R. G. Cruz

134. Multiple Low-Pressure Sonications to Improve Safety of Focused-Ultrasound Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption: In a 1.5-MHz Transducer Setup
P. H. Hsu, J. J. Wang, K. J. Lin, J. C. Chen, H. L. Liu

135. Phase Synchronization Index of Vestibular System Activity in Schizophrenia
S. Haghgooie, B. J. Lithgow, C. Gurvich, J. Kulkarni

136. Constrained Spatiotemporal ICA and Its Application for fMRI Data Analysis
Tahir Rasheed, Young-Koo Lee, Tae-Seong Kim

137. ARGALI: An Automatic Cup-to-Disc Ratio Measurement System for Glaucoma Analysis Using Level-set Image Processing
J. Liu, D. W. K. Wong, J. H. Lim, H. Li, N. M. Tan, Z. Zhang, T. Y. Wong, R. Lavanya

138. Validation of an In Vivo Model for Monitoring Trabecular Bone Quality Changes Using Micro CT, Archimedes-based Volume Fraction Measurement and Serial Milling
B. H. Kam, M. J. Voor, S. Yang, R. Burden, S. Waddell

139. A Force Sensor System for Evaluation of Behavioural Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury in Rats
Y. C. Wei, M. W. Chang, S. Y. Hou, M. S. Young

140. Flow Imaging and Validation of MR Fluid Motion Tracking
K. K. L. Wong, R. M. Kelso, S. G. Worthley, P. Sanders, J. Mazumdar, D. Abbott

141. High Frequency Electromagnetic Thermotherapy for Cancer Treatment
Sheng-Chieh Huang, Chih-Hao Huang, Xi-Zhang Lin, Gwo-Bin Lee

142. Real-Time Electrocardiogram Waveform Classification Using Self-Organization Neural Network
C. C. Chiu, C. L. Hsu, B. Y. Liau, C. Y. Lan

143. The Design of Oximeter in Sleep Monitoring
C. H. Lu, J. H. Lin, S. T. Tang, Z. X. You, C. C. Tai

144. Integration of Image Processing from the Insight Toolkit (ITK) and the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) in Java Language for Medical Imaging Applications
D. Gansawat, W. Jirattiticharoen, S. Sotthivirat, K. Koonsanit, W. Narkbuakaew, P. Yampri, W. Sinthupinyo

145. ECG Feature Extraction by Multi Resolution Wavelet Analysis based Selective Coefficient Method
Saurabh Pal, Madhuchhanda Mitra

146. Microarray Image Denoising using Spatial Filtering and Wavelet Transformation
A. Mastrogianni, E. Dermatas, A. Bezerianos

147. Investigation of a Classification about Time Series Signal Using SOM
Y. Nitta, M. Akutagawa, T. Emoto, T. Okahisa, H. Miyamoto, Y. Ohnishi, M. Nishimura, S. Nakane, R. Kaji, Y. Kinouchi

148. PCG Spectral Pattern Classification: Approach to Cardiac Energy Signature Identification
Abbas K. Abbas, Rasha Bassam

149. Characteristic of AEP and SEP for Localization of Evoked Potential by Recalling
K. Mukai, Y. Kaji, F. Shichijou, M. Akutagawa, Y. Kinouchi, H. Nagashino

150. Automatic Detection of Left and Right Eye in Retinal Fundus Images
N. M. Tan, J. Liu, D. W. K. Wong, J. H. Lim, H. Li, S. B. Patil, W. Yu, T. Y. Wong

151. Visualizing Occlusal Contact Points Using Laser Surface Dental Scans
L. T. Hiew, S. H. Ong, K. W. C. Foong

152. Modeling Deep Brain Stimulation
Charles T. M. Choi, Yen-Ting Lee

153. Implementation of Trajectory Analysis System for Metabolic Syndrome Detection
Hsien-Tsai Wu, Di-Song Yzng, Huo-Ying Chang, An-Bang Liu, Hui-Ming Chung, Ming-Chien Liu, Lee-Kang Wong

154. Diagnosis of Hearing Disorders and Screening using Artificial Neural Networks based on Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions
V. P. Jyothiraj, A. Sukesh Kumar

155. Detection of Significant Biclusters in Gene Expression Data using Reactive Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Algorithm
Smitha Dharan, Achuthsankar S. Nair

156. Development of Noninvasive Thrombus Detection System with Near-Infrared Laser and Photomultiplier for Artificial Hearts
S. Tsujimura, H. Koguchi, T. Yamane, T. Tsutsui, Y. Sankai

157. Using Saliency Features for Graphcut Segmentation of Perfusion Kidney Images
Dwarikanath Mahapatra, Ying Sun

158. Low Power Electrocardiogram QRS Detection in Real-Time
E. Zoghlami Ayari, R. Tielert, N. Wehn

159. Analytical Decision Making from Clinical Data-Diagnosis and Classification of Epilepsy Risk Levels from EEG Signals-A Case Study
V. K. Sudhaman, R. Sukanesh, R. HariKumar

160. Magnetic field transducers based on the phase characteristics of GMI sensors and aimed at biomedical applications
E. Costa Silva, L. A. P. Gusmão, C. R. Hall Barbosa, E. Costa Monteiro

161. Effects of Task Difficulty and Training of Visuospatial Working Memory Task on Brain Activity
Takayasu Ando, Keiko Momose, Keita Tanaka, Keiichi Saito

162. Retrieval of MR Kidney Images by Incorporating Shape Information in Histogram of Low Level Features
D. Mahapatra, S. Roy, Y. Sun

163. Performance Comparison of Bone Segmentation on Dental CT Images
P. Yampri, S. Sotthivirat, D. Gansawat, K. Koonsanit, W. Narkbuakaew, W. Areeprayolkij, W. Sinthupinyo

164. Multi Scale Assessment of Bone Architecture and Quality from CT Images
T. Kalpalatha Reddy, N. Kumaravel

165. An Evolutionary Heuristic Approach for Functional Modules Identification from Composite Biological Data
I. A. Maraziotis, A. Dragomir, A. Bezerianos

166. An Empirical Approach for Objective Pain Measurement using Dermal and Cardiac Parameters
K. Shankar, BharathiSubbiah V. Subbiah, Daniel Jackson

167. A Diagnosis Support System for Finger Tapping Movements Using Magnetic Sensors and Probabilistic Neural Networks
K. Shima, T. Tsuji, A. Kandori, M. Yokoe, S. Sakoda

168. Increasing User Functionality of an Auditory P3 Brain-Computer Interface for Functional Electrical Stimulation Application
A. S. J. Bentley, C. M. Andrew, L. R. John

169. An Electroencephalogram Signal based Triggering Circuit for controlling Hand Grasp in Neuroprosthetics
G. Karthikeyan, Debdoot Sheet, M. Manjunatha

170. A Novel Channel Selection Method Based on Partial KL Information Measure for EMG-based Motion Classification
T. Shibanoki, K. Shima, T. Tsuji, A. Otsuka, T. Chin

171. A Mobile Phone for People Suffering From The Locked In Syndrome
D. Thiagarajan, Anupama. V. Iyengar

172. Generating Different Views of Clinical Guidelines Using Ontology Based Semantic Annotation
Rajendra Singh Sisodia, Puranjoy Bhattacharya, V. Pallavi

173. A High-Voltage Discharging System for Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Therapy
I. Manousakas, S. M. Liang, L. R. Wan

174. Development of the Robot Arm Control System Using Forearm SEMG
Yusuke Wakita, Noboru Takizawa, Kentaro Nagata, Kazushige Magatani

175. Tissue Classification from Brain Perfusion MR Images Using Expectation-Maximization Algorithm Initialized by Hierarchical Clustering on Whitened Data
Y. T. Wu, Y. C. Chou, C. F. Lu, S. R. Huang, W. Y. Guo

176. Enhancement of Signal-to-noise Ratio of Peroneal Nerve Somatosensory Evoked Potential Using Independent Component Analysis and Time-Frequency Template
C. I. Hung, Y. R. Yang, R. Y. Wang, W. L. Chou, J. C. Hsieh, Y. T. Wu

177. Multi-tissue Classification of Diffusion-Weighted Brain Images in Multiple System Atrophy Using Expectation Maximization Algorithm Initialized by Hierarchical Clustering
C. F. Lu, P. S. Wang, B. W. Soong, Y. C. Chou, H. C. Li, Y. T. Wu

178. Small-world Network for Investigating Functional Connectivity in Bipolar Disorder: A Functional Magnetic Images (fMRI) Study
S. Teng, P. S. Wang, Y. L. Liao, T.-C. Yeh, T.-P. Su, J. C. Hsieh, Y. T. Wu

179. Fractal Dimension Analysis for Quantifying Brain Atrophy of Multiple System Atrophy of the Cerebellar Type (MSA-C)
Z. Y. Wang, B. W. Soong, P. S. Wang, C. W. Jao, K. K. Shyu, Y. T. Wu

180. A Novel Method in Detecting CCA Lumen Diameter and IMT in Dynamic B-mode Sonography
D. C. Cheng, Q. Pu, A. Schmidt-Trucksaess, C. H. Liu

181. Acoustic Imaging of Heart Using Microphone Arrays
H. Kajbaf, H. Ghassemian

182. Statistical Variations of Ultrasound Backscattering From the Blood under Steady Flow
Chih-Chung Huang, Yi-Hsun Lin, Shyh-Hau Wang

183. Employing Microbubbles and High-Frequency Time-Resolved Scanning Acoustic Microscopy for Molecular Imaging
P. Anastasiadis, A. L. Klibanov, C. Layman, W. Bost, P. V. Zinin, R. M. Lemor, J. S. Allen

184. Application of Fluorescently Labeled Lectins for the Visualization of Biofilms of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa by High-Frequency Time-Resolved Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
P. Anastasiadis, K. Mojica, C. Layman, M. L. Matter, J. Henneman, C. Barnes, J. S. Allen

185. A Comparative Study for Disease Identification from Heart Auscultation using FFT, Cepstrum and DCT Correlation Coefficients
Swanirbhar Majumder, Saurabh Pal, Pranab Kishore Dutta

186. Multi Resolution Analysis of Pediatric ECG Signal
Srinivas Kachibhotla, Shamla Mathur

187. 3D CT Craniometric Study of Thai Skulls Revelance to Sex Determination Using ogistic Regression Analysis
S. Rooppakhun, S. Piyasin, K. Sitthiseripratip

188. Analysis of Quantified Indices of EMG for Evaluation of Parkinson’s Disease
B. Sepehri, A. Esteki, G. A. Shahidi, M. Moinodin

189. A Test for the Assessment of Reaction Time for Narcotic Rehabilitation Patients
S. G. Patil, T. J. Gale, C. R. Clive

Track 2. Biosensors, Biochips & BioMEMs; Nanobiotechnology

190. Microdevice for Trapping Circulating Tumor Cells for Cancer Diagnostics
S. J. Tan, L. Yobas, G. Y. H. Lee, C. N. Ong, C. T. Lim

191. In-situ Optical Oxygen Sensing for Bio-artificial Liver Bioreactors
V. Nock, R. J. Blaikie, T. David

192. Quantitative and Indirect Qualitative Analysis Approach for Nanodiamond Using SEM Images and Raman Response
S. Niranjana, B. S. Satyanarayana, U. C. Niranjan, Shounak De

193. Non-invasive Acquisition of Blood Pulse Using Magnetic Disturbance Technique
Chee Teck Phua, Gaëlle Lissorgues, Bruno Mercier

194. Microfabrication of high-density microelectrode arrays for in vitro applications
Lionel Rousseau, Gaëlle Lissorgues, Fabrice Verjus, Blaise Yvert

195. A MEMS-based Impedance Pump Based on a Magnetic Diaphragm
C. Y. Lee, Z. H. Chen, C. Y. Wen, L. M. Fu, H. T. Chang, R. H. Ma

196. Sample Concentration and Auto-location With Radiate Microstructure Chip for Peptide Analysis by MALDI-MS
Shun-Yuan Chen, Chih-Sheng Yu, Jun-Sheng Wang, Chih-Cheng Huang, Yi-Chiuen Hu

197. The Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles via Seed-Mediated Process and its Cytotoxicity Studies
J.-H. Huang, H. J. Parab, R. S. Liu, T.-C. Lai, M. Hsiao, C. H. Chen, D.-P. Tsai, Y.-K. Hwu

198. Characterization of Functional Nanomaterials in Cosmetics and its Cytotoxic Effects
J.-H. Huang, H. J. Parab, R. S. Liu, T.-C. Lai, M. Hsiao, C. H. Chen, Y. K. Hwu

199. Design and Analysis of MEMS based Cantilever Sensor for the Detection of Cardiac Markers in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Sree Vidhya, Lazar Mathew

200. Integrating Micro Array Probes with Amplifier on Flexible Substrate
J. M. Lin, P. W. Lin, L. C. Pan

201. Investigating Combinatorial Drug Effects on Adhesion and Suspension Cell Types Using a Microfluidic-Based Sensor System
S. Arora, C. S. Lim, M. Kakran, J. Y. A. Fool, M. K. Sakharkar, P. Dixit, J. Miao

202. Organic Phase Coating of Polymers onto Agarose Microcapsules for Encapsulation of Biomolecules with High Efficiency
J. Bai, W. C. Mak, X. Y. Chang, D. Trau

203. LED Based Sensor System for Non-Invasive Measurement of the Hemoglobin Concentration in Human Blood
U. Timm, E. Lewis, D. McGrath, J. Kraitl, H. Ewald

204. Amperometric Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors with Multivalent Metal Oxide-Modified Electrodes for Biomedical Analysis
Tesfaye Waryo, Petr Kotzian, Sabina Begić, Petra Bradizlova, Negussie Beyene, Priscilla Baker, Boitumelo Kgarebe, Emir Turkušić, Emmanuel Iwuoha, Karel Vytřas, Kurt Kalcher

205. Patch-Clamping in Droplet Arrays: Single Cell Positioning via Dielectrophoresis
J. Reboud, M. Q. Luong, C. Rosales, L. Yobas

206. Label-free Detection of Proteins with Surface-functionalized Silicon Nanowires
R. E. Chee, J. H. Chua, A. Agarwal, S. M. Wong, G. J. Zhang

207. Bead-based DNA Microarray Fabricated on Porous Polymer Films
J. T. Cheng, J. Li, N. G. Chen, P. Gopalakrishnakone, Y. Zhang

208. Monolithic CMOS Current-Mode Instrumentation Amplifiers for ECG Signals
S. P. Almazan, L. I. Alunan, F. R. Gomez, J. M. Jarillas, M. T. Gusad, M. Rosales

209. Cells Separation by Traveling Wave Dielectrophoretic Microfluidic Devices
T. Maturos, K. Jaruwongrangsee, A. Sappat, T. Lomas, A. Wisitsora-at, P. Wanichapichart, A. Tuantranont

210. A Novel pH Sensor Based on the Swelling of A Hydrogel Membrane
K. F. Chou, Y. C. Lin, H. Y. Chen, S. Y. Huang, Z. Y. Lin

211. Simulation and Experimental Study of Electrowetting on Dielectric (EWOD) Device for a Droplet Based Polymerase Chain Reaction System
K. Ugsornrat, T. Maturus, A. Jomphoak, T. Pogfai, N. V. Afzulpurkar, A. Wisitsoraat, A. Tuantranont

212. A Label-Free Impedimetric Immunosensor Based on Humidity Sensing Properties of Barium Strontium Titanate
M. Rasouli, O. K. Tan, L. L. Sun, B. W. Mao, L. H. Gan

213. Physical Way to Enhance the Quantum Yield and Analyze the Photostability of Fluorescent Gold Clusters
D. F. Juan, C. A. J. Lin, T. Y. Yang, C. J. Ke, S. T. Lin, J. Y. Chen, W. H. Chang

214. Biocompatibility Study of Gold Nanoparticles to Human Cells
J. H. Fan, W. I. Hung, W. T. Li, J. M. Yeh

215. Gold Nanorods Modified with Chitosan As Photothermal Agents
Chia-Wei Chang, Chung-Hao Wang, Ching-An Peng

216. QDs Capped with Enterovirus As Imaging Probes for Drug Screening
Chung-Hao Wang, Ching-An Peng

217. Elucidation of Driving Force of Neutrophile in Liquid by Cytokine Concentration Gradient
M. Tamagawa, K. Matsumura

218. Development of a Biochip Using Antibody-covered Gold Nano-particles to Detect Antibiotics Resistance of Specific Bacteria
Jung-Tang Huang, Meng-Ting Chang, Guo-Chen Wang, Hua-Wei Yu, Jeen Lin

219. Photothermal Ablation of Stem-Cell Like Glioblastoma Using Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized with Anti-CD133
Chung-Hao Wang, Yao-Jhang Huang, Ching-An Peng

220. A Design of Smart Dust to Study the Hippocampus
Anupama V. Iyengar, D. Thiagarajan

221. Determination of Affinity Constant from Microfluidic Binding Assay
D. Tan, P. Roy

222. Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation from Dengue Virus Using a Chip-Based RNA Extractor in a Self-Contained Microsystem
L. Zhang, Siti R. M. Rafei, L. Xie, Michelle B.-R. Chew, C. S. Premchandra, H. M. Ji, Y. Chen, L. Yobas, R. Rajoo, K. L. Ong, Rosemary Tan, Kelly S. H. Lau, Vincent T. K. Chow, C. K. Heng, K.-H. Teo

223. In-Vitro Transportation of Drug Molecule by Actin Myosin Motor System
Harsimran Kaur, Suresh Kumar, Inderpreet Kaur, Kashmir Singh, Lalit M. Bharadwaj

Track 3. Clinical Engineering; Telemedicine & Healthcare; Computer-Assisted Surgery; Medical Robotics; Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology

224. Tumour Knee Replacement Planning in a 3D Graphics System
K. Subburaj, B. Ravi, M. G. Agarwal

225. Color Medical Image Vector Quantization Coding Using K-Means: Retinal Image
Agung W. Setiawan, Andriyan B. Suksmono, Tati R. Mengko

226. Development of the ECG Detector by Easy Contact for Helping Efficient Rescue Operation
Takahiro Asaoka, Kazushige Magatani

227. A Navigation System for the Visually Impaired Using Colored Guide Line and RFID Tags
Tatsuya Seto, Yuriko Shiidu, Kenji Yanashima, Kazushige Magatani

228. A Development of the Equipment Control System Using SEMG
Noboru Takizawa, Yusuke Wakita, Kentaro Nagata, Kazushige Magatani

229. The Analysis of a Simultaneous Measured Forearm’s EMG and f-MRI
Tsubasa Sasaki, Kentaro Nagata, Masato Maeno, Kazushige Magatani

230. Development of A Device to Detect SPO2 which is Installed on a Rescue Robot
Yoshiaki Kanaeda, Takahiro Asaoka, Kazushige Magatani

231. A Estimation Method for Muscular Strength During Recognition of Hand Motion
Takemi Nakano, Kentaro Nagata, Masahumi Yamada, Kazusige Magatani

232. The Navigation System for the Visually Impaired Using GPS
Tomoyuki Kanno, Kenji Yanashima, Kazushige Magatani

233. Investigation of Similarities among Human Joints through the Coding System of Human Joint Properties—Part 1
S. C. Chen, S. T. Hsu, C. L. Liu, C. H. Yu

234. Investigation of Similarities among Human Joints through the Coding System of Human Joint Properties—Part 2
S. C. Chen, S. T. Hsu, C. L. Liu, C. H. Yu

235. Circadian Rhythm Monitoring in HomeCare Systems
M. Cerny, M. Penhaker

236. Effects of Muscle Vibration on Independent Finger Movements
B.-S. Yang, S.-J. Chen

237. Modelling Orthodontal Braces for Non-invasive Delivery of Anaesthetics in Dentistry
S. Ravichandran

238. Assessment of the Peripheral Performance and Cortical Effects of SHADE, an Active Device Promoting Ankle Dorsiflexion
S. Pittaccio, S. Viscuso, F. Tecchio, F. Zappasodi, M. Rossini, L. Magoni, S. Pirovano, S. Besseghini, F. Molteni

239. A Behavior Mining Method by Visual Features and Activity Sequences in Institution-based Care
J. H. Huang, C. C. Hsia, C. C. Chuang

240. Chronic Disease Recurrence Prediction Model for Diabetes Mellitus Patients’ Long-Term Caring
Chia-Ming Tung, Yu-Hsien Chiu, Chi-Chun Shia

241. The Study of Correlation between Foot-pressure Distribution and Scoliosis
J. H. Park, S. C. Noh, H. S. Jang, W. J. Yu, M. K. Park, H. H. Choi

242. Sensitivity Analysis in Sensor HomeCare Implementation
M. Penhaker, R. Bridzik, V. Novak, M. Cerny, M. Rosulek

243. Fall Detection Unit for Elderly
Arun Kumar, Fazlur Rahman, Tracey Lee

244. Reduction of Body Sway Can Be Evaluated By Sparse Density during Exposure to Movies on Liquid Crystal Displays
H. Takada, K. Fujikake, M. Omori, S. Hasegawa, T. Watanabe, M. Miyao

245. Effects of Phototherapy to Shangyingxiang Xue on Patients with Allergic Rhinitis
K.-H. Hu, D.-N. Yan, W.-T. Li

246. The Study of Neural Correlates on Body Ownership Modulated By the Sense of Agency Using Virtual Reality
W. H. Lee, J. H. Ku, H. R. Lee, K. W. Han, J. S. Park, J. J. Kim, I. Y. Kim, S. I. Kim

247. Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes Mellitus through a Knowledge-Based System
Morium Akter, Mohammad Shorif Uddin, Aminul Haque

248. Modeling and Mechanical Design of a MRI-Guided Robot for Neurosurgery
Z. D. Hong, C. Yun, L. Zhao

249. The Study for Multiple Security Mechanism in Healthcare Information System for Elders
C. Y. Huang, J. L. Su

250. Individual Movement Trajectories in Smart Homes
M. Chan, S. Bonhomme, D. Estève, E. Campo

251. MR Image Reconstruction for Positioning Verification with a Virtual Simulation System for Radiation Therapy
C. F. Jiang, C. H. Huang, T. S. Su

252. Experimental setup of hemilarynx model for microlaryngeal surgery applications
J. Q. Choo, D. P. C. Lau, C. K. Chui, T. Yang, S. H. Teoh

253. Virtual Total Knee Replacement System Based on VTK
Hui Ding, Tianzhu Liang, Guangzhi Wang, Wenbo Liu

254. Motor Learning of Normal Subjects Exercised with a Shoulder-Elbow Rehabilitation Robot
H. H. Lin, M. S. Ju, C. C. K. Lin, Y. N. Sun, S. M. Chen

255. Using Virtual Markers to Explore Kinematics of Articular Bearing Surfaces of Knee Joints
Guangzhi Wang, Zhonglin Zhu, Hui Ding, Xiao Dang, Jing Tang, Yixin Zhou

256. Simultaneous Recording of Physiological Parameters in Video-EEG Laboratory in Clinical and Research Settings
R. Bridzik, V. Novák, M. Penhaker

257. Preliminary Modeling for Intra-Body Communication
Y. M. Gao, S. H. Pun, P. U. Mak, M. Du, M. I. Vai

258. Application of the Home Telecare System in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Syndrome
P. Ladyzynski, J. M. Wojcicki, P. Foltynski, G. Rosinski, J. Krzymien, B. Mrozikiewicz-Rakowska, K. Migalska-Musial, W. Karnafel

In-vitro Evaluation Method to Measure the Radial Force of Various Stents
Y. Okamoto, T. Tanaka, H. Kobashi, K. Iwasaki, M. Umezu

260. Motivating Children with Attention Deficiency Disorder Using Certain Behavior Modification Strategies
Huang Qunfang Jacklyn, S. Ravichandran

261. Development of a Walking Robot for Testing Ankle Foot Orthosis-Robot Validation Test
H. J. Lai, C. H. Yu, W. C. Chen, T. W. Chang, K. J. Lin, C. K. Cheng

262. Regeneration of Speech in Voice-Loss Patients
H. R. Sharifzadeh, I. V. McLoughlin, F. Ahmadi

263. Human Gait Analysis using Wearable Sensors of Acceleration and Angular Velocity
R. Takeda, S. Tadano, M. Todoh, S. Yoshinari

264. Deformable Model for Serial Ultrasound Images Segmentation: Application to Computer Assisted Hip Athroplasty
A. Alfiansyah, K. H. Ng, R. Lamsudin

265. Bone Segmentation Based on Local Structure Descriptor Driven Active Contour
A. Alfiansyah, K. H. Ng, R. Lamsudin

266. An Acoustically-Analytic Approach to Behavioral Patterns for Monitoring Living Activities
Kuang-Che Liu, Gwo-Lang Yan, Yu-Hsien Chiu, Ming-Shih Tsai, Kao-Chi Chung

267. Implementation of Smart Medical Home Gateway System for Chronic Patients
Chun Yu, Jhih-Jyun Yang, Tzu-Chien Hsiao, Pei-Ling Liu, Kai-Ping Yao, Chii-Wann Lin

268. A Comparative Study of Fuzzy PID Control Algorithm for Position Control Performance Enhancement in a Real-time OS Based Laparoscopic Surgery Robot
S. J. Song, J. W. Park, J. W. Shin, D. H. Lee, J. Choi, K. Sun

269. Investigation of the Effect of Acoustic Pressure and Sonication Duration on Focused-Ultrasound Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption
P. C. Chu, M. C. Hsiao, Y. H. Yang, J. C. Chen, H. L. Liu

270. Design and Implementation of Web-Based Healthcare Management System for Home Healthcare
S. Tsujimura, N. Shiraishi, A. Saito, H. Koba, S. Oshima, T. Sato, F. Ichihashi, Y. Sankai

271. Quantitative Assessment of Left Ventricular Myocardial Motion Using Shape-Constraint Elastic Link Model
Y. Maeda, W. Ohyama, H. Kawanaka, S. Tsuruoka, T. Shinogi, T. Wakabayashi, K. Sekioka

272. Assessment of Foot Drop Surgery in Leprosy Subjects Using Frequency Domain Analysis of Foot Pressure Distribution Images
Bhavesh Parmar

273. The Development of New Function for ICU/CCU Remote Patient Monitoring System Using a 3G Mobile Phone and Evaluations of the System
Akinobu Kumabe, Pu Zhang, Yuichi Kogure, Masatake Akutagawa, Yohsuke Kinouchi, Qinyu Zhang

274. Development of Heart Rate Monitoring for Mobile Telemedicine using Smartphone
Hun Shim, Jung Hoon Lee, Sung Oh Hwang, Hyung Ro Yoon, Young Ro Yoon

275. Cognitive Effect of Music for Joggers Using EEG
J. Srinivasan, K. M. Ashwin Kumar, V. Balasubramanian

276. System for Conformity Assessment of Electrocardiographs
M. C. Silva, L. A. P. Gusmão, C. R. Hall Barbosa, E. Costa Monteiro

277. The Development and Strength Reinforcement of Rapid Prototyping Prosthetic Socket Coated with a Resin Layer for Transtibial Amputee
C. T. Lu, L. H. Hsu, G. F. Huang, C. W. Lai, H. K. Peng, T. Y. Hong

278. A New Phototherapy Apparatus Designed for the Curing of Neonatal Jaundice
C. B. Tzeng, T. S. Wey, M. S. Young

279. Study to Promote the Treatment Efficiency for Neonatal Jaundice by Simulation
Alberto E. Chaves Barrantes, C. B. Tzeng, T. S. Wey

280. Low Back Pain Evaluation for Cyclist using sEMG: A Comparative Study between Bicyclist and Aerobic Cyclist
J. Srinivasan, V. Balasubramanian

281. 3D Surface Modeling and Clipping of Large Volumetric Data Using Visualization Toolkit Library
W. Narkbuakaew, S. Sotthivirat, D. Gansawat, P. Yampri, K. Koonsanit, W. Areeprayolkij, W. Sinthupinyo

282. The Effects of Passive Warm-Up With Ultrasound in Exercise Performance and Muscle Damage
Fu-Shiu Hsieh, Yi-Pin Wang, T.-W. Lu, Ai-Ting Wang, Chien-Che Huang, Cheng-Che Hsieh

283. Capacitive Interfaces for Navigation of Electric Powered Wheelchairs
K. Kaneswaran, K. Arshak

284. Health Care and Medical Implanted Communications Service
K. Yekeh Yazdandoost, R. Kohno

285. MultiAgent System for a Medical Application over Web Technology: A Working Experience
A. Aguilera, E. Herrera, A. Subero

286. Collaborative Radiological Diagnosis over the Internet
A. Aguilera, M. Barmaksoz, M. Ordoñez, A. Subero

287. HandFlex
J. Selva Raj, Cyntalia Cipto, Ng Qian Ya, Leow Shi Jie, Isaac Lim Zi Ping, Muhamad Ryan b Mohamad Zah

288. Treatment Response Monitoring and Prognosis Establishment through an Intelligent Information System
C. Plaisanu, C. Stefan

289. A Surgical Training Simulator for Quantitative Assessment of the Anastomotic Technique of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Y. Park, M. Shinke, N. Kanemitsu, T. Yagi, T. Azuma, Y. Shiraishi, R. Kormos, M. Umezu

290. Development of Evaluation Test Method for the Possibility of Central Venous Catheter Perforation Caused by the Insertion Angle of a Guidewire and a Dilator
M. Uematsu, M. Arita, K. Iwasaki, T. Tanaka, T. Ohta, M. Umezu, T. Tsuchiya

291. The Assessment of Severely Disabled People to Verify Their Competence to Drive A Motor Vehicle With Evidence Based Protocols
Peter J. Roake

Track 4. Artificial Organs; Biomaterials; Controlled Drug Delivery; Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

292. Viscoelastic Properties of Elastomers for Small Joint Replacements
A. Mahomed, D. W. L. Hukins, S. N. Kukureka, D. E. T. Shepherd

293. Synergic Combination of Collagen Matrix with Knitted Silk Scaffold Regenerated Ligament with More Native Microstructure in Rabbit Model
Xiao Chen, Zi Yin, Yi-Ying Qi, Lin-Lin Wang, Hong-Wei Ouyang

294. Preparation, Bioactivity and Antibacterial Effect of Bioactive Glass/Chitosan Biocomposites
Hanan H. Beherei, Khaled R. Mohamed, Amr I. Mahmoud

295. Biocompatibility of Metal Sintered Materials in Dependence on Multi-Material Graded Structure
M. Lodererova, J. Rybnicek, J. Steidl, J. Richter, K. Boivie, R. Karlsen, O. Åsebø

296. PHBV Microspheres as Tissue Engineering Scaffold for Neurons
W. H. Chen, B. L. Tang, Y. W. Tong

297. Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Tissues with Perfused Microchannels
Katsuhisa Sakaguchi, Tatsuya Shimizu, Kiyotaka Iwasaki, Masayuki Yamato, Mitsuo Umezu, Teruo Okano

298. The Effects of Pulse Inductively Coupled Plasma on the Properties of Gelatin
I. Prasertsung, S. Kanokpanont, R. Mongkolnavin, S. Damrongsakkul

299. Dosimetry of 32P Radiocolloid for Radiotherapy of Brain Cyst
M. Sadeghi, E. Karimi

300. Overcoming Multidrug Resistance of Breast Cancer Cells by the Micellar Drug Carriers of mPEG-PCL-graft-cellulose
Yung-Tsung Chen, Chao-Hsuan Chen, Ming-Fa Hsieh, Ann Shireen Chan, Ian Liau, Wan-Yu Tai

301. Individual 3D Replacements of Skeletal Defects
R. Jirman, Z. Horak, J. Mazanek, J. Reznicek

302. Brain Gate as an Assistive and Solution Providing Technology for Disabled People
Shailaja Arjun Patil

303. Compressive Fatigue and Thermal Compressive Fatigue of Hybrid Resin Base Dental Composites
M. Javaheri, S. M. Seifi, J. Aghazadeh Mohandesi, F. Shafie

304. Development of Amphotericin B Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles for Effective Treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis
M. Nahar, D. Mishra, V. Dubey, N. K. Jain

305. Swelling, Dissolution and Disintegration of HPMC in Aqueous Media
S. C. Joshi, B. Chen

306. A Comparative Study of Articular Chondrocytes Metabolism on a Biodegradable Polyesterurethane Scaffold and Alginate in Different Oxygen Tension and pH
S. Karbasi

307. Effect of Cryopreservation on the Biomechanical Properties of the Intervertebral Discs
S. K. L. Lam, S. C. W. Chan, V. Y. L. Leung, W. W. Lu, K. M. C. Cheung, K. D. K. Luk

308. A Serum Free Medium that Conserves The Chondrogenic Phenotype of In Vitro Expanded Chondrocytes
Saey Tuan Barnabas Ho, Zheng Yang, Hoi Po James Hui, Kah Weng Steve Oh, Boon Hwa Andre Choo, Eng Hin Lee

309. High Aspect Ratio Fatty Acid Functionalized Strontium Hydroxyapatite Nanorod and PMMA Bone Cement Filler
W. M. Lam, C. T. Wong, T. Wang, Z. Y. Li, H. B. Pan, W. K. Chan, C. Yang, K. D. K. Luk, M. K. Fong, W. W. Lu

310. The HIV Dynamics is a Single Input System
M. J. Mhawej, C. H. Moog, F. Biafore

311. Evaluation of Collagen-hydroxyapatite Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering
Sangeeta Dey, S. Pal

312. Effect of Sintering Temperature on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Sheep-bone Derived Hydroxyapatite (SHA)
U. Karacayli, O. Gunduz, S. Salman, L. S. Ozyegin, S. Agathopoulos, F. N. Oktar

313. Flow Induced Turbulent Stress Accumulation in Differently Designed Contemporary Bi-leaflet Mitral valves: Dynamic PIV Study
T. Akutsu, X. D. Cao

314. A Biofunctional Fibrous Scaffold for the Encapsulation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and its Effects on Stem Cell Differentiation
S. Z. Yow, C. H. Quek, E. K. F. Yim, K. W. Leong, C. T. Lim

315. Potential and Properties of Plant Proteins for Tissue Engineering Applications
Narendra Reddy, Yiqi Yang

316. Comparison the Effects of BMP-4 and BMP-7 on Articular Cartilage Repair with Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Yang Zi Jiang, Yi Ying Qi, Xiao Hui Zou, Lin-Lin Wang, Hong-Wei Ouyang

317. Local Delivery of Autologous Platelet in Collagen Matrix Synergistically Stimulated In-situ Articular Cartilage Repair
Yi Ying Qi, Hong Xin Cai, Xiao Chen, Lin Lin Wang, Yang Zi Jiang, Nguyen Thi Minh Hieu, Hong Wei Ouyang

318. Bioactive Coating on Newly Developed Composite Hip Prosthesis
S. Bag, S. Pal

319. Development and Validation of a Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatographic Method for Quantitative Estimation of Telmisartan in Human Plasma
V. Kabra, V. Agrahari, P. Trivedi

320. Response of Bone Marrow-derived Stem Cells (MSCs) on Gelatin/Chitosan and Gelatin/Chitooligosaccharide films
J. Ratanavaraporn, S. Kanokpanont, Y. Tabata, S. Damrongsakkul

321. Manufacturing Porous BCP Body by Negative Polymer Replica as a Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffold
R. Tolouei, A. Behnamghader, S. K. Sadrnezhaad, M. Daliri

322. Synthesis and Characterizations of Hydroxyapatite-Poly(ether ether ketone) Nanocomposite: Acellular Simulated Body Fluid Conditioned Study
Sumit Pramanik, Kamal K. Kar

323. Microspheres of Poly (lactide-co-glycolide acid) (PLGA) for Agaricus Bisporus Lectin Drug Delivery
Shuang Zhao, Hexiang Wang, Yen Wah Tong

324. Hard Tissue Formation by Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Sponge Scaffold with Dextran Coating
M. Yoshikawa, Y. Shimomura, N. Tsuji, H. Hayashi, H. Ohgushi

325. Inactivation of Problematic Micro-organisms in Collagen Based Media by Pulsed Electric Field Treatment (PEF)
S. Griffiths, S. J. MacGregor, J. G. Anderson, M. Maclean, J. D. S. Gaylor, M. H. Grant

326. Development, Optimization and Characterization of Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System of Cisplatin
V. Agrahari, V. Kabra, P. Trivedi

327. Physics underling Topobiology: Space-time Structure underlying the Morphogenetic Process
K. Naitoh

328. The Properties of Hexagonal ZnO Sensing Thin Film Grown by DC Sputtering on (100) Silicon Substrate
Chih Chin Yang, Hung Yu Yang, Je Wei Lee, Shu Wei Chang

329. Multi-objective Optimization of Cancer Immuno-Chemotherapy
K. Lakshmi Kiran, D. Jayachandran, S. Lakshminarayanan

330. Dip Coating Assisted Polylactic Acid Deposition on Steel Surface: Film Thickness Affected by Drag Force and Gravity
P. L. Lin, T. L. Su, H. W. Fang, J. S. Chang, W. C. Chang

331. Some Properties of a Polymeric Surfactant Derived from Alginate
R. Kukhetpitakwong, C. Hahnvajanawong, D. Preechagoon, W. Khunkitti

332. Nano-Patterned Poly-ε-caprolactone with Controlled Release of Retinoic Acid and Nerve Growth Factor for Neuronal Regeneration
K. K. Teo, Evelyn K. F. Yim

333. Exposure of 3T3 mouse Fibroblasts and Collagen to High Intensity Blue Light
S. Smith, M. Maclean, S. J. MacGregor, J. G. Anderson, M. H. Grant

334. Preparation of sericin film with different polymers
Kamol Maikrang, Pornanong Aramwit

335. Fabrication and Bio-active Evolution of Mesoporous SiO2-CaO-P2O5 Sol-gel Glasses
L. C. Chiu, P. S. Lu, I. L. Chang, L. F. Huang, C. J. Shih

336. The Influences of the Heat-Treated Temperature on Mesoporous Bioactive Gel Glasses Scaffold in the CaO — SiO2 — P2O5 System
P. S. Lu, L. C. Chiou, I. L. Chang, C. J. Shih, L. F. Huang

337. Influence of Surfactant Concentration on Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Scaffolds with Superior in Vitro Bone-Forming Bioactivities
L. F. Huang, P. S. Lu, L. C. Chiou, I. L. Chang, C. J. Shih

338. Human Embryonic Stem Cell-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and BMP7 Promote Cartilage Repair
Lin Lin Wang, Yi Ying Qi, Yang Zi Jiang, Xiao Chen, Xing Hui Song, Xiao Hui Zou, Hong Wei Ouyang

339. Novel Composite Membrane Guides Cortical Bone Regeneration
You Zhi Cai, Yi Ying Qi, Hong Xin Cai, Xiao Hui Zou, Lin Lin Wang, Hong Wei Ouyang

340. Morphology and In Vitro Biocompatibility of Hydroxyapatite-Conjugated Gelatin/Thai Silk Fibroin Scaffolds
S. Tritanipakul, S. Kanokpanont, D. L. Kaplan, S. Damrongsakkul

341. Development of a Silk-Chitosan Blend Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering
K. S. Ng, X. R. Wong, J. C. H. Goh, S. L. Toh

342. Effects of Plasma Treatment on Wounds
R. S. Tipa, E. Stoffels

343. Effects of the Electrical Field on the 3T3 Cells
E. Stoffels, R. S. Tipa, J. W. Bree

99mTc(I)-tricarbonyl Labeled Histidine-tagged Annexin V for Apoptosis Imaging
Y. L. Chen, C. C. Wu, Y. C. Lin, Y. H. Pan, T. W. Lee, J. M. Lo

345. Cell Orientation Affects Human Tendon Stem Cells Differentiation
Zi Yin, T. M. Hieu Nguyen, Xiao Chen, Hong-Wei Ouyang

346. Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2+HA Coatings on Ti-6Al-4V Substrates by Nd-YAG Laser Cladding
C. S. Chien, C. L. Chiao, T. F. Hong, T. J. Han, T. Y. Kuo

347. Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation of the Effect of the Fluid-Induced Shear Stress on Hepatocyte Sandwich Perfusion Culture
H. L. Leo, L. Xia, S. S. Ng, H. J. Poh, S. F. Zhang, T. M. Cheng, G. F. Xiao, X. Y. Tuo, H. Yu

348. Preliminary Study on Interactive Control for the Artificial Myocardium by Shape Memory Alloy Fibre
R. Sakata, Y. Shiraishi, Y. Sato, Y. Saijo, T. Yambe, Y. Luo, D. Jung, A. Baba, M. Yoshizawa, A. Tanaka, T. K. Sugai, F. Sato, M. Umezu, S. Nitta, T. Fujimoto, D. Homma

349. Synthesis, Surface Characterization and In Vitro Blood Compatibility Studies of the Self-assembled Monolayers (SAMs) Containing Lipid-like Phosphorylethanolamine Terminal Group
Y. T. Sun, C. Y. Yu, J. C. Lin

350. Surface Characterization and In-vitro Blood Compatibility Study of the Mixed Self-assembled Monolayers
C. H. Shen, J. C. Lin

351. Microscale Visualization of Erythrocyte Deformation by Colliding with a Rigid Surface Using a High-Speed Impinging Jet
S. Wakasa, T. Yagi, Y. Akimoto, N. Tokunaga, K. Iwasaki, M. Umezu

352. Development of an Implantable Observation System for Angiogenesis
Y. Inoue, H. Nakagawa, I. Saito, T. Isoyama, H. Miura, A. Kouno, T. Ono, S. S. Yamaguchi, W. Shi, A. Kishi, K. Imachi, Y. Abe

353. New challenge for studying flow-induced blood damage: macroscale modeling and microscale verification
T. Yagi, S. Wakasa, N. Tokunaga, Y. Akimoto, T. Akutsu, K. Iwasaki, M. Umezu

354. Pollen Shape Particles for Pulmonary Drug Delivery: In Vitro Study of Flow and Deposition Properties
Meer Saiful Hassan, Raymond Lau

355. Effect of Tephrosia Purpurea Pers on Gentamicin Model of Acute Renal Failure
Avijeet Jain, A. K. Singhai

356. Successful Reproduction of In-Vivo Fracture of an Endovascular Stent in Superficial Femoral Artery Utilizing a Novel Multi-loading Durability Test System
K. Iwasaki, S. Tsubouchi, Y. Hama, M. Umezu

357. Star-Shaped Porphyrin-polylactide Formed Nanoparticles for Chemo-Photodynamic Dual Therapies
P. S. Lai

358. Enhanced Cytotoxicity of Doxorubicin by Micellar Photosensitizer-mediated Photochemical Internalization in Drug-resistant MCF-7 Cells
C. Y. Hsu, P. S. Lai, C. L. Pai, M. J. Shieh, N. Nishiyama, K. Kataoka

359. Amino Acid Coupled Liposomes for the Effective Management of Parkinsonism
P. Khare, S. K. Jain

360. Corrosion Resistance of Electrolytic Nano-Scale ZrO2 Film on NiTi Orthodontic Wires in Artificial Saliva
C. C. Chang, S. K. Yen

361. Stability of Polymeric Hollow Fibers Used in Hemodialysis
M. E. Aksoy, M. Usta, A. H. Ucisik

362. Estimation of Blood Glucose Level by Sixth order Polynomial
S. Shanthi, D. Kumar

363. Dirty Surface — Cleaner Cells? Some Observations with a Bio-Assembled Extracellular Matrix
F. C. Loe, Y. Peng, A. Blocki, A. Thomson, R. R. Lareu, M. Raghunath

364. Quantitative Immunocytochemistry (QICC)-Based Approach for Antifibrotic Drug Testing in vitro

Wang Zhibo, Tan Khim Nyang, Raghunath Michael

365. Fusion Performance of a Bioresorbable Cage Used In Porcine Model of Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
A. S. Abbah, C. X. F. Lam, K. Yang, J. C. H. Goh, D. W. Hutmacher, H. K. Wong

366. Composite PLDLLA/TCP Scaffolds for Bone Engineering: Mechanical and In Vitro Evaluations
C. X. F. Lam, R. Olkowski, W. Swieszkowski, K. C. Tan, I. Gibson, D. W. Hutmacher

367. Effects of Biaxial Mechanical Strain on Esophageal Smooth Muscle Cells
W. F. Ong, A. C. Ritchie, K. S. Chian

368. Characterization of Electrospun Substrates for Ligament Regeneration using Bone Marrow Stromal Cells
T. K. H. Teh, J. C. H. Goh, S. L. Toh

369. Cytotoxicity and Cell Adhesion of PLLA/keratin Composite Fibrous Membranes
Lin Li, Yi Li, Jiashen Li, Arthur F. T. Mak, Frank Ko, Ling Qin

370. Tissue Transglutaminase as a Biological Tissue Glue
P. P. Panengad, D. I. Zeugolis, M. Raghunath

371. The Scar-in-a-Jar: Studying Antifibrotic Lead Compounds from the Epigenetic to the Extracellular Level in One Well
Z. C. C. Chen, Y. Peng, M. Raghunath

372. Engineering and Optimization of Peptide-targeted Nanoparticles for DNA and RNA Delivery to Cancer Cells
Ming Wang, Fumitaka Takeshita, Takahiro Ochiya, Andrew D. Miller, Maya Thanou

373. BMSC Sheets for Ligament Tissue Engineering
E. Y. S. See, S. L. Toh, J. C. H. Goh

374. In Vivo Study of ACL Regeneration Using Silk Scaffolds In a Pig Model
Haifeng Liu, Hongbin Fan, Siew Lok Toh, James C. H. Goh

375. Establishing a Coculture System for Ligament-Bone Interface Tissue Engineering
P. F. He, S. Sahoo, J. C. Goh, S. L. Toh

376. Effect of Atherosclerotic Plaque on Drug Delivery from Drug-eluting Stent
J. Ferdous, C. K. Chong

377. Perfusion Bioreactors Improve Oxygen Transport and Cell Distribution in Esophageal Smooth Muscle Construct
W. Y. Chan, C. K. Chong

Track 5. Biomechanics; Cardiovascular Bioengineering; Cellular & Molecular Engineering; Cell & Molecular Mechanics; Computational Bioengineering; Orthopaedics, Prosthetics & Orthotics; Physiological System Modeling

378. Determination of Material Properties of Cellular Structures Using Time Series of Microscopic Images and Numerical Model of Cell Mechanics
E. Gla

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

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