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Computational Fluid Dynamics 2006

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Table of contents

2. Two new techniques for generating exactly incompressible approximate velocities
Bernardo Cockburn

3. Role of High-End Computing in Meeting NASA’s Science and Engineering Challenges
Rupak Biswas, Eugene L. Tu, R. William Dalsem

4. Recent Advances of Multi-phase Flow Computation with the Adaptive Soroban-grid Cubic Interpolated Propagation (CIP) Method
Takashi Yabe, Youichi Ogata, Kenji Takizawa

5. On the Computation of Steady-State Compressible Flows Using a DG Method
Hong Luo, Joseph D. Baum, Rainald Löhner

6. Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Large Amplitude Nonlinear Water Waves
Yan Xu, Jaap J.W Vegt

7. A discontinuous Galerkin method with Hancock-type time integration for hyperbolic systems with stiff relaxation source terms
Yoshifumi Suzuki, Bram Leer

8. Very High Order, Non-Oscillatory Fluctuation Distribution Schemes
M.E. Hubbard, N.Z. Mebrate

9. High-order residual distribution : discontinuity capturing crosswind dissipation and diffusion
N. Villedieu-Ligout, M. Ricchiuto, H. Deconinck

10. High-Order Fluctuation-Splitting Schemes for Advection-Diffusion Equations
Hiroaki Nishikawa, Philip Roe*

11. Construction of Higher Order Residual Distribution Schemes
Rémi Abgrall, Cédric Tavé

12. Stable and convergent residual distribution for time-dependent conservation laws
Mario Ricchiuto, Rémi Abgrall

13. An ALE Formulation of the Multidimensional Residual Distribution Scheme for Computations on Moving Meshes
Jirí Dobes, Herman Deconinck

14. Solution of the steady Euler equations using Fluctuation Splitting schemes on quadrilateral elements
D. T. Rubino, P. Palma, G. Pascazio, M. Napolitano

15. A Residual-Based Compact Scheme for All-Speed Flows on Unstructured Grids
Christophe Corre, Alberto Beccantini, Thibaud Kloczko

16. Vorticity Preserving Scheme for Unsteady Compressible Flows
Fabrice Falissard, Alain Lerat, Jacques Sidès

17. Extension of the SD Method to Viscous Flow on Unstructured Grids
Z. J. Wang, Yuzhi Sun, C. Liang, Yen Liu

18. Strictly Stable High Order Difference Methods for the Compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations
Bernhard Müller

19. Uniform Flow Preserving Property of High Order Upwind Finite Difference Schemes on Generalized Coordinate System
Taku Nonomura, Nobuyuki Iizuka, Kozo Fujii

20. Implementation of an Enhanced Flux Formulation for Unsteady Navier-Stokes Solutions
G. Xia, S. Sardeshmukh, V. Sankaran, C. L. Merkle

21. Computation of Eigenspaces of Hyperbolic Systems
S.K. Godunov, O.B. Feodoritova, V.T. Zhukov

22. A Proposed Cure to the Carbuncle Phenomenon
Farzad Ismail, Philip L. Roe, Hiroaki Nishikawa

23. The High Order WLSQR Scheme and its Applications in Turbomachinery
Jivrĺ Fürst

24. Building Better (Weighted) ENO Methods
William J. Rider

25. Discontinuity Diagnosis Essentially Non-Oscillatory Schemes
Yun-Feng Liu, Jian-Ping Wang

26. Third Order Reconstruction on Unstructured Highly Irregular 3D Meshes
J. Rokicki, R. Wieteska

27. An Intrinsically Multi-Dimensional Acoustics Convection Upstream Resolution Algorithm for the Euler Equations
Joe Iannelli

28. Multi-dimensional Limiting Process for Two- and Three-dimensional Flow Physics Analyses
Sung-Hwan Yoon, Chongam Kim, Kyu-Hong Kim

29. A Multidimensional Kinetic Upwind Method for Euler Equations
Keshav S Malagi, P S Kulkarni, S M Deshpande

30. High Resolution Quantum Kinetic Beam Schemes and Its Applications to Ideal Quantum Gas Dynamical Flows
Y. H. Shi, J. Y. Yang

31. Semi-GLS Stabilization of FEM Applied to Incompressible Flows with Higher Reynolds Numbers
Pavel Burda, Jaroslav Novotný, Jakub vSístek

32. Finite volume box scheme for a certain class of nonlinear conservation laws in mixed form
H. Beaugendre, A. Ern

33. Numerical study of the Colocated Clustered Finite Volume Scheme
O. Touazi, E. Chénier, R. Eymard

34. Arbitrary High Order Finite Volume Schemes on Unstructured Meshes
Michael Dumbser, Claus-Dieter Munz

35. A high scalability parallel algebraic multigrid solver
T. Saad, M. Darwish

36. Jacobian-Free Newton-Krylov Methods: Issues and Solutions
David W. Zingg, Todd T. Chisholm

37. Non-stationary two-stage relaxation based on the principle of aggregation multi-grid
R. Haelterman, J. Vierendeels, D. Heule

38. The efficient and accurate solution of porous media flow problems with strongly discontinuous coefficients
Y.C. Lee, P.H. Gaskell

39. Stability of Pressure-Correction Algorithms for Low-Speed Reacting and Non-Reacting Flow Simulations
Pieter Rauwoens, Krista Nerinckx, Jan Vierendeels, Bart Merci

40. A simple hybrid well-balanced method for a 2D viscous shallow water model
F. Marche

41. A kinetic energy-preserving P1 iso P2/P1 finite-element method for computing unsteady incompressible flows
David Vanden-Abeele, Deryl Snyder, Yves Detandt, Gérard Degrez

42. Study on the segregation algorithms of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations using P1P1/P2P1 finite element formulation
Myung H. Cho, Hyoung G. Choi, Jung Y. Yoo

43. A Mach-uniform algorithm: coupled versus segregated approach
Krista Nerinckx, Jan Vierendeels, Erik Dick

44. Crank-Nicolson Scheme for Solving Low Mach Number Unsteady Viscous Flows Using an Implicit Preconditioned Dual Time Stepping Technique
D. Vigneron, G. Deliége, J.-A. Essers

45. Heated Wake by Deferred Corrected ULTRA
Salem Bouhairie, Vincent H. Chu

46. Convergence Acceleration for Euler Equation based on SPR
Dohyung Lee, Hyungmin Kang, Lee Dongho

47. Acceleration of Unsteady Incompressible Flow Calculation Using Extrapolation Methods
Kenjiro Shimano, Shun Yonezu, Yoshiteru Enomoto

48. Improved Numerical Simulations of Incompressible Flows Based on Viscous/Inviscid Interaction Procedures
M. Hafez, A. Shatalov, M. Nakajima

49. A Parallel Unstructured Overset Mesh Technique for Unsteady Flow Simulations
Mun Seung Jung, Oh Joon Kwon

50. A Parallel Overset Adaptive Cartesian/Prism Grid Method for Moving Boundary Flows
Ravishekar Kannan, Z.J. Wang

51. Navier-Stokes Simulation of Local Winds Over the Earth’s Topography
Neal M. Chaderjian, Jasim U. Ahmad, Marc G. Kramer, Terry L. Holst

52. Grid-adaptive Simulations of Relativistic Flows
R. Keppens, Z. Meliani

53. Solution of Laminar Combusting Flows Using a Parallel Implicit Adaptive Mesh Refinement Algorithm
Scott A. Northrup, Clinton P.T. Groth

54. Towards Direct Numerical Simulation of a Diffusion Flame-Shock Interaction with an AMR Algorithm
G. Billet, J. Ryan, M. Borrel

55. Adaptive Multigrid Solutions of Thin Film Flows over Topography
Y.C. Lee, H.M. Thompson, P.H. Gaskell

56. A meshless solver for computing viscous flows on Cartesian like grids
N. Munikrishna, N. Karthikeyan, N. Balakrishnan

57. Immersed boundary technique for compressible flow simulations on semi-structured grids
M.D. Tullio, P. Palma, G. Iaccarino, G. Pascazio, M. Napolitano

58. Incompressible Flow Simulations Using Virtual Boundary Method with New Direct Forcing Terms Estimation
Hidetoshi Nishida, Kazuhiro Sasao

59. A Hybrid Building-Block and Gridless Method for Computing Shock Waves
Hong Luo, Joseph D. Baum, Rainald Löhner

60. A Residual estimator based adaptation strategy for compressible flows
N. Ganesh, Nikhil V Shende, N. Balakrishnan

61. Anisotropic solution-adaptive technique applied to simulations of steady and unsteady compressible flows
Jerzy Majewski, Aristotelis N. Athanasiadis

62. Simulation of Flow around Wing Sections by Building-Cube Method
Kazuhiro Nakahashi, Yota Sakurai

63. Robust Mesh Deformation using the Linear Elasticity Equations
Richard P. Dwight

64. Identification and role of coherent structures in two-dimensional turbulence
Ch.-H. Bruneau, P. Fischer, H. Kellay

65. Temporal Evolution of Dominant Flow Structures in Turbulent Channel Flow
Giancarlo Alfonsi, Leonardo Primavera

66. LES of passive scalar in compressible mixing layers
C. Ribault

67. Buoyancy Effect on Turbulence using Blocks
Vincent H. Chu, Wihel Altai, Camilo E. Pinilla

68. Direct numerical simulation of Taylor-Couette flows in the fully turbulent regime
Yves Detandt, Mikhail Krivilyov, Yacine Salhi, David Abeele, Jan Fransaer

69. Flux Limiting Schemes for Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of Synthetic Jets
Sanjay Patel, Dimitris Drikakis

70. Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of a Flow around a Cylindrical Body
Satoko Komurasaki, Kunio Kuwahara

71. LES study of the impact of the wake structures on the aerodynamics of a simplified ICE2 train subjected to a side wind
Hassan Hemida, Sinivsa Krajnović

72. Use of Immersed Boundary Technique in a Cartesian LES solver to study wake flows
J. Bodart, R. Giammanco, P. Rambaud, C. Benocci

73. Stochastic generation of velocity fluctuation for turbulent inflow and initial condition
M. Fathali, M. Klein, T. Broeckhoven, C. Lacor, M. Baelmans

74. Study on Numerical and Modelling Error in LES of a Channel Flow Using Explicit Filtering
Tellervo T. Brandt

75. Wall Boundary Conditions for Variational Multiscale Large-Eddy Simulations
S. J. Hulshoff, E. A. Munts

76. The Sampling Based Dynamic Procedure for Numerical Discretization Enhancement
Dieter Fauconnier, Chris Langhe, Erik Dick

77. Application of a Unique Eddy–Viscosity Model for a Hybrid LES–RANS Method
Michael Breuer, Benoit Jaffrézic

78. A locally superconvergent scheme for the simulation of turbulent flows in complex geometries
M.V. Salvetti, S. Camarri, B. Koobus, A. Dervieux

79. URANS Analysis of Flow-Induced Cavity Resonances
M. Mesbah, W. Desmet, M. Baelmans

80. Revisiting URANS computations of the flow behind a backward-facing step using second moment closures
A. Fadai-Ghotbi, R. Manceau, J. Borée

81. Contribution of Turbulence Equation Terms to the Shear Stress Balance
Dragan Kovzulović, Thomas Röber

82. Optimum Shape Design for Unsteady Three-Dimensional Viscous Flows
S. Nadarajah, A. Jameson

83. Comparison of Exact and Approximate Discrete Adjoint for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization
Giampietro Carpentieri, Michel J.L Tooren, Barry Koren

84. Adjoint Sensitivity Computations for an Embedded-Boundary Cartesian Mesh Method and CAD Geometry
Marian Nemec, Michael J. Aftosmis

85. Optimum shape design through multilevel gradient-based method using Bézier parametrisation
M. Martinelli, F. Beux

86. High-Fidelity Multi-criteria Aero-structural Optimisation using Hierarchical Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms
L. F. González, L. Damp, J. Périaux, K. Srinivas

87. Flow Control Optimization Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
Raymond P. LeBeau, Narendra K. Beliganur, Thomas Hauser

88. Shape Optimization for Dense Gas Flows in Turbine Cascades
Pietro Marco Congedo, Paola Cinnella, Christophe Corre

89. Numerical Simulation of Control of Flow Past a Stalled NACA0015 Airfoil with Plasma-based Body Forces
Meiliang Mao, Xiaogang Deng, Jianqiang Chen

90. Active control of a transitional flow over a backward-facing step
E. Creusé, A. Giovannini, I. Mortazavi

91. Synthetic Jet Actuator Modeling for Flow Control Applications
M. Ferlauto, R. Marsilio

92. Numerical Study of Transonic Drag Reduction for Flow Past Airfoils Using Active Flow Control
Jose Vadillo, Ramesh K. Agarwal

93. Level Set based Finite Element Method of Bubble-in-Liquid Simulation
Hyoung G. Choi, Jung Y. Yoo

94. Level Set method for Curvature-driven Flows in Microfluidics
Paul Vigneaux

95. Mesh-Based Microstructure Representation Algorithm for Simulating Pore-scale Transport Phenomena in Porous Media
May-Fun Liou, Issac Greber

96. The Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing in Microgravity
Roel Luppes, Joop A. Helder, Arthur E.P. Veldman

97. Numerical Prediction of Interfacial Instability
Robert Nourgaliev, Meng-Sing Liou, Theo Theofanous

98. A Lattice Boltzmann based Single-Phase Model: Surface Tension and Wetting
Xiu Qing Xing, David Lee Butler, Chun Yang

99. Hyperbolicity, Discontinuities, and Numerics of Two-Fluid Models
Meng-Sing Liou, Loc Nguyen, Chih-Hao Chang, Sveta Sushchikh, Robert Nourgaliev, Theo Theofanous

100. Computation of Multiphase Mixture Flows using RoeM and AUSMPW + Schemes
Seung-Won Ihm, Kyung Rok Lee, Chongam Kim, Kyu Hong Kim

101. A relaxation method for the Kapila model
C. Berthon, B. Braconnier, J. Claudel, B. Nkonga

102. Direct numerical simulation of bubbly Taylor-Couette flow
Thomas Nierhaus, Jean-Franccois Thomas, Yves Detandt, David Vanden Abeele

103. Numerical simulation of unsteady flow inside an impulsively started liquid drop
M. Krivilyov, J. Fransaer

104. Accurate and Efficient Solution of 2D Steady Water Flows with Surface Waves and Turbulence
Jeroen Wackers, Barry Koren

105. Numerical analysis of bubble migration in thermocapillary flows of an open cylindrical container
Hiroaki Ohira, Satoshi Matsumoto, Takashi Mashiko, Shinichi Yoda, Yasuhiro Kamotani

106. Numerical investigation of an effusion cooled thermal protection material
Volker Hannemann

107. Calculation of Transport Properties for Entry into the Martian Atmosphere
Johannes Baumgart, Tobias Leicht, Thierry Magin, Paolo Barbante, Pietro Rini, Gérard Degrez, Roger Grundmann

108. Numerical simulation of supersonic flow around a double ramp configuration and correlation with experiment
I.A. Fedorchenko, N.N. Fedorova, Yu. V. Kharlamova, U. Gaisbauer, E. Kraemer

109. Effects of Mach number on the combustion zone length for a RAMAC configuration at sub-detonative mode
Tarek Bengherbia, Yufeng Yao, Pascal Bauer

110. A Finite Element/Finite Volume Mixed Solver and Applications on Heat Flux Prediction
He Lixing, Zhang Laiping, Zhang Hanxin

111. Numerical Analysis for Magnetic Control of Heat-Transfer and Pressure in Hypersonic Shock Wave Interference Flows
Daisuke Tsubakino, Yoshiteru Tanaka, Kozo Fujii

112. Numerical Simulation of a Flat-Plate Hypersonic Shock Layer Perturbed by External Acoustic Waves
A.N. Kudryavtsev, S.G. Mironov, T.V. Poplavskaya, I.S. Tsyryulnikov

113. Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Turbulent Flows over Backward–Facing Steps
N.N. Fedorova, I.A. Bedarev

114. Unified Flow Solver Combining Boltzmann and Continuum Models for Simulations of Gas Flows for the Entire Range of Knudsen Numbers
V. V. Aristov, A. A. Frolova, S. A. Zabelok, V. I. Kolobov, R. R. Arslanbekov

115. Adaptive Boltzmann/Navier-Stokes Hybrid Method for Multi-Scale Gas Flow Simulation
Koji Morinishi

116. Computing Simulation of Hypersonic Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics Interaction
J.S. Shang*

117. Numerical Simulation of R-M instability at High Mach Numbers
Fu Dexun, Ma Yanwen, Liang Xian

118. Boundary conditions by low-order modelling
Marcelo Buffoni, Haysam Telib, Angelo Iollo

119. Multi Scale Numerical Simulation of Dispersed Reacting Flow, with application to Chemical Vapor Deposition of Alumina
Andrey A. Markov

120. Computational Analysis of Flow through a Multiple Nozzle Driven Laser Cavity and Diffuser
M. A. Sriram, N. K. S. Rajan, P. S. Kulkarni

121. MHD Analysis of Force Acting on Dipole Magnetic Field in Magnetized Plasma Flow
Hiroyuki Nishida, Hiroyuki Ogawa, Yoshifumi Inatani

122. Performance of High Order Filter Methods for a Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
B. Sjögreen, H.C. Yee

123. Unsteady Flow Simulation of High Speed Turbopumps
Cetin C. Kiris, Dochan Kwak, William Chan, Jeffrey A. Housman

124. Use of the Gaussian Moment Closure for the Modelling of Continuum and Micron-Scale Flows with Moving Boundaries
J. G. McDonald, J. S. Sachdev, C.P.T. Groth

125. Development of “MATIS-SC” for High Speed Steam Flowwith Non-equilibrium Condensation
Ryo Morita, Fumio Inada

126. Numerical Method for Near-critical Fluids of Arbitrary Material
Satoru Yamamoto, Atsushi Ito

127. Flow Physics and Stokes’ Theorem in Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
Sven Schmitz, Jean-Jacques Chattot

128. The Role of Separation Bubble on an Airfoil at Low Reynolds Numbers
Yusuke Nakae, Tatsuo Motohashi, Satoko Komurasaki, Kunio Kuwahara

129. Effect of the thermal boundary conditions and physical properties variation on transient natural convection of high Prandtl number fluids
O. Younis, J. Pallares, F. X. Grau

130. Aeroacoustic simulation of the flow in a Helmholtz resonator
Laurent Georges, Grégoire Winckelmans, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Geuzaine

131. Explicit low dispersive and low dissipative non-centered finite differences and filters
Berland J, Bogey C, Bailly C

132. A New Principle of Non-Non-Reecting and its Application to Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Ching Y. Loh, Philip C.E. Jorgenson

133. Numerical Solution of the Linearized Euler Equations Using Compact Schemes
Kris Abeele, Jan Ramboer, Ghader Ghorbaniasl, Chris Lacor

134. Transonic Aeroelastic Computations of a Delta Wing Conguration with High Fidelity Equations
Hiroshi Terashima, Kenji Ono

135. Transonic Buffet over Symmetric Airfoils
Alexander Kuz’min, Alexey Shilkin

136. Aerodynamic Performance of a Deforming Elastic Body in Supersonic Flow
Tomohisa Hashimoto, Koji Morinishi, Nobuyuki Satofuka

137. CAD-Centric Framework for Aero-mechanical Optimization - Counter-Rotating Fan Design
Hiromasa Kato, Stéphane Pierret, Rajan Filomeno Coelho

138. Aeroelastic Solutions for Viscous Flows using the Time Accurate and Non-Linear Frequency Domain Methods
F. Kachra, S. Nadarajah, C. Tatossian

139. Role of Interpolation in Airflow Induced Vibration in Hard Disk Drive Enclosures
S. Ali, M. Damodaran

140. Computation of Fluid Structure Interaction with Application to Three-Dimensional Combustion System
Zinedine Khatir

141. Numerical Computations of Unsteady Aerodynamics of Projectiles using an Unstructured Technique
Jubaraj Sahu

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluids, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering

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